The 10 Best Golf Putting Mat for 2019 : Practice at Home or the Office

Just like any other competitive sport, golfers need practice in order to stay on top of their game. The putting mat is a convenient way to get that work in no matter where you are. This piece of practice equipment can be used both inside and outside, so regardless of the weather outside you can set it up and start putting! Most putting mats come in reasonably small sizes, so golfers can place them anywhere from the backyard to the living room, and get an accurate golfing experience.

Once you’re done, you can literally roll the mat up and store it in a place that doesn’t hinder you or your living space. It is important to find the best product possible because it will offer you the best experience, which will make you a better golfer. By considering the putting mats in this buyer’s guide, you will be presented with the best possible mats, and will ultimately make a final decision in result. This list of products will help you figure out what you value in a putting mat, and will lead you to a stronger decision instead of simply buying blind.


Top Putting Mat for Golf Comparison Chart


What you look for in the ultimate putting mat comes down to your personal preferences. There are over a handful of different features that are offered by different brands in which buyers can get the “perfect” putting mat to fulfill their needs. What distance do you need to work on? Do you plan to practice in your backyard or in the corner of your workspace? How much are you willing to spend? How much time can you allocate to practicing each day? These questions can all be answered by each of the putting mats on this list.

The one thing that everyone should watch out for is creasing. If you’re using a thin turf material without anything underneath, the chance of the material scrunching up and creasing becomes a lot higher. Most advanced putting mats today have a durable rubber underneath that will keep the turf straight so that it won’t crease and break down. By having a practice mat that deters creasing, golfers will be able to consistently hit golf balls on a flat, even surface. This also relates to the environment in which you plan on practicing. If you prefer being outdoors when practicing golf, you’re obviously going to want a mat that will be able to handle the outside rigors. On the other hand, if you’re the person who works indoors and still wants to perfect your shot during breaks, an indoor putting mat will be a better fit. Most putting mats are considered both indoor and outdoor mats, being that there isn’t much of a difference besides size.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t feel like going back and forth after shooting each shot, you’re going to want a putting green with a ball return system. This will allow you to go 100% with each swing, without worrying about fetching afterwards. If the return system is of high quality, you can simply shoot, and expect to see your ball come back as soon as it hits the hole. While having a return system within your putting mat isn’t a necessity, it is definitely a luxury that is well worth the price. A lot of these putting mats have similar design; a dual-track with two different sized holes.

Looking for more of a challenge? Well there are certain putting mats that are set up on an incline. By having the hole stationed on an angle, golfers will be forced to hit their golf ball slightly harder than usual, which will result in their shot become stronger. There are also a few putting mats that offer golf holes that are smaller than the standard of 4.25 inches. Practicing golfers will benefit from these smaller sizes because it allows them to work on their putting accuracy. When a similar scenario is presented to these golfers, they will be prepared to conquer putts of any distance thanks to having a legitimate putting mat.


Best Putting Green for Home Reviews

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

This list tops off at the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots putting mat going at #1. When observing this putting mat, it may not seem far too superior compared to the rest of the list, but the subtle features included with this product helps it climb to the #1 spot. This putting green is a kidney shape, so it allows golfers to practice their shots at an angle; preparing for any situation that may arise on the golf course. The Putt-A-Bout putting mat has three holes lined up at different parts of the mat, to also help golfers practice shooting from different angles. One of the more interesting parts of this putting mat that provides an advantage is the built-in sand trap opening behind the three holes. This set up contains missed golf balls so that golfers can simply walk a few feet to the hole and gather the balls for another round of practice. Having a system like this is much more convenient than having missed shots go stray and potentially become lost.

The only true downside to the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots putting green is the questionable quality. Over a handful of testers have claimed that this putting mat has a tendency of getting wrinkled after frequent use. This can slow down your practice substantially, but if you should be fine if you can find something to hold down the mat and keep it in place. Some users felt as though they needed to hit the ball harder than they would in reality, resulting in the artificial turf ripping. Buyers have also stated that this particular mat isn’t the most ideal product for adult golfers due to its compact size. The good news about these negatives is that they are subjective, so the experience really comes down to the golfer’s preferences and expectations.


  • Fair price
  • Contains three practice cups
  • There is a section to catch missed balls


  • Not as much room as expected
  • Quality is average



SKLZ Accelerator Pro with Ball Return

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is an accurate simulation of the general golfing experience. This product will give you everything you need to master your game; whether you are an aspiring golfer or an expert. The best part is, you can essentially take this mat anywhere because of its compact size. The mat is measured at about 9 feet by 16.25 inches, so you can use it in several different areas such as your living room, backyard, outdoor patio, or even the driveway. This putting mat has an upslope at the hole so it can simulate the putts that are actually out there on golf courses. This angled hole also forces users to hit their golf ball at a faster speed, helping with swing control.

The price for the SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat is fair if you consider what you get in return. The continuous ball return system allows users to stay still as they work on their technique. Having a ball return in place provides peace of mind for the golfer and saves time in the process. There are three different alignments in which users can shoot from using the SKLZ putting mat. Golfers can shoot from three, five, or seven feet; having the opportunity to practice from different distances. The only type of negative feedback that has been received by testers is the subpar quality of the product, excluding the mat itself. After evaluating the quality of this putting mat against the priced provided, it can be debated if the product’s worth is equivalent to the original price. Based off of these features, this putting mat comes in at a close #2.


  • Ball return system makes practice that much easier
  • Portable
  • Durable mat


  • The plastic is too thin
  • Price is questionable



YANG Asgans Golf Putting Trainer

Next, let’s take a look at the Yang Asgens Indoor/outdoor putting green. This indoor/outdoor putting green contains two holes with two different sizes. These golf holes are measured at three inches and two inches respectively, while the standard golf hole is measured at just over four inches. The Yang Asgens brand applies smaller golf holes to their putting mats on purpose, hoping to challenge practicing golfers so that they can improve their swing, speed, and accuracy.

You’ll also be able to get some extra room, as this putting green extends out to 10 and a half inches. The average putting green typically measures at no more than nine inches. By practicing with this added measurement, you will be able to simulate instances where you will need to put from further than you feel comfortable. This putting mat is marked specifically at four, six, and eight feet; so golfers can work on whatever distance is hindering their game, whether it is one or all three. No one wants to go out on the golf course and be embarrassed because they missed the close distance putt.

Another impressive feature of this putting mat is the ball return. The greatest benefit of having a ball return system within your putting green is that it saves a lot of time. This process is easy for the golfer to use, and prevents them from wasting time going back and forth to the golf holes while retrieving their shots. Within no more than 15 minutes, golfers can shoot their best shot and have their golf balls returned to them thereafter.

Finally, the last highlight of this putting mat is the storage process. You can easily roll up the LevelGolf putting green without your home or office and conveniently place it in an area that will not stop you from getting things done. The biggest complaint coming from this practice mat is the price. This is easily priced at over $40, and to some people, that is quite high for an indoor putting green. Either way, this product from LevelGolf has the tools needed to take any golfer to the next level. 


  • Easy ball return system
  • High quality
  • Smaller cup sizes for accurate shots
  • Easy to put away for storage


  • High priced
  • Mat is too thin



77Tech Putting Mat

This putting mat from 77Tech is quite arguably the most accurate golfing experience available for those looking to improve their skills. This putting mat comes with two sets of flags and golf holes, so you can work on your craft at various levels. This versatile putting mat allows players to use it both inside and outside. Depending on what size you select, this mat can conveniently be placed in any living room or bedroom, so the bad weather won’t have any effect on your practice schedule. Another valuable part of this putting mat is the high quality, durable rubber foam base, located underneath the artificial grass turf. The foam measures up to ten millimeters, so you will have a solid base to walk and put on each time you take a swing. It also helps prevent the turf from creasing, so that you can have an even platform throughout your practice time. This putting mat is fairly easy to clean, and according to 77Tech, it can be used regularly for at least eight years if taken care of.

One thing about the 77Tech putting mat that can potentially deter some buyers is the price range. Depending on the size of the mat you would like to purchase, the price can vary from about $200 to almost $400! These prices are a reflection of how big or small the mat is, so the bigger your mat, the higher the price. Compared to other putting mats on the list, this mat form 77Tech is by far the most expensive one. Golfers with a budget can easily find a putting mat that is less expensive yet still meets their practice needs. But for those who have the money and are looking for a practice field almost identical to the regular golf course, this mat is worth the investment. Another con is the mat’s narrow structure. This may not be an issue for some, but if you’re the type of golfer who likes his or her space, then you might find yourself going off the mat from time to time. In summary, the superior quality offered by this putting mat most definitely justifies its high price.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • High quality
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Very expensive compared to other putting mats
  • Slightly narrow



Net World Sports FORB Putting Mat

The FORB putting mat from Net World Sports is very similar to the 77Tech putting mat, except at a significantly lower price. The FORB putting mat offers three different holes; one straight ahead, one on the left, and one on the right. This set up strongly resembles a triangle and will allow users to putt at different angles. Although this putting mat has the ability to be used both inside and outside, it is engineered to last longer indoors. If you want to use this mat outdoors, beware of the surface you decide to use it on. Since the holes have neither a return system nor a bottom, the hole will go right onto the ground. Whether it is grass, mud, or a tile floor will be completely up to the environment you decided to use the mat. It is recommended that this putting mat be used primarily indoors so that it doesn’t deteriorate due to rugged weather conditions.

The Net World Sports FORB putting mat is also appealing to buyers because of its affordable price. Unlike select mats on the list, this putting mat doesn’t cost over $100. You can find this mat for well under $40, and that is considered a bargain for an indoor golf mat. This low price is most likely due to the absence of ball return, as well as a placeholder for golf balls. Also, Net World Sports created this product with an incline, so that users can work on their accuracy and putting form. This is seen in most putting mat platforms and has proved to serve golfers well when going up against the real golf experience.


  • Bargain price
  • Can be used both inside or outside
  • Raised incline provides golfers with a challenge


  • Material might deteriorate if used too often outside



Grassroots Putting Mat

The Grassroots putting mat is a perfect example of a low priced product made with sub-par material. Although it might not be the strongest putting mat on the list, those who embrace the “you get what you pay for” mantra will indeed be pleased with what they receive. This putting mat will cost no more than $24, which is a reasonable rate. It is measured at about 1 foot by 6 feet, which serves as a double-edged sword. To elaborate, it is small enough to use in an office or living room, but too narrow to simulate a real-life golf course. The good thing about a mat this size is that it works exceptionally well for storage. Users can easily roll up this matt and put it anywhere from under their bed, in a closet, the garage, and even its original box.

This putting mat from Grassroots will give you a sense of control, thanks to the hazards next to each side of the cup. You can easily aim for the golf hole, and if your shot doesn’t make it, you will have peace of mind knowing that your ball will be caught by the hazards instead of going aimlessly outside of your practice area. There is also a cushioning underneath the grass turf, so it won’t move around when you are putting. The four-inch cup size is slightly smaller than the standard size of 4.25-inches. This will force golfers to go beyond their limits and master their accuracy in order to get their shot in. After consistent practice, golfers will be bound to make shots with ease after becoming accustomed to this smaller cup size. Overall this is a solid option for someone looking for a compact mat at a fair price.


  • Inexpensive
  • Slightly inclined
  • Hole is smaller than regulation
  • Easy storage


  • Extremely narrow
  • Made with cheap material



Balight Indoor Putting Mat 

The Balight brand offers a putting green very similar to that of the LevelGolf mat located at #3. These products are slightly even, but LevelGolf gets an advantage because it is essentially the same product, just lower in price. In addition to the putting green, buyers will receive three golf balls, one putter, and a ball return system. A good thing about the Balight putting mat is that it will encourage you to push your limits. This putting green offers two different hole sizes, which will help you work on your putting skills. This design is dual-tracked, so there is one hole on each side vertically. The automatic ball return system will enable you to continuously practice your skills without having to retrieve the ball after each shot.

This nine-foot mat is made of durable material, so you can use it as often as you like without being concerned with how long it will last. This putting green is great for someone who likes being indoors and needs that extra putting practice. Thanks to the flexible turf material, you can easily roll it up and place it wherever you would like. Not only can this product be of great use for people trying to master their golfing craft, it can also help reduce stress for those in their work environment. Having a portable putting mat at your whim will increase a number of areas in which you can practice your golf strokes. The price of this putting mat is well above average. The only justification possible is that this mat comes with a few golf balls and a putter, in which cause the price going over $60 is well worth it.


  • Durable mat
  • Two different sized holes
  • Automatic ball return
  • Easy storage


  • Price is higher than average
  • Turf lays flat but has a few wrinkles
  • Slightly narrow



OUTAD Indoor Putting Mat

Outad has gone the extra mile to make this mat simulate reality more than most.  The different grasses and the feel of actual turf bring a feel of authenticity to your practice.  It rolls out very nicely right out of the box and lays flat.  No more worries about folds or creases in the mat since it has a tough backing, yet it’s pretty easy to roll for storage.  The short grass on the green is 1 cm high while the long grass is 4 cm.

The mat can lay flat or there is an option for an incline near the hole if you use the included insert/underlay –  and it has a rubber tee.  Amazon purchasers have rated this mat very highly so that’s always an extra boost of confidence if you’re considering this mat option.


  • Dual hole design
  • Holes at an incline
  • Authentic and realistic looking turf


  • High(ish) price



Club Champ Putt N Hazard Putting Mat

Coming in last on the list is this hazard-equipped putting mat from the Club Champ brand. You may ask “what is it about this mat that puts nine other mats in front of it?” This product cracks the top ten list because of the way it functions but falls last due to its below average quality. One of the better qualities of this putting mat is the high-quality turf. This material strongly resembles actual grass; a characteristic that will most definitely help golfers practice for the real experience. The incoming golf ball will be able to be retained by the water hazard and sand trap, located on each side of the cup. The golf hole present in this mat is the standard size, so golfers will have an accurate idea of what to expect on the golf course. The 9-foot by 16-inch surface offers golfers a solid platform to practice their putts. In addition, it can be used basically anywhere thanks to its convenient size. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are or the weather conditions, you can easily get some practice with this putting mat. The price for the Club Champ putting mat is about average, but one should consider the high-quality turf, as well as convenience factor that goes along with the product before making a final judgment.


  • Golf cup has hazards next to it
  • Electronic ball return
  • Turf simulates real grass


  • Buyers claim the product was made of cheap material



Rukket Twin Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat

Last on the list is this hitting mat from the Rukket Sports brand. Don’t be fooled by the ranking, as this putting mat system offers a thorough practice session for golfers of all levels, and even those who just need to blow off some steam.  Yes, I know it’s not a putting mat, but we thought one of these belonged on this list.  You can practice any swing anytime, especially when combined with the Rukket Haack NetThe dual grass option allows for a more realistic practice over a greater range of real world environments.  The rubber tee is super helpful and because we care what confirmed buyers think about this product, we’re happy to report that lots of users have given this mat top marks.  Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

The sub-$100 price point makes this mat an excellent addition to your off-season or indoor training regimen.


  • Allows for indoor or off-season practice
  • Durable
  • Realistic chipping or driving environment


  • Smaller than some would like



Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Golf is a sport where the athlete needs repetition in order to succeed. One can’t simply show up to the golf course and expect to be an expert in their field. The best putting mat to get is one that will make putting practice something to look forward to, while enhancing your golf skills. This buyer’s guide is valuable to golfers of any experience level. By analyzing these ten putting mats, one will be able to gain an accurate idea of what they should look for in their practice equipment. The right putting mat will have the best combination of quality, price, and real-life simulation. Based off of this list, the best putting mat to go with would be the Putt-A-Bout putting green. This mat has all the necessities required for a golfer looking to get better. The SKLZ Accelerator Pro comes in at a close second, mostly due to the ball return system, which essentially lets you stay in the same spot and retain your golf balls.


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