The 9 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

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The first question that many will ask is “what is a wakeboard tower speaker?”  This is a good and valid question because a lot of people will simply not know what this is referring to. 

Wakeboard tower speakers are speakers that have been designed specially and specifically for use in conjunction with water.  They are essentially marine audio speakers. 

The reason this is such a big deal is that there are a lot of differences between speakers on the water and speakers over the land. 

Water presents unique challenges that have to be overcome by manufacturers who are making speakers for that purpose.  In this buying guide, we are going to detail the factors that influence the making of wakeboard tower speakers. 

We are also going to make sure that you know as much possible about the different types.  We are then going to take a look at the top eight wakeboard tower speakers that you can purchase this year.

Wakeboard Tower Speaker Buying Guide

Wakeboard tower speakers, also known simply as “boat speakers” are a must if you are going to be listening to music out near the water.  This is just simply a fact of life.  With water, there are a number of challenges that just do not present themselves on land. 

For one, the wind and waves can cause a lot of noise. 

Without a crisp and clear sound, you will never be able to hear the music properly.  When you add the sound of the boat’s engine to it, you have an even harder time hearing. 

Even if you have it turned up to a very high volume.  Another challenge that some tackle is the fact that moisture is present. 

Regular speakers have no chance of working with moisture in them, but wakeboard tower speakers do give you the opportunity to listen to music and listen to it capably. 

UV rays are also an issue with regular speakers, but many wakeboard tower speakers also tackle this problem head-on.  As you can see, this is why wakeboard tower speakers are so desirable and should be wanted!

Speaker Size

One of the most important things, and also one of the most simple, is the size of the speaker.  For many, they will be purchasing speakers for their boat in order to replace some old speakers. 

If this is the case, then it’s most likely that you’ll want to find something that is the same size.  If not, you will have to make a new place to install your new speakers. 

This should be known without saying, but it is necessary to point this out as these are not magical pieces of equipment that just magically work.

If you are looking for brand new speakers or are looking for a new place to put new ones, there a few tips and tricks for you to consider.  First, you will probably want to make as big a place as possible for them. 

Wakeboard tower speakers tend to work their best as they get bigger.  Larger speakers simply give you better audio quality in general, so this rule should be remembered when you are searching. 

If two items are the same price, but one is larger you should tend to lean toward the larger one if you have space.

Depth is also an issue.  Depth is referring here to how “deep” the speakers go.  This would be measuring from the front to the back for the thickness. 

If you have a place where your speakers will be enclosed (which will trap in the sound and echo it out to you), then you can go for mounted speakers.  If you do not have this criterion met, you should look at box speakers. 

Box speakers can be put virtually anywhere, and they come equipped with an enclosure so that you don’t have to worry about finding a space for them.  These box speakers can be relocated, whereas mounted speakers cannot. 

So all of these factors need to be taken into account as you look to find speakers for your boat!

Placement: Boats

Placing your speakers in your boat can be just as crucial as getting the best speakers that you can possibly buy. 

If you position your speakers in the wrong place, you will be severely limiting the performance of them, and you will ultimately be bound for disappointment in doing so. 

The key thing to remember with placing your speakers is to make sure that they are directly facing a nearby wall.  They should not be a foot across from it, but they should be across from it at a reasonable distance. 

What this does is it allows the sound to bounce off the wall across from the speakers. 

With this done, it can bounce back and forth, which will give you a much louder sound overall.  If you place the speakers somewhere where there is no “enclosure,” as we talked about earlier, you will essentially be losing 90% of your sound- if not more. 

If you are concerned about not having a place for them, you might want to look at the box speakers!

Another option is to install your two speakers directly across from one another if you have two of them.  This will allow both of them to bounce the sound back and forth off the walls and to one another in order to further amplify the sound.

A third choice is to install them beside one another at a reasonable distance and have them go toward the same wall.  This will do wonders as it basically doubles the sound. 

All of the same principles apply for any of these set-ups, and you can search Google for even more information if you find it to be necessary to do so.

Placement: Towers

Tower placement is a little different than placement on a boat, for some obvious reasons.  Towers started because wakeboarders wanted a way to stay in the air for much longer than they could. 

The first attempt to fix the issue was a pylon.  But eventually, the superpower ‘V’ drive emerged, and the wakeboard tower soon hit the scene. 

The tower is a great place to put speakers, and it’s because of this these speakers have been labeled as “wakeboard tower speakers” despite many of them no longer going on just wakeboard towers.

With wakeboard towers, you are almost never going to have a natural enclosure.  So, in order to get great sound, you will need to find a speaker that has some enclosure along with it. 

So box speakers are typically your best bet.  But with so many options now on the market, this may not always be the case; it is certainly worth your time and effort to search out new and revolutionary technologies that could help you out.

The uses for this are endless.  If you have an open boat, i.e. it’s smaller or built for speed, you can still hear music with ease and clarity.  This isn’t just for those that are wakeboarders, but for anyone that is on board or in the water in the vicinity. 

This is why it’s probably more appropriate to refer to them as “boat speakers,” in our opinion.  Nevertheless, there are a range of items that can be bought to help aid your enjoyment of the water on a warm summer’s day!

To Amp or Not to Amp

One thing that may go unnoticed by novices is just how important amps can be.  An amp, or amplifier, is just an electronic device used to increase the amplitude, or increase the volume of a sound. 

Some of the best wakeboard tower speakers can project our your music for as far as up to 70 feet, which is really quite incredible.  For some of the very best speakers, an amplifier is not needed. 

For others to have their full desired effect, an amplifier will be necessary, however.  This can be a problem for some boat owners as they may not have this capability, so it will be important to know whether or not the speaker you buy is up to your par or not. 

Regardless, with modern speaker technology, you are likely to get good quality sound thanks to its advancements.  In our top ten list, we will make sure to point out if there are any potential issues in regards to amps.

Water Resistant or Waterproof

One of the most common purchasing mistakes that a person can make is thinking something is waterproof when it is not.  This happens in so many areas.  Watches, jackets, speakers. 

You name it, and it has probably come up at some time by someone.  Water-resistant and waterproof are NOT the same thing, and this is something that must be looked at. 

Because speakers are electronic, they do not tend to mix well with water.  This is a very general statement.  It is because of this that companies and manufacturers have started to produce products that resist or proof themselves from the water. 

Depending on what kind of boat you have, you will need to decide wisely on which fits your profile better.


Water-resistant refers to something that simply resists the presence of water.  It does not allow water to penetrate, to a degree.  So think of a normal, everyday jacket with regular materials. 

When it rains on you with the jacket on, it typically will resist water to a degree.  Now, if you sit in the rain or were to bathe in it, you’d absolutely be soaked! 

This is a massive thing to point because some people expect products to be perfect when labeled as “water-resistant!”


This is what people think of when they incorrectly think “water-resistant” means that they are completely protected from all water.  This is the holy grail of water resistance. 

Wetsuits are waterproof in order to protect people from the terrible cold of the water and to better insulate them.  If you were to wear a wetsuit to take a bath, it would not even give you problems.

It’s important to know all of this because you may need speakers that are waterproof.  If water, especially lots of it will be hitting your boat and the speakers, this will be the way you want to go. 

Even with the cheaper water-resistant option available, it would be an absolute waste of money to use if it were to only turn around and get ruined within the first few uses!

Other Factors

There are all kinds of different speakers made for various uses.  These speakers combat specific issues that you may encounter out on the water.  One such issue is salty water. 

If you’re out on the ocean or in the Great Salt Lake, you are going to want a different kind of speaker than someone that is going to be in freshwater. 

This is due to the salt wanting to create corrosion, which is basically going to damage your speakers in one form or another!

Lastly, the way the speaker clamps onto your tower is also important.  If you receive your speaker and it doesn’t fit, then you’re not likely to be very happy about it.  So, you must make sure that it will work in conjunction with your equipment.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speaker Reviews


1.   BOSS Audio Receiver/Speaker Package


BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge Receiver and Speaker Package - IPX6 Receiver, 6.5 Inch Speakers, Bluetooth Audio, USB/MP3, AM/FM, NOAA Weather Band Tuner, no CD Player

BOSS is a major player in this industry, and this package MCKGB350W.6 is their highest-rated offering by current owners.  It’s a premium quality pair of speakers at a decent price. 

It comes with a three-year warranty, and is completely weatherproof, but does not mean it is waterproof.  Be aware there is a difference there.  This means it is water-resistant and that it resists UV rays as well as being corrosive proof.  

It features Bluetooth Audio Streaming and it plays USB and AM/FM as well as digital media like MP3 and WMA.  You can plug in your smartphone and you can also use an SD card.

Be aware that it does not have a CD player, but that would be “so last decade” anyway right?  The 2 speakers are 6.5-inch marine-grade, 2-way, full-range, dual-cone, 180 W speakers (that would be per pair).

You can even expand this system with pre-amps for a heavy-duty sound and performance.  There are actually about 15 more excellent features for this low price (about the price of 1 and a half trips to McDonald’s for my family!).


    • Weatherproof
    • Has a three-year warranty
    • Polyurethane gives them flexibility


    • No CD player
    • There are complaints of both moisture invasion into the panel display as well as unsatisfactory customer service




2.   BOSS Audio MRWT40 Two Way Waketower


BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System - 400 Watts of Power Per Pair, 200 Watts Each, 4 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Marine Grade Weatherproof, Sold in Pairs

BOSS’ second offering comes at the very inexpensive price range with its MRWT40.  This model also has a three-year warranty. 

Unlike the previous offering, these are much less heavy at only six pounds each, and they are easily movable as they have handles in which to carry them with. 

They look like fans almost, which gives them a cool and distinct look to them.  This model does not require the use of an amp in conjunction with them, either, but it must be mounted on railings. 

They are small enough to fit on just about anyone’s tower as well.


    • Great price
    • Very light
    • Easily Moved


    • Have to be mounted to railings
    • Two-way speaker





3.   Kicker Marine KMTED Speakers

Kicker Marine KMTED enclosures loaded W/ (4) OEM Replacement 6.5" Kicker Marine Speakers

Kicker Marine comes in with its KMTED offering to give us our second heftily priced option thus far.  The Kicker Marine is different because each speaker actually has two speakers in which music can be played from. 

It comes with four OEM replacement speakers as well so you can continue you on with your fun if problems do arise.  It is splash and spray resistant, but it is not encouraged to submerge them in water or anything like that. 

It does have enclosures to help make your music sound better rather than it getting lost!  They do require an amplifier.


    • Resistant to the elements
    • Has replacements if necessary
    • Enclosures help produce better sound


    • Pretty hefty price compared to others
    • Requires an amplifier





4.   Pair KICKER 45KMTDC65 Dual 6.5″ 390w Marine Wakeboard Tower LED Speakers


Pair KICKER 45KMTDC65 Dual 6.5" 390w Marine Wakeboard Tower LED Speakers KMTDC65


This pair of Kicker speakers come at a ridiculously high price point, so it won’t hit the top of our list.  However, if you have the cash and want ultra-premium quality, this is a set to consider. 

It offers a lot of versatility to users.  It’s capable of being used with either boats or ATVs or Jeeps or really just about anything.  The baskets that the speakers are in have a very small depth, so they will fit into just about any opening you can find.  

With a combined total of 780 Watts and very cool LED’s, it’s up with the big boys!  It’s got all kinds of subtle (and not so subtle) upgraded features like 3/4 inch Titanium tweeters and a UV treated Woofer with Santoprene Surround.

The 7-color LED system comes standard, and this set is good to go for exposure to UV, Salt, Fog and splashes.

As a closing thought on these speakers, we like KICKER for it’s product variety, and between you, me and the light post, I’d suggest clicking THIS link to check out other very good Kicker products before you commit to this system. 

You’ll get an excellent system for potentially hundreds less!


    • Well-built
    • LEDs
    • Very versatile in its application(s)


    • Insane price point




5.   MCM Custom Audio Wakeboard Speaker Pair


MCM Custom Audio 60-10031 8" Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker Pair - Black


MCM is another major player in this market, and they bring a very inexpensive offering to the table at #5 with is ‘custom’ speaker.  It is noticeable that the depth on this one is a little substantial in comparison to some. 

It’s much more ovular shaped than the ones we’ve seen before it.  They also weigh about 15 pounds each, so that is a little substantial as well.  The watts offered are just a third of the #4 entry, so that may be a deterrent as well. 

Claims to be waterproof and good in hostile environments as well.


    • Very good price
    • Waterproof
    • Don’t budge easily on the water


    • Depth makes it hard to mount for some uses
    • Might be too bulky for some




6.  2 Pairs of MB Quart NF1-116 Nautic Series 6-1/2″ Shallow-Mount Marine Speakers 


2 Pairs of MB Quart NF1-116 Nautic Series 6-1/2" Shallow-Mount Marine Speakers with White Grilles + Gravity Magnet Phone Holder

MB labels this as a ‘package’ because of all the great stuff you get along with it (like a cell phone mount).  The speakers are 6.5-inch shallow mount style, and waterproof, dustproof, and also are UV resistant as well. 

They can be mounted successfully to just about anything you can think of as well!  The power rating is 40 Watts RMS (80 watts peak power). 

They’ve been tested to standards higher than most so you can expect a higher level of quality (at least in theory).


    • Very versatile
    • Rigid testing standards
    • Waterproof and UV resistant
    • Great Price


    • Does need an antenna, according to some




7.   Kicker 41KM604W 6.5″ KM- Series 150 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Pair Kicker 41KM604W 6.5" KM- Series 150 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers


These 6.5 – inch speakers from Kicker top Amazon’s list of well-rated speakers.  They can handle any weather conditions with their overall construction and the fact that the speaker hardware is forged from rustproof, 316L stainless-steel.

Here are some other great specifications:  They are 4-ohm, 2-way coaxial speakers made for challenging marine conditions.  They can handle 150 Watts Peak per speaker and 50 Watts RMS.

They offer 90dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 35-21,000 Hz.  The enclosures are made from very high quality 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum.  They offer a black powder-coat finish and they handle salt water conditions very well!

There are no exposed wires or terminals and you can check out all the specific measurements and specs you’ll need to install HERE.


    • Good price
    • A little bigger than the six-inch
    • Very well constructed and suited for salt water conditions


    • Some owners have found some mounting issues regarding the lining up of screw holes, but this issue can be easily remedied with simply drilling new holes.
    • Doesn’t have Bluetooth




8.   Rockville 2-Way 600 Watt Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Rockville Pair 8" Black 2 Way 600 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers (RWB80B)


Rockville comes in at #8 with a relatively low-priced and low profile option.  The depth of the speaker isn’t much, so you could and should be able to use them in a number of ways. 

Has a mounting screw that accommodates a number of bars easily.  It is water and rust-resistant, and it can be used in either salt or freshwater.  The 600-watt rating assumes 300-watts per speaker.


    • Good, competitive price
    • Not huge
    • Easily mounted


    • The more wattage you run, the more the sound is distorted
    • Won’t last forever but will last a while




9.   Lanzar AQWB65W 500 Watts 6.5-Inch 2-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker


Two-way Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker - 6.5 Inch 500 Watt Mid Range Audio Weatherproof Marine Grade Boat Sound System - Lanzar AQWB65W (White)

This little speaker is one of our smallest, weighing in at only 7lbs. It has gold-plated connection terminals to minimize corrosion and distortion.  As usual, water-resistant qualities come standard with the Lanzar. 

Keep in mind the price on Amazon is for ONE speaker only.  For the price, most users are really happy with this unit.  The mounting base is not metal but that’s not typically a problem since it does come with a safety wire. 

Overall, it has a high user satisfaction rate with complaints focussing mainly on the fact that only one speaker is included in the price while the implication in the advertising suggested a pair.   

The Lanzar is water-resistant and not completely waterproof.


    • Great Price
    • Lightweight
    • 500 Watt Peak Power


    • Plastic Mounting base
    • Large in area and size




Conclusion & Recommendations

To summarize what we’ve learned today, you need to look no further than your wallet.  If you want something that is going to last a very long time, then you are going to want to look at the more expensive options. 

Numbers one, three, and six will likely give you the long-reaching durability that you can count on. 

But for those that aren’t as worried about durability or those that are on a budget, you can look elsewhere to have the fun that you deserve to have! 

For those that are looking to have versatility, you have seen the options that are available to you.  Some options are just too bulky to move around or pair with other things, like motorcycles or ATVs. 

This has to be considered if that is what you are seeking to do.  Also, please keep in mind that there are some that are simply water-resistant and that others are indeed waterproof. 

It comes down to whether or not they have a “paper cone” or not.  If they have the cone, it is water-resistant instead of proof.  Regardless of what you pick, your sure to have a great few day on the water when the summer heat sets in!


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