The 8 Best Trampolines : Fun & Safety

A trampoline is a great way for kids (and adults) to have fun, get some exercise, and burn off energy. It’s a great thing to have in the backyard during summer cookouts but can also be used in competitive sports and as a part of an exercise routine.

Trampolines have been used by Olympic teams, NASA astronauts, and the military for various types of training. If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline, there’s a lot of things to consider. Trampolines have a lot more going on than you probably think.

Trampoline Buying Guide

Whether you’re interested in a one-person trampoline for exercise or a giant one for a backyard full of kids, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Before we list out our top trampolines for this year, let’s jump right into what we need to know to make a safe, informed decision about buying a trampoline. It might not seem like it initially, but owning a trampoline comes with a lot of responsibility.

It’s best to know everything that’s involved before you buy.

Types of Trampolines

There are a few different types of trampolines to consider.

Classic Trampoline

This is probably what pops into most people’s heads when they hear the word. It consists of a metal frame that’s typically round but sometimes rectangular. The bouncing surface is made of a tightly woven fabric and connected to the frame by springs.

When someone jumps on it, the fabric actually stays rigid and the springs create the bouce. Larger trampolines tend to be rectangular and used for things like gymnastics whereas round ones are typically used at home and vary from an 8 to 16 feet diameter.

Water Trampoline

Water trampolines are built with the same idea as classic trampolines, only the steel frame is covered in an inflatable cover, so the trampoline will float.

The trampoline is anchored in place and is a fun way to enjoy a vacation at a beach or a lake. Smaller versions can be used in swimming pools, but make sure your children are never left unattended and always follow safety precautions.

Mini Trampolines

These are typically used indoors for exercise. They’re low to the ground and are only about three feet wide. They’re meant to be used by one person at a time and are a good, low impact workout.

Trampoline Accessories

Accessories can help you make the experience even more enjoyable.

Trampoline Enclosures

These are generally a mesh screen that encircles the perimeter of the trampoline. It can stop jumpers from accidentally falling off. The mesh makes it so that it doesn’t impair visibility either way – jumper can see out and anyone supervising can see in.

This is a great accessory to have if young children will be using the trampoline.

Canopies and Tents

These are set up on top of an enclosure to keep the jumpers a little cooler when outside in the warm sun. The trampoline surface is usually black and get pretty hot in the summer.

The tent shields the trampoline and the jumpers from direct sunlight. The tents can also be pulled down over the enclosure and cover the whole screen. This eliminates any visibility from either party but makes for a cool, fun place for whoever is on the trampoline.


Ladders allow children to climb up onto and get down from the trampoline by themselves. A ladder may even benefit an adult who is trying to get on a really tall trampoline.

Trampoline Covers

To take proper care of your trampoline, you’ll need a cover. Because most trampolines are kept outside, they get constant exposure to UV light from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. A cover that fits properly will attach to the frame and shield it from the elements.

Choosing the Trampoline for You

You probably already have some idea of the kind of trampoline you want as far as traditional vs mini vs water. Since traditional trampolines are the most popular, here we’ll cover the things you need to know to choose the right one.


The frame has to be strong and durable because it all of the pressure when people use the trampoline. Make sure the welding is good and solid with no sharp edges sticking out anywhere.

Make sure the directions are clear and you understand what to do before you get started putting the frame together.


Some trampolines will come with an enclosure, while some will not. If you have young children who will be using the trampoline, an enclosure is a must. It will prevent falls and bring you peace of mind.


The padding goes around the edge of the trampoline and is another important thing to have in order to help avoid injuries. They should easily cover the springs and be secured at all times. The padding should be thick and durable. It will need to be replaced if it wears out.

Age and Size of Users

This is a really important factor to consider. Some trampolines are specially designed for toddlers and young children but cannot be used by adults while other trampolines are not suitable for young children.

For the most part, the bigger the trampoline, the more weight it can hold. If the trampoline is to be used by children, consider their size and how much they will grow.

Sometimes a larger trampoline might be better if you have younger children who will be teenagers in the next few years. Or, if your children are all teenagers or young adults, you can safely assume you won’t need to upsize in the next few years.


Before buying a trampoline, it’s important to understand the safety precautions that are necessary and what you as the owner are responsible for if someone gets hurt. Here are some safety things to keep in mind.

  • Children must never be left unattended when using a trampoline.
  • Set up the trampoline on sand, dirt, or grass and never on concrete, pavement, or any other hard surface.
  • Keep edges of the frame padded and have people jump in the center so that they lower the risk of making contact with the frame or springs.
  • A spotter should be actively engaged in supervising jumping at all times, for children and adults.
  • Jump in socks or bare feet so you have a little bit more control and also helps to keep the surface of the trampoline clean.
  • Make sure the area surrounding the area is kept clean so that, if a fall does happen, there won’t be any additional injuries.
  • Follow the weight and height restrictions that come in the user’s manual for your trampoline.
  • Anyone who has been drinking should not use the trampoline are serious injury can result.
  • Don’t jump in a traditional trampoline in the rain or if it is wet.

Care and Maintenance

In the offseason, the trampoline needs to be covered to protect it from the sun, weather, dirt, rain, animals, or any other kind of damage. Sweep off any dirt with a broom or brush regularly.

Put a good, durable cover on the trampoline when the season is over to prepare it for the cooler temperatures and snow of fall and winter.

Now that we have a better idea of what to look at, let’s dig into our list of best trampolines.

Best Trampolines Reviews


1.   Zupapa Trampoline With Accessories


Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure Net 425LBS Weight Capacity Outdoor Backyards Trampolines with Non-Slip Ladder All Accessories for Children Adults Family

When you buy the Zupapa trampoline, you not only get the trampoline itself, but you also get an impressive list of accessories, including a zippered enclosure, a safety pad, ladder, mat, springs, shoe bag, and trampoline cover. All that and it’s still an amazing price.

The frame is constructed of a heavy-duty galvanized steel that’s rust-resistant. The poles are longer than most trampolines and have two steel joints.

They’re bundled in two places for extra stability and to help prevent the frame from twisting. Although this is a strong, heavy-duty trampoline, the weight limit is 375 pounds.

The springs are seven inches and also rust-resistant. The mat is a really great bouncing surface that’s made from polypropylene, which is UV resistant and will therefore tolerate the sun much better without suffering from any damage.

Padding is made of foam and when placed around the rim of the trampoline, provides safety even over the springs. The Zupapa company is very concerned about safety. The included enclosure is extra high at six feet, making it nearly impossible to jump over.

The rest of the accessories are not only practical but contribute to the safety of the Zupapa trampoline as well. The shoe holder encourages users to jump in their socks or bare feet while giving them somewhere safe to stow their shoes.

The ladder helps everyone get on and off the trampoline without worrying about climbing. The cover protects the surface from debris and damage, keeping it clean and safe.

Although the instructions are a little hard to understand, overall, this is a great value and a reliable trampoline.


  • Good price
  • A lot of accessories
  • Safe


  • Difficult to understand instructions
  • It’s so lightweight that you’ll need to tether it down



Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad, Blue

The twelve feet round trampoline from Skywalker is a great size for a small family with young kids who have a decent amount of open space in their yard and is looking for something that’s safe, fun, and a good bargain.

The frame has a twelve-foot diameter, which is on the small end of the range for full-sized trampolines. Its size means it is more flexible as far as how much room you need for it.

While larger trampolines will only fit in large yards with a lot of space, this one will fit in almost any backyard.

Its frame is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that’s rust-resistant. The six W-shaped legs are extremely stable with reinforced sockets to prevent twisting.

Its 72 springs are also rust-resistant, and the protective spring pad has one-inch foam and provides UV protection to the springs and the rim.

This smaller trampoline is a great bargain but can only hold up to 200 pounds. If you have teenagers or preteens who will be having growth spurts in the next year or so, you might want to think about getting a bigger trampoline.

But if 200 pounds is enough weight for your family, this is a great choice.


  • Small size
  • Great for any backyard


  • Only holds up to 200 pounds



Giantex Trampoline, 12Ft 14Ft 15Ft Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Ladder, Jumping Mat, Rust-Resistant Poles, Outdoor Backyard Trampoline for Kids, Adults (15 Ft)

 This great option comes 2 sizes – a 12-foot and 15-foot model.  It holds a whopping 375 lbs

The frame is made of five U shaped legs that hold the trampoline about 35 inches off the ground. The mat is weatherproofed and can be left outdoors, but it would still be best to get a cover for it to protect it from sun and weather damage when it’s not being used.

The enclosure is just shy of six feet high and provides a good level of safety. The poles to the enclosure are covered in soft sleeves and are made rust-free, galvanized metal. The mesh itself is heavy duty and really dense to provide the utmost safety.

The full height ladder helps with safety, too, as it goes all the way to the top of the rim and is perfectly positioned for anyone using the trampoline to get up and down easily.

The bounce is adequate with 90 springs. It doesn’t have the power to launch jumpers very high so this actually contributes to how safe it is The springs are protected by safety pads that are weatherproofed and water-resistant, but a tad on the thin side.

This is not one of the highest quality, best bounce trampolines, but it’s a great basic trampoline that’s quite large for a really reasonable price. This is great for families to use occasionally in the backyard.

The Safety enclosure net is closely and tightly connected to galvanized steel poles with foam sleeves. There is no gap between the enclosure net and jumping mat so it guarantees your safety while you are jumping. 

The completely visible net creates a safe and enjoyable jumping environment since you watch your kids outside surrounding mesh net and you can see all beautiful scenery outside trampoline while jumping inside.


  • Great price
  • Large
  • Holds up to 375 pound


  • Not a very high bounce



4.  Upper Bounce Enclosed Trampoline with Safety Net System


Upper Bounce Enclosed Trampoline with Safety Net System – Outdoor Trampoline - ASTM Certified Backyard Trampoline for Kids - Adults – Variant Color Spring Cover Padding



Upper Bounce is one of the most trusted brands in the trampoline industry. It’s known for its sturdy, strong materials and durable finishes but is still significantly more affordable than some of the other high-end trampolines on this list.

As far as safety, Upper Bounce uses a safety enclosure system is built with ASTM Standardized solid steel along with gauge steel springs. Its thick spring safety pad makes it entirely safe for children to have outdoor jumping fun.

The net connects to the inside of the mat of the trampoline (instead of to the rim like in other models) which is a great idea for safety.

There’s no risk of hitting the springs or the rim because the net will keep you on the net, reducing the chances of hitting something hard that can cause a greater injury.

This 7.5 foot trampoline can hold 250 pounds and with tough springs, this trampoline has a great bounce, but the short springs can be hard to install and slip out easily. The safety pad is made from thick foam and held onto the rim with double rubber.

It’s made of weatherproof materials so it will last for a few seasons.

While the safety net is great, if it’s not installed correctly, it can fall or blow over. There have also been some complaints about the frame being difficult to get together and having pieces pop out.

But if you grab a helper and spend a little extra time making sure everything is properly in place, this is a great trampoline for the price.


  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Good bounce


  • Difficult to put together correctly
  • Safety net can fall if not installed properly




Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Access To Free Online Workouts Included | Supports Up To 250 Pounds

To show some of the differences between traditional trampolines and other kinds that are out there, we’re including one of the top-rated mini trampolines in our list.

The Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is lightweight, portable, and is a great way to get low-impact cardio into your workout. The rubber-tipped legs come off and the trampoline can be carried in a duffle bag.

It’s quite compact with only a 36-inch diameter. It’s nine inches high and can hold someone up to 250 pounds.

The frame is made of durable steel and the mat is polypropylene with thirty elastic bands (instead of springs) for resistance. There’s also a vinyl cover over the frame so your feet don’t get caught up in them while you’re working out.

This mini trampoline is a bestseller and a great value. If you’re looking for a fun way to turn up your workouts at home, this trampoline might be just what you’ve been waiting for.


  • Portable
  • Great way to add some fun to your workout


  • Small and can really only be used for exercising



6.   Springfree Trampolines


Springfree Trampoline - 11ft Large Square | Trampoline Only

Springless trampolines are a relatively new entry into the market. They’re considered exceptionally safe because, with the springs eliminated, so are a lot of potential hazards.

This trampoline can hold up to 1,100 pounds (a far cry from a more normal/industry-standard capacity of 250 lbs – 350 lbs). It’s made of powder-coated steel that makes it a pretty good bet that this trampoline will never rust.

Instead of springs, this trampoline has fiberglass rods that get the job done. The square mat for this trampoline is really big at 13 feet square, but you really only get a good bounce in the center.

The enclosure is connected with a curved pole so there’s less chance of hitting it when jumping. The poles for the enclosure are also made of fiberglass instead of standard steel.

You can easily leave this tramp outside all Winter in snow and low temps.  It’s made to deal with the elements!

This is a top-of-the-line, innovative piece of equipment that’s safe and a lot of fun.

That said, all of that innovation comes with a price as it’s the most expensive trampoline on the list. Still, if you have a big family, it will last for years with the proper care and you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of it.


  • Hands down the best tramp on our list
  • Extremely safe because it has no springs
  • Large jumping surface


  • Very expensive
  • Insanely pricey
  • Costs a lot of money
  • Mucho Mullah!
  • Difficult to put together



Kangaroo Hoppers 14 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop and Ladder -2021 Upgraded Kids Basketball Hoop Trampoline TUV & ASTM Tested (Apple GREEN-14FT)

This is a perfect choice for someone who wants to allow their child to jump freely while still making sure their safety is the most important thing.  All Kangaroo Hoppers trampolines are thoroughly tested for safety and durability.

The Kangaroo Hoppers trampoline is made of the highest quality materials and is an investment that will last and last for years.

The fully galvanized steel frame is rust-resistant and the springs are rustproof so this trampoline is ready to withstand many seasons of us.

The frame is welded and will not corrode, bend, or break. Assembly is easy because there are no bolts, everything is put together using push pins which keep the trampoline solid enough to tolerate 375 pounds. 

Included also, is a 3-step galvanized steel step ladder for easier access to the jumping surface.

The safety features of the Stratos are superior to most other models. The enclosure is mounted on strong supports that are lightweight and easy to set up. It actually exceeds all safety requirements.

The net is UV resistant and blocks some of the sun’s UV rays from getting to the jumper. The trampoline pad ir UV resistant, too, which will protect the fibers from breaking down and keep this trampoline in play for years to come.

One of the fun features we like about this trampoline is its basketball hoop!  It’s just another feature that makes this deal one of the very best value purchases on our list.


  • High quality
  • Very safe
  • Galvanized frame will withstand seasons worth of weather
  • Includes stepladder
  • Includes basketball hoop
  • High Amazon buyer rating


  • No frills (no powder coating on the steel for example)





8.   Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop and Ladder


Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop and Ladder - 2020 Upgraded – Kids Basketball Trampoline (Blue)

The Merax 15 foot trampoline is the most intense trampoline on our list. It’s equipped with top-of-the-line technology that gives in an absolutely amazing bounce.

The frame is comprised of thick galvanized steel that won’t rust and has excellent stability. Its 375-pound weight capacity is ample for nearly any condition.

It offers 5 foam-padded poles and 1 extra thick pole to support UV-proof safety trampoline enclosures for maximum safety while jumping.  We see that this trampoline is extremely well constructed.

The frame is exceptionally sturdy and doesn’t budge at all when people are jumping.  The net and enclosure poles are of the highest quality. Not only is the bounce impressive – it’s adjustable.  The 4-step galvanized steel ladder is a necessary and welcome addition.

The entire system is designed with rust-impedance in mind.  We all hate rust, and this trampoline will minimize rust so you can have it for many years!  Oh, the basketball net is another value added feature we REALLY like!


  • Exceptional bounce
  • Adjustable
  • Safe
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Includes basketball hoop


  • May not arrive in one shipment – must be patient!
  • Hard to get replacement parts (buyers have had issues with a torn safety net and a damaged steel brace)



… And those are the eight best trampolines for this year. There’s a lot of variety in this list, so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Conclusion & Recommendations

The Zupapa Trampoline is a great buy because it comes with a lot of accessories. Most trampolines come with a safety enclosure, but the Zupapa also gives you a safety pad, ladder, mat, shoe bag, and cover. It’s a safe option and a great price.

For a smaller option that will fit into any backyard and still give your family a great time, try the Skywalker Round Trampoline. It only has a twelve-foot diameter so it’s easy to find the perfect space for it.

For an affordable, simple option that still gives you a lot of area and safety, there’s the Giantex 15 ft trampoline. The manufacturer claims it can hold up to 375 pounds and the heavy-duty enclosure reaches nearly six feet high and provides a lot of safety.

If you want to stick with one of the most trusted, reliable brands in the industry, try the Skytric trampoline. It’s good quality with an affordable price.

The safety enclosure attaches to the net instead of the rim, eliminating the possibility of falling into the rim or springs. It can hold a lot of weight, too – up to 330 pounds.

If you’re looking for a trampoline to use for cardio, try the Stamina 36 inch Mini Trampoline. It’s foldable and portable and the perfect size to use right in your house to make your workout a little more fun. It’s a bestseller and a great value.

The Springfree Jumbo Square trampoline is a new product that is exceptionally safe because it replaces the traditional spring with fiberglass rods. This trampoline is powder coated and won’t rust. It’s a unique, cutting-edge option that should last you a long time.

As you can see, there is a lot more to buying a trampoline than you could ever imagine.

With springless options and smart technology integration, trampolines are starting to evolve a bit. Still, there’s nothing quite like a traditional trampoline with a good bounce for a great time.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, please remember safety is always of prime importance. Make sure you take the necessary precautions and choose one that will work best for your family.




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