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Grip strengtheners can be of great benefit to those who decide to use them. While this tool is primarily used to build forearm strength, it could be useful for other activities as well, such as building grip in the hands and fingers. For a beginner, using a grip strengthener may be more difficult compared to someone who has used the tool often or has enough forearm strength to withstand intermediate levels. This is why it is very important to find a grip strengthener that gives you the ability to increase your resistance over time. Building your forearm muscles could help you become better at a variety of physical activities such as climbing and Jiu-Jitsu.

Top Grip Strengthener Comparison Chart

Rock Climbing

Hand and finger strength is extremely important for rock climbing. No matter what type of surface you are climbing, you need finger and hand strength in order to grab onto something and then elevate your body upward. The fingers and hands are clearly under a tremendous amount of stress when climbing, and in order to keep up with this tedious physical demand, one must strengthen their muscles by using a grip strengthener. You never know when chaos could occur when you are climbing a wall. For all you know, there might come a time where you will need to put all your body weight on only a few fingers. In the unlikely event that this happens, your best bet is to be prepared by training your hand grip and fingers.



Superior grip might seem as urgent for Jiu-Jitsu compared to climbing, but if you educate yourself on the sport, you will soon realize that the individual with the better grip will have the better chances of winning. The reason grip is so significant in Jiu-Jitsu is leverage. The person with the best leverage wins. The person with the best leverage has the best grip. When one person grapples another, they need to have enough grip to grab them and perform a takedown move. By having an extraordinary grip, you will likely be able to manhandle your opponent upon initial contact.


Best Grip Strengthener Reviews


PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The ProHands Hand Grip Exerciser comes in at #1 on the “top ten grip strengtheners” list for its’ superior features and the overall quality, price, and efficiency. The ProHands offers resistance levels for each individual finger ranging from 1 lb – 9 lbs which is quite ample for most adults while not be overly challenging.  The size fits everyone and of course, it’s small and light enough to fit nearly anywhere including gym bags and large pockets.  Here’s the thing though; This strengthener treats every finger individually, which means you’ll get a more efficient and truer workout since strong fingers can’t compensate for weaker ones (as can be the case with most grip strengtheners).

There’s a 1-year warranty (including refunds during the first year) so you can rest with a little more assurance if you’re not totally sure you’ll want or need it.


  • Portable and compact
  • Inexpensive


  • Too small for someone with large hands
  • Finger holds may pop outward under pressure (depending on how you hold it)



Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

This grip strengthener by Captains of Crush is a standard for all strengtheners. From the aluminum and steel finish to the old-school look, this tool will get the job done. While a lack of padding may become bothersome to some users, those who can cope with the slight discomfort can reap the benefits of a strong gripper. From beginning stages to the most advanced, the strengthener from Captains of Crush can offer you a challenging, yet rewarding experience and more importantly a superior grip. The Captains of Crush gripper offers up to eleven different resistance levels, so people from a variety of resistance levels can be able to use this product. In addition, those that are just starting off have enough space to grow and use the strengthener for a long time.

In regards to price, the Captains of Crush hand gripper is priced at average. The price of this item increases to a point, depending on what resistance level you are looking for, but then stays the same thereafter.


  • High-quality aluminum and steel is durable
  • 11 different strengths to choose from
  • A rough handle will prevent losing grip


  • No padding on the handle
  • Some grippers didn’t last very long



Eoney Hand Grip Strengthener

One of the reasons that the Eoney Hand Grip Strengthener is in the top three is due to its’ durability. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have other great qualities, but durability definitely stands out when looking at this tool. The high-quality hard plastic and chrome metal springs that are used in the Fitness Master grip strengthener proves that it can withstand frequent use. The Fitness Master grip strengthener has an adjustable resistance dial that can be changed between twenty-two to eighty-eight pounds (10-40 kg). This gives users enough room to increase their grip strength and continue challenging themselves. The design of the grip strengthener is made to fit all hand sizes; whether you are an adult or adolescent, male or female, the Eoney grip strengthener does not discriminate. 

The grip on the Eoney is extremely soft and will keep you comfortable while using the product. There are grooves on the padding that prevents the gripper from slipping; offering excellent stability as you strive to enhance your hand and forearm strengths. Using this gripper will most definitely improve the performance of any rock climber or Jiu-Jitsu master.

The size fits everyone and of course, it’s small and light enough to fit nearly anywhere including gym bags and large pockets.  It’s covered with soft, comfortable TPR for lots of resistance to wear.

There’s a 1-year warranty (including refunds during the first year) so you can rest with a little more assurance if you’re not totally sure you’ll want or need it.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty is above-average
  • Lightweight/can take anywhere
  • Adjustable dial allows you to control your resistance level


  • The material from the handgrips tends to rub off on hand
  • Tension deteriorates over time



MummyFit “Death Grip” Grip Strengthener

Those who are exhausted with how traditional grip strengtheners tend to squeak over time will be happy with the MummyFit “Death Grip” grip strengthener. You could literally take the Death Grip to the quietest of places and still use it without the worry of bothering those around you. Despite the lack of noise, the most impressive part of the MummyFit Death Grip exerciser is the durable material it is made of. A majority of the Death Grip strengthener is made of thermoplastic nylon and steel; two very tough materials that aren’t easily damaged. The high-quality material applied to the Death Grip ultimately means that this product has the potential to last for a very long time.

Another good quality of the MummyFit “Death Grip” is the adjustable grip. After a significant period of time doing the same activity over and over, you will eventually find the desire to challenge yourself. Luckily, the MummyFit grip strengthener can adjust to your convenience. Someone who participates in Jiu-Jitsu would definitely be able to appreciate this product because it strengthens overall grip, something much needed in the sport.

As far as the price is concerned, you can expect something in the higher tiers due to the high-level material that makes up the product. If you expect to get something cheap, you should also expect that it is more likely to break compared to something that has some steel behind it.


  • Doesn’t make noise after frequent use
  • Durable; made of steel and thermoplastic nylon
  • Adjustable resistance levels


  • Not big enough for all hand sizes
  • Too intense for some users
  • One of the most expensive grip strengtheners on the market



VariGrip Sport Hand & Forearm Exerciser

The VariGrip Sport Hand and Forearm exerciser is designed to strengthen your fingers, hand, and forearm. The most unique feature of the VariGrip hand exerciser is the patented tension adjusters, which present users with the choice to adjust the resistance level for each individual finger. Given this ability, users can get more out of this exerciser because they can customize how high the resistance can be. If they want something easy, they can change it. If they are getting stronger and need more of a challenge, they can change it. If you’re worried about the comfort levels of the VariGrip hand exerciser, you will be relieved to know that there is a molded grip for the inside of the hand and fingers, so that you can comfortably hold this item, and get to work. If you are rehabbing a specific set of fingers or trying to improve your grip, you should check out the Varigrip Sport Hand and Forearm exerciser to have a long-lasting tool in your arsenal.

This type of grip strengthener is best for those who go rock climbing. Here’s why: When it comes to rock climbing, there are going to be times where your flexibility is going to be tested. You may need to hang on by a few fingers while trying to stretch out and get to the next group of rocks to hang to. In order to confidently hang onto these rocks, you are going to need individual finger strength just as much as you need a strong grip. Could those in Jiu-Jitsu use the VariGrip in order to improve at their craft? Without a doubt, the concept of this product is to enhance one’s grip. With that being said, the VariGrip is most helpful to rock climbers but don’t exclude those in Jiu-Jitsu.

By using this product, you can improve the strength of both your fingers and your hands. The shape of the VariGrip sport isn’t necessarily similar to the traditional gripper, but it will assist you with the training needed to build a unique grip.


  • Separate resistance valves for each finger
  • Molded grip makes it comfortable to hold onto
  • Average price


  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the lack of resistance



321 Strong Hand Therapy Grip Balls

Another grip strengthener that could undoubtedly improve the grip of rock climbers, the 321 Strong grip balls can help you strengthen your overall grip and your fingers.  Each ball is color-coded for different resistance intensities so you can adjust as needed.  Blue is soft, yellow is medium and lavender is firm resistance.  It doubles as a stress reliever or fidget toy, but with the right approach, it’s an exerciser that can increase strength daily.  It is used for injury recovery as well.

Because of the nature of their construction (individual spherical balls) they can be used in far more ways than a traditional grip.  For example, you can put the ball between your fingers and then try to squeeze them towards each other – an exercise that is very difficult with a traditional exerciser.

The Grip balls are made of non-toxic thermoplastic rubber and they come with their own carry bag.


  • Included E-book offers different exercises for your grip strengthener
  • Excellent Price


  • Plastic material doesn’t provide a high level of durability
  • Doesn’t provide high levels of resistance



Hand Grip by Iron Crush

So, this item doesn’t look like the traditional hand strengtheners that have been around for decades right? That’s perfectly fine because this three-piece set from the Iron Crush brand will fulfill the same job just as good, if not better! These silicon ring hand grippers come in three different resistances: sixty pounds, seventy pounds, and eighty pounds. This variety allows users to gradually increase their grip difficulty after strengthening their forearm and handgrip over time.

The rings are specifically engineered for adult hands, which encourages a challenging experience. Some other brands have grip strengtheners that don’t necessarily fit in the hand well, so having an adult-sized silicon ring assures the buyer that they know what they’re receiving.

One of the more promising features of this product is the two-year warranty that comes with it. Things happen, especially with items that involve squeezing. In the unfortunate event that one of your resistance rings become damaged within two years of purchase, you can get a refund or replacement from the manufacturer, guaranteed.

If you are one of those people who dislike the way your hands feel when using the traditional grip strengthener, this might be the set for you.


  • Comes with three different rings, which represent resistance levels
  • Rings are sized for maximum comfort


  • Not as durable as users would like
  • Tension isn’t as strong as expected



Xfitness Hand Grippers 2.0

The Xfitness brand offers the market a grip strength trainer that comes with seven levels, in five different colors. Whether you have been working forearms for years or just starting off, the Xfitness hand grippers can get you where you want to be. The seven different resistance levels: starting at fifty pounds and maxing at 350 pounds. Needless to say, this product gives the user an ability to grow their handgrip strength over time [along with their forearms.] Another feature that could be of some interest to buyers is the durability of these hand grippers. The 2.0 version of Xfitness’ grip strengthener comes in a rust-proof coating so that your product will be at its best no matter how much it ages over time. Furthermore, it is safe to claim that these grip strengtheners are arguably the most durable available. The non-slip grip helps you keep a hold on the grippers and get your exercises done efficiently. If the grips hand more padding, this item from Xfitness would be in the grip strengthener elite. One solution to the lack of padding in the grips is to wrap duct tape around the grips. By adding more layers onto your handle, your hand will feel more comfortable while squeezing the Xfitness Hand Grippers 2.0.

Not only does the Xfitness hand gripper 2.0 do its’ job effectively, but it also comes in style. You can choose from five different colors: black, blue, silver, gold, and pink. With this product, you have the ability to purchase whatever color best fits your personality, and you can then go home and put your grip skills to the test!


  • Has seven different levels that range from beginner to expert
  • The rust-proof coating will keep the metal from rusting
  • Comes in five different colors


  • Added cushioning would make the hand grippers more comfortable
  • Tends to squeak often



Conclusion & Recommendation

Grip strengtheners can be used for a variety of reasons. Some people use it to train muscles for athletics, some to rehabilitate from injuries/surgery, and the rest relieving stress. For those looking to accumulate general grip strength over a period of time, any of these products could be of some use to you. It starts to get complicated when you are looking at a grip strengthener for a specific need.

The potential buyers who take up rock climbing should initially focus on grip strengtheners that offer single finger training in addition to full grip training. This is important for rock climbers because they need strong finger grip (as well as hand grip) to safely hold onto whatever they can to stay idle and ready to move up. The severe amount of pressure that is placed on the hands and fingers can only be countered by preparation. The best way to prepare yourself for the strenuous difficulties that come with rock climbing is by using a grip strengthener. These products are fairly affordable, can be used virtually anywhere [granted your item doesn’t make squeaky noise], and can last a long time depending on the brand you purchase.

Those in Jiu-Jitsu should consider something very similar since a strong grip is demanded in that particular practice. If you want to succeed by takedowns, you need to have a strong grip upon initial contact so that you can capitalize on position and use your leverage to get the upper hand. Grippers with individual finger triggers can help these people benefit, but they can also take advantage of the older-style grips that make you stronger once you start squeezing.

Once again, anything in this list can beneficial from a general perspective, but in a more micro sense, you would be best going with one of the grip strengtheners in the top three. They all are made from high-quality material, which ultimately effects how long they last. Furthermore, they offer high resistance levels that can gradually fulfill the user’s goal of becoming stronger in the finger, hand, and forearm areas. The Gripmaster would work best for those who go rock climbing, primarily because you can train each finger, whereas someone in Jiu-Jitsu could use the Captains of Crash hand gripper for an excellent hand grip.




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