The 10 Best Lawn Games for Summer & Fall 2021

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As the seasons get warmer and the sun comes out, it’s hard to stay inside, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. You’ll want to enjoy the weather, but how can you take your enjoyment to a new level? The answer is simple – purchase a game that’s easy to learn and fun to play, and can be set up anywhere, such as on your front lawn. Of course, you’ll want to cater to whatever audience you want to experience such enjoyment, such as towards your family, friends, or neighbors.

Thankfully, the solution isn’t complex. There are a remarkable number of games you can choose from, all of which offer classic and new takes on previously existing games. Some simply take pre-existing concepts, such as Jenga, and enlarge them to a point where they’re infinitely more engaging.

If you want to have fun in the sun, you’ll want to get a load of the games we’re about to bring to your attention. Most can be enjoyed by all ages, but some are child-oriented. Just because they’re made for children, however, doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed by anyone!

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at ten of this year’s best summer lawn games. We’ll give you a basic explanation of the game followed by our opinion of the lawn game.

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Best Lawn Games for Kids and Adults +Reviews


1.   Corkaine Yard Game Set (Tournament Edition)

We have a brand new winner for the top spot on this year’s list!  Corkaine is the newest game on the market and it’s easily the most multi-dimensional and diverse game on the market.  It’s not only one game or even 2 or 3 games which is about the best any competitor can boast!  When the game brags of being “multi-dimensional”, it means that you can play over a dozen different games with one yard set.

Explanation: So, what’s the object of the game you ask?  Here’s the thing;  The general idea is that you chuck a bunch of actual corks into specially designed cups that sit on a small stool.  Yup, that’s the jist of it, but it makes a difference to have lots of little specially designed enhancements, and corks and cups and tables designed just for the purpose of maximizing fun!  As far as determining the object of the game, well, that depends on which game you want to play.  For starters, there’s Beer Pong, Cornhole, Capture the Flag, Kubb, Lightning, Pyramid of Giza, Bork, Blackout, and Honeycomb!  Yes, that’s just for starters.  There are lots more, and there is a very vibrant community of Corkainers who are coming up with new games all the time!  It’s both an indoor and outdoor game and the construction is so tough that if necessary, you can leave it outdoors 24/7 all year, and it should last decades!

Opinion: You may guess from being on top of our list, that we like the game a lot, though we found the bouncing corks to be a bit challenging as the wind tossed them or they bounced right out of the cups or off the rims.  Overall though, we like the concept and creativity of the idea.  We can only imagine the humble beginnings a couple of dudes with a few too many beers and bottles of wine in the backyard started chucking a few corks into empty wine glasses on the other side of the picnic table, and an idea was born!

You can see a LOT more information to get you even more excited HERE!



2.   Capture the Flag REDUX

Explanation: Providing an illuminating spin on the classic game of “Capture the Flag”, Capture the Flag REDUX is a must-have game for your family. The principles of capture the flag are simple. You’ll start with two teams. Each team has a flag that they guard, which the players on the opposite team try to capture, and bring back to their base. There are simple boundaries, with players becoming susceptible to getting “tagged” if they’re on the other team’s side. There are plenty of variations of gameplay, but the basic way a team wins is by capturing the other team’s flag. Capture the Flag REDUX takes all of these principles and gives them a twist: the flags, boundaries, and individual flags are illuminated. It’s meant to be played in the dark!

Opinion: We’d recommend this game to anyone who wishes to partake in a fast-paced, fun, and adrenaline-filled outdoors game, a game that can be set up anywhere. It’s a great game to have available for your children. We don’t see many downsides to the game apart from the fact that it’s marketed towards a younger audience. It’s also best enjoyed in the dark.



3.   Jazzminton

Explanation: Jazzminton is an easy game to play. It’s exactly like the game of badminton – you and one other person hit objects through the air (known as “birdies”) that adhere in some way to your paddles. The adhesive is usually a light glue, but can sometimes be velcro. Jazzminton takes the game to another level. The paddles and birdies are illuminated, making it possible to play during the day and during the night. The glue that attaches the birdies to the paddles is water/element resistant, making this game playable in a variety of different locations. All ages are able to enjoy it, as well.

Opinion: Jazzminton is an excellent game for your friends, kids, or the entire family to take part in. It’s easy to play and easy to learn, making it suitable for any age. The only downside to this variation, in particular, is that only two paddles are included with the set. You might want to consider purchasing additional paddles, especially if you’re looking to try this fun activity with your family. Overall, however, it’s an excellent game to break out in the summer heat!



4.   RampShot Plus Game Set (“cornhole on steroids”)

Explanation:    Rampshot Plus has been described as “Cornhole on Steroids” and it just might be!  It’s WAY more interactive, dynamic, and exciting than Cornhole and here’s the gist of it:  Like Cornhole, there 2 “ramps” or boards placed a “toss” apart.  In this case, about 15 feet.  It’s best with 4 players and 3 of the 4 are involved in every play.  The idea is that you try to throw a racketball-style ball into the top of the ramp 15 feet away, while your teammate is ready to catch the ball if it bounces off the top of the ramp.  You get points for scoring or if your teammate catches the bounce.  However, if you hit the angled front edge of the ramp, one of the opposing team members can catch the bounce to score points for their team. 

It’s simple, yet addictive and fast!  There are a few quirks that I didn’t mention (like the grooves on the top of the ramp to encourage unpredictable bounces!  I’ll let you check it out for more info!

Opinion: We’d highly recommend RampShot Plus – it’s an easy to learn game that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. Whether you’re purchasing it as a present for your kids or whether you’re purchasing it for your friends to use at a tailgate, it will definitely provide entertainment for whoever’s using it.



5.   Bocce Ball

Explanation: Bocce Ball is a must-have game for your family. The concept of the game is incredibly simple and can provide anyone with hours of fun. Heck, you can even play it by yourself if you so desire! The game can be played in a variety of environments. It begins by someone throwing a small, ping-pong sized ball to a location of their choosing. Each player gets two larger balls and tries to get these balls as close to the small one as possible. The closest ball or balls win! Scoring usually depends on who’s playing; you can score the games by round or by ball.

Opinion: The game of Bocce is a classic game that will, if it hasn’t already, make its way towards your yard one day. It’s simple to play and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. With this particular set of Bocce Balls, you won’t be able to play in the dark. You can, however, play in a versatile range of environments, so long as there’s a surface that’s able to keep the balls in place!



6.   Mabua Ring Toss 

Explanation: Mabua Ring Toss is a creative variation of ring toss and horseshoe, two games that have dazzled both yards and beaches with enjoyment for centuries. Mabua Ring Toss is easy to play. Players divide into teams, picking a color of the ring. Teams throw their rings at the pegs. Each peg is individually scored. Play from one direction to ensure that each player has an equal chance to score on the easiest pegs!

Opinion: Mabua Ring Toss is an excellent game to break out when the summer really starts to heat up. With this being said, we’d say that it’s better suited for children. The weight of the rings isn’t heavy enough for them to be tossed at an excessively competitive distance! The game can be played indoors or outdoors, on almost any surface, however, making it a formidable choice for parents or families who want a game suitable for playing anywhere.



7.   Jenga GIANT 

Explanation: You’ve played it with your grandparents, you’ve played it with your children; Jenga is a classic and simple game whose origins span across many generations of game enthusiasts. Jenga GIANT, however, is Jenga with a large twist! Its size allows it to be taken from tabletop gaming to lawn gaming. It’s the perfect thrill for young and old gamers alike. All you do is stack the wooden bars by three, and alternate their directions, perpendicularly. Try and remove each block until you can’t remove any more, but be warned – if any portion of the tower collapses, you lose!

Opinion: The classic game of Jenga just got better with Jenga GIANT – the large blocks make it versatile enough to be played on any surface. It’s certain to provide enjoyment for the entire family. We’d only warn you about a couple of things. First, the set can be rather cumbersome to put away and set up. Secondly, you might want to play Jenga GIANT on your driveway rather than your lawn; grass won’t make for a very stable tower.



8.   Striker Games Kuub Set

Explanation: The Striker Games Kuub Set takes the game of Kuub and adds a pleasant twist to it. If you don’t know about it, Kuub is quite a simple game to play. It starts by setting up a boundary for each team of players, marked by two pointed sticks that you stab into the ground. A larger piece, known as the king, is put in the center of the two boundaries. Five rectangular sticks are set up on each team’s side, which the opposing team members try and knock over with cylindrical sticks.

Opinion: Kuub can be quite a fun game, but might take some time to master. The Striker Games Kuub Set is an inherent upgrade from your typical Kuub set, however – it’s loaded with a protective carrying case, high-quality wood, and an ornate “king” block. The game can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and can also be played on a variety of different surfaces. Make sure you aren’t around anything fragile when you throw the sticks!



9.   Maranda Enterprises Double Ladderball Game

Explanation: Ladderball is a highly entertaining game that’s capable of providing hours of engaging and challenging fun. You try and land bolas (a string with a ball attached at each end) on the rungs of a ladder-like structure. The ladders are set up at a distance of 25 feet from each other. Each bola that lands on the rungs of the ladder-like structure is worth a certain amount of points.

Opinion: Ladderball is an ideal game for your lawn, for several reasons. First, it’s playable by anyone. If you’re able to pick your arm up and swing a ball attached to a string, you can play ladder ball. Secondly, it can be set up anywhere. Finally, it’s easy to set up and easy to pack up. While it’s certainly not the most sophisticated of lawn games, and can only be enjoyed by a few people at once, it’s still a great look for a lawn in need of some summer fun.



10.   Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

Explanation: The Spikeball Standard Beach Volleyball Spike Game set takes the game of volleyball and adds a unique twist – the net stays on the ground, and players hit balls off of it, as opposed to hitting them at one another. You can play with two or four players.  It’s a game that was featured on Shark Tank for its uniqueness and marketability.  The legs are foldable for great storage convenience.  It includes a lifetime guarantee as well!  Also, the net itself can be adjusted for tightness and that helps for various skill levels (more bounce for new players and less bounce for advanced players).

This model does not include the ball pump and gauge, but you can get those features with the Pro Kit.

Opinion: The game comes with a convenient carrying bag, and also comes with the ability to be played in a variety of environments. From a football tailgate to your front or backyard, you can set the net up everywhere, and play in any condition! The set comes with a pump, three balls, and the net.  You’ll have to be in fairly good shape (or want to get there fast) and if so, this game may be for you!



I know there are only 10 games on our official list, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to “not include” the ultimate classic of Cornhole!

Trademark Games Cornhole

Explanation: Cornhole is an extremely simple game to play. It’s easy to learn, and extremely fun. Played with four people and eight bean sacks, teams are chosen. Each team member stands on the opposite cornhole board so that they’re standing next to their opponents. The game is played in turns, with individual team members competing against each other. Each person takes turns throwing the bags at the board, ultimately trying to get the bags to land in the hole. The bags cancel out one another, so you’ll want to try and get as many on the top of the board as you possibly can.

Opinion: Cornhole is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a game that’s both fun to play and perfect for the beautiful outdoor weather. It can be set up anywhere, as long as the area is flat and dry. It’s the perfect game for backyard fun, tailgates, or family get-togethers. The only downside we’d note is that it can be decidedly difficult for younger children to play since accuracy is a key factor in winning.



Final Thoughts & Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather, look no further than any of the previously-listed summer yard games! All of the aforementioned activities provide hours of fun, so you’ll be able to truly beat the heat.

Whether you’re pulling blocks from a tilting tower or spiking a badminton birdie into the sky, you’ll surely be entertained by any of the aforementioned lawn games.

Some provide entertainment for all ages, some are adult-oriented, and some are family-oriented. We’d recommend trying Bocce Ball; it’s a game that’s easy to set up, fun for all ages, and can provide hours of intriguing gameplay for whoever’s playing it. 


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