10 Best Heavy Bag Stands : Muay Thai, Kickboxing, & Cardio

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When you are looking to buy yourself a heavy bag stand there are many factors to take into account. Punching a bag has a lot of impact, especially if you are doing things like kick boxing or you are a professional or amateur boxer.

This is why it is so important to get yourself a quality stand so that you don’t have the bag fall over on you or someone else resulting in an injury.

Heavy bags can cause a lot of damage if they fall over and you really want to give them a lot of support so you can have peace of mind while you work out.

It is important to know the weight of your bag as well as how long your bag is so that you can buy the proper size stand for your bag and so you won’t run into any toppling issues.

It is not a bad idea to buy the two things together so that you can be sure everything is going to fit properly. In saying that, it is important to know the components of a heavy bag stand so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Heavy Bag Buying Guide


Due to the fact a bag stand is such a simple device, you may think that the price of the stand is unimportant.

This is not true, the last thing you want to do is buy yourself a poor quality bag stand and have your bag collapse on top of you, someone else or something priceless to you nearby. It is important to refer


This is definitely something you should have a look at. If a company is not willing to stand behind their bag stand then you should probably not trust it to hold up your heavy bag.

If the bag were to fall and cause damage it would be nice to know that at least the stand would be covered by the manufacturer.


Stands are normally made from some kind of metal such as aluminum or steel and they will generally have a variety of bolts holding everything together.

You will find rubber, plastic or metal legs on the bottom of the stand in order to hold everything straight and in an upright position.

You will find that some stands come with a chain, or a loop to hold the bag in place and this can make a difference as to how loud your workout will be, which may be something that you want to keep in mind when deciding on your final purchase.


Although it is not recommended to base your buying decision solely on the brand of the heavy bag stand, it can be a good starting point.

Generally speaking, a brand that has been around the boxing world for a long period of time is much more likely to have a bag stand available that is of a higher quality than a brand that is brand new to the boxing world.

If you look up the brand only to find out they are brand new, you shouldn’t write them off right away.

Simply do a little more research into the brand and make sure they are a legitimate company that makes good quality, preferably durable products for a reasonable price range.

The Attachment Point

Probably one of the most essential parts of a stand is the attachment point.

Different stands will have different attachment points and some attachment stands will even have more than one attachment point so that you can use something like a speed bag and a heavy bag in combination.

It is important to make sure that the attachment point Is both easy to reach and that it is nicely secured so that the bag cannot fall out.

The Legs

The legs of a heavy bag stand can be anything from metal to a large plastic bottom to a large block.

It is important to take into consideration how wide the leg stand is so that you can be sure that the heavy bag stand will fit properly into the location that you want it.

The Feet

Generally you will find that the feet are coated in rubber or something that isn’t going to scratch up your floors. This is definitely something you should have a look at before purchasing especially if you are buying yourself a cheap stand.

A cheaper stand may skimp out on things such as rubber feet in order to offer a better price tag.


Some heavy bag stands require weighted stabilization plates so that things don’t get shifted around during a heavy workout.

It is important to remember that a bag stand with stabilization weights can be quite heavy and almost impossible to move around the room, stabilization weights don’t always come with your stand either and sometimes people make and use their own weights to keep things from shifting.


Almost all stands are bolted together and the assembly itself is something that might deter you from buying a certain stand.

It is a good idea to have some spare bolts on hand in case you lose some during assembly or the manufacturer forgets to put some in the box.

One other important note about bolts is that you should check them every once in a while to make sure that they are still tight and haven’t become loose over time from your workouts.

Weight Limit

It is a good idea to make sure that the stand you are looking to purchase is actually capable of holding up your heavy bag.

Different stands have different weight limits because there are a variety of weighted bags on the market that weigh different amounts.

Buying your stand when it can’t hold up the weight of your bag can not only cause a catastrophic accident but it can also cause your warranty to become void.


If you buy yourself the right type of heavy bag stand, some of these bag stands are adjustable in height. This is great if you have high ceilings and are a tall person in general.

It allows you to move the bag to a spot where it is more comfortable to punch, a spot where it gives a little bit and your wrist/ hand doesn’t take all the impact.


Not all heavy bag stands are only good for holding up a heavy bag. Many bag stands are capable of holding up a speed bag as well which is great because it allows you to do a variety of exercise routines.

If you have a fairly high budget you can even get stands that have things like a pull-up bar, push-up bars and other awesome features.


Not all bag stands will have a finish on them, but if you are thinking that you might want to set up your heavy bag stand outdoors it is a good idea to find something with a powder-coated finish on it.

If you just buy yourself a regular steel stand it is going to just slowly rust away after being left outside for a prolonged period of time; especially if left out during the rain and winter months.

Best Heavy Bag Reviews


1.  PROmountings Beam Roller Heavy Bag Holder


PRO Mountings I Beam Roller Mounting for Heavy Bag: 4.5" to 7" Wide I-Beam (4.5")


This Heavy Bag stand (or holder) tops our list because of the combination of qualities combined with the price. 

It’s the best combo we have!  It’s the first every beam roller that gets mounted onto a steel I-Beam or H-Beam in your studio or basement. 

This, of course, allows you to move it anywhere the beam goes, and you can either lock it or leave it unlocked to let it move a bit.  It fits beams from 4.5″ to 7″ so it’s pretty versatile. 

It’s totally USA made which makes us happy, and unlike many bag holders on the market whose weight limit tops out at 100 lbs, this one has a 250 lb capacity. 

Though it has many advantages, the PROmountings bag does have some disadvantages (as with anything) and that is that you must have not only a beam in your workout area, but it must be exposed.


  • Holds bag up to 250 lbs
  • Takes no floor space in your home/studio
  • Made in USA
  • Can move anywhere on the beam


  • Only works if you have an exposed steel beam
  • Bit more expensive than floor stands




2.  Everlast – 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand


Everlast - 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand


This bag stand is a very cheap price considering that it is a multipurpose stand capable of holding both heavy bags as well as speed bags.

The heavy bag stand can hold up to 100 lbs in weight and the speed bag platform is adjustable so that it can handle the majority of speed bag sizes. A combination of steel tubing and powder-coated steel help to give this stand lasting durability.

A total of three different weight pegs are built into the stand as well in order to assist with the stability of the unit. There is a 120-day warranty on the unit covered by the manufacturer in the case of any defects, which is also a nice bonus.


  • 120-day manufacturer defect warranty
  • Steel powder-coated tubing
  • Three weight pegs
  • 100 lb weight limit
  • Adjustable speed bag platform


  • No weights included with the unit
  • Need lots of room because the speed bag platform is on the rear




3.  Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand


Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350lbs Capacity. Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand with 4 Sand Bags


Here we have a stand that absolutely stands above the crowd in one critical element;  WEIGHT CAPACITY.  This big guy can carry 350 lbs.  Most others have a 100 lb limit, so this one jumps up by a wide margin. 

It’s over 7 and a half feet tall and fully made in the USA!  Because it has such a high weight capacity, it comes with 4 large sandbags to help with stability.  Each bag will weigh about 60 lbs once filled with sand.

The triangular base was designed to allow the stand to fit into a corner easily. 

The really great thing about this stand is that because it’s a premium product, the manufacturer (Outslayer Fight Gear) will customize the height of the stand to fit your ceiling or other height limitation.  Very cool!


  • Can do multiple exercises with this stand
  • Capable of holding up a 350 lb bag
  • Sandbags come with the unit
  • Can be customized to fit your space


  • Not budget-friendly




4.   Ringside Professional Heavy Bag Stand

Ringside Professional Heavy Bag Stand

This stand is one heck of a beast, and it’s expensive!  We included it because it really is the best stand for safety, and really the only stand for multiple bags.

The whole stand is assembled in the factory and shipped ASSEMBLED!  That’s a big package!  It’s 6 feet wide, 12 feet long and 8 feet tall.  It holds up to 8 big bags!  11 gauge 2″x3″ steel forms the basis of this hefty stand.

There may be small flaws in the finish due to shipping and delivery logistics, but overall, it’s an incredibly robust stand.  We’re guessing you’d really only consider this stand if you own or run a boxing or martial arts club.

Rust-o-leum black, glossy spray paint is a perfect match for the finish, so you can have a great-looking stand no matter the shipping flaws.


  • Simple design, steel construction
  • 180-degree access to the punching bag
  • Modest budget


  • Known to be a little tippy if you aren’t boxing straight on
  • Will definitely need to add weights to keep the bag and stand from falling over
  • Difficult to assemble, instructions are hard to follow




5.  Amber Sports Heavybag Joist Hanger

AMBER Sports Fight Gear Heavybag Joist Hanger, 14"

Okay, so this is a cheat!  It’s not a stand as much as a hanger, but really, it’s just another option to accomplish the same thing!  Personally, I would use this method over a large stand in the room.  Why? 

Because it’s EASY to install and takes up no room – and it’s inexpensive.  There is a catch though! 

If you can’t find a floor joist (in the ceiling above you) or any cross beam (either exposed or covered by a drywall ceiling) in the exact place you want it, it won’t work well.  Otherwise, it’s the best option. 

All you need is a stud-finder (electronic), a drill and a fairly heavy bolt.  Of course, if your ceiling is unfinished, it’s as easy as any job in the world!  You just screw/bolt it onto an exposed beam overhead and Bob’s your uncle!

This hanger does not include mounting hardware, so a trip to Home Depot might be necessary.


  • inexpensive
  • Easy installation
  • Does not need space for a big bag stand in the room


  • Can’t move it absolutely everywhere or anywhere in a room
  • Needs some installation




6.  Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand


Titan Dual Station Heavy Bag Boxing Stand


This heavy bag stand can be used for kickboxing or punching. Powder-coated steel on the unit adds durability and makes the stand look eye appealing.

It’s a dual station boxing stand that gives users twice the value of a typical single bag stand.  The exterior is a powder-coated black paint that adds durability.  The stand can hold 300 lbs total weight between 2 bags.

The 3×3 inch metal tubing is reinforced with 2 stabilizer bars measuring 2×2 inches.  The 12×12-inch base plate is meant to be secured with bolts into the ground.  Height can be adjusted from 88″ to 102″.

As such, it’s more of a pro stand rather than a consumer model that is shaped to stand on its own without being attached to the ground permanently.


  • Boxing Club quality
  • Holds up to a 300 lb total bag capacity on 2 different mounts
  • Powder-coated steel tubing is great for durability and reliability


  • Fairly heavy unit may require some adjustment
  • May take a while to get the unit fully assembled
  • Pricey
  • Needs to be mounted with bolts – cannot be moved casually




7.  Century Heavy Bag Stand


Century Heavy Bag Stand, One Size


We like the Century stand for its looks among other things!  It’s made of 3″ tubular steel rather than the standard square design.  It’s also white which makes it a bit brighter in what is likely to be a dark room.  It just looks more polished and sleek.

Having said that, it’s no slouch when it comes to performance.  It offers convenient weight pins to place weight plates for stability.  It’s also designed to hold a double-end bag (which is really a triple-end bag – sort of – in this design).

A 100-pound bag can hang just fine from this stand, but it’s recommended to place 35-pound weights at each of the 3 anchor points for best stability.  It reaches 75.5 inches in height so be sure to consider your room height before committing to this stand.


  • Easy assembly thanks to minimal parts
  • Capable of holding a 100 lb bag
  • Comes with built-in weight pins to hold plated weights


  • Lateral supports are adequate but not great




8.  Century Cornerman

Century Corner Man Hanger (2 Box Item) Hanging Training Bag, MMA

This unit is definitely something that isn’t going to work for everyone. This unit is capable of holding a 100 lb bag, but it has very long legs on each side of the unit and is meant to be put in the corner of a gym or a home.

Adjustable legs make it easier to fit into a corner no matter your dimensions. Although this unit does require a higher budget you will find it quite stable and it is doubtful that you will have to use weight in order to stabilize the unit.

This unit is constructed form steel and meant to absorb some of the shock from a hard punch so that you don’t notice movement while you are working out.


  • Can support a 100 lb bag
  • Adjustable legs to fit into tighter spaces
  • Steel construction for added durability


  • Requires either a corner or a large space to setup the unit
  • High budget is required to purchase this stand
  • Assembly may be lengthy




9.  Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger


Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only - ²SH34Z

This bag stand will only appeal to a specific audience. This is because it is a wall-mounted stand to hold up a heavy bag. Capable of holding a bag that weighs up to 100 lbs this steel wall-mounted stand also has the option of being bought with a bag chain.

It is relatively easy to install, but does require a wood stud that is at least 12 inches wide or a concrete wall to drill into.

The main negative of this type of heavy bag stand is that it causes permanent damage to your wall, and although it is reparable it will cost you some money to get it repaired.

When you use this type of heavy bag stand you have full access to the bag and can punch it from wherever you please.


  • Easy to install and it is a lightweight bag
  • Capable of holding a 100 lb heavy bag
  • Easy to install
  • More access to the punching bag


  • Makes a permanent hole in your wall if you decide to remove the device
  • Cannot move around easily




10.  Everlast 3-station Bag Stand


Everlast 3-Station Bag Stand, Black


Here is a great option for those looking to get a complete boxing or MMA training station.  It can hold 3 bags, but not all of them can be heavy bags.  It holds ONE heavy bag, a speed bag and a double end bag.

The sturdy steel construction gives this stand a high-value rating given its relatively low price point.


  • Offers 3 bags for a complete training regimen
  • Ideal for kickboxing and punching


  • Needs to be anchored to prevent movement
  • Some have complained about design flaws for the double-end bag stand (ie. measurements are off for an average height trainer)



Conclusion & Recommendations

A heavy bag stand is just as important of a buy as the actual bag itself. Without a proper stand you will be unable to keep your bag upright and you may run into a scary situation.

Using a punching bag requires a fair amount of equipment and it is important to have everything together before you start to use your punching bag or you may end up injuring yourself.

We hope this top 10 bag stand list helped to open your eyes about the many components that a heavy bag stand can have and maybe even helped to find a bag stand that works for you. Good luck with your fitness journey.




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