The 10 Best Men’s & Women’s Ski Pants

When you are looking to buy the best possible pair of ski pants there are so many factors to consider before you make your final purchasing decision.

First of all you are going to have to narrow down what sort of a price range you are going to have. Once you are able to narrow down your price you are going to want to find something that fits properly and is in the design that you like.

You will find a massive amount of brands and designs available and you should be able to find something that suits your personal tastes with relative ease.

In order to make your search for a pair of ski pants easier we have broken down the things that you should look for in a pair of pants and made a list of the top ten ski pants on the market to hopefully give you some ideas. 

With any luck, we’ll be able to even show you a nice pair that you might want to buy!

Ski Pants Buying Guide


It is important to consider how often you go skiing, what kind of a financial situation you are in and how urgently you need the pants as well as whether you are stuck wanting to buy from a particular brand or you want a specific style or color.

Once you have these things in mind it will be much easier to set yourself a budget; it is a good idea to make a list of features and label them on a piece of paper or in your head by the level of importance and see if you can find a product that meets as many of your wants as possible.

Price is a great way to start to determine what kind of quality you are looking at and it is a great way to compare products.

To see which product is a better deal, simply figure out which features are the most important to you and do a side-by-side comparison of the products in order to help you make your purchasing decision.


Warranty is definitely something that you should look at when it comes to ski pants especially when you are buying pants from a brand that you don’t really know that much about.

It is always important to read through the fine print or you may end up missing some crucial information that ends up costing you money in the long run.

Warranties will come in all sorts of sizes and you may be covered by something as small as a defect in the product to damage, stains etc.

Warranties often have an expiry thing so that is something you should also keep in mind especially when you are buying a largely seasonal item such as ski pants in the offseason.


Probably one of the most important aspects of buying a pair of ski pants is making sure that you get yourself the proper size.

If you don’t buy the proper size not only will you be uncomfortable but the pants are likely going to wear out faster due to excess rubbing and stress in areas that a good fitting pair wouldn’t have problems.

Pants are measured by waist as the first number that you will find on a tag and then the length of the legs is the next number. For example: a pair of 30×32 pants will have a 30 inch waist and the legs will be 32 inches in length.

Remember that if you buy pants that are too long for you, you can always go and get them hemmed so that they are the proper length. A belt can help to make a loose-fitting pair of pants fit properly as well which is also something that you should keep in mind.


Another thing that you should make sure you read up on before you purchase are the materials that the ski pants are made up of.

It is important to make sure that you are not only getting a design that is going to keep you nice and warm when you are out on the ski hill, but it is also important to make sure that you get a design that is going to be durable and last you over the period of a few ski seasons so that you aren’t constantly having to go out and purchase yourself new pairs of ski pants.

It is also important to take a look at the stitching of the product to make sure that it isn’t going to rip on its own.

Looking at vulnerable areas such as the knees, the crotch, any pocket areas as well as the bottom of your ski pants can give you a good idea as to the quality of the product.

If you notice thin material or loose fibers in these areas this is a sign that you may want to stay away from that pair of pants; you should expect to find reinforced fabric in these areas rather than damage.


With so many different pants available on the market it can be difficult to narrow down your options; remember that no pair of pants is perfect for everyone and what may be an awesome feature for one person may be hated by the next.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of pants available on the market and they can vary in thickness, quality and structure which is important to keep in mind.

The first kind of ski pants is probably the most common and it is literally just a pair of pants that you can pull up over your current pair; the pants are resistant to cold as well as wind and will help to keep you warm;

the pants will do up in the same spot as a regular pair of pants will. The second kind of ski pants that you will find are overall pants.

These pants have straps that go over both of your shoulders in order to keep your pants from falling down and can be more secure than a normal pair of ski pants.

You will find plenty of both designs on the market and although you may prefer one design over the other, having a pair of overalls can have its advantages.

A pair of overalls is never going to come undone on you and offers more material and therefore more warmth during cold weather.


Just like any other piece of clothing, the brand of the ski pants can have a huge influence on which pair of pants you are interested in buying.

Although buying products from your favorite brands may give you some pleasure it is important to look at the quality of the product as well, especially when it comes to products that are meant to keep you warm in cold weather.

It is always a good idea to look and see some of the other options on the market so that you can compare price ranges and features in order to find yourself something that is going to work for your situation.

Best Ski Pants Reviews


1.   Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Snow Pants


Nonwe Men's Warm Windproof Mountain Fleece Hiking Snow Ski Pants Blue XL/34 Inseam

These are a very nice pair of ski or snowboard pants that come in 3 different style options in order to suit a wide range of personality tastes.

The pants are made out of a polyester and spandex mix which helps to offer the pants flexibility as well as durability.

The elastic waist allows these pants to fit a wide range of body types and the button close that is incorporated into the pants offers an easy to use, easy to fix method of securing your pants.

Zipper pockets on the sides of these pants allow you to stand comfortably out in cold weather and warm up your hands.

The pants themselves are made to be water-resistant as well as cut the wind from getting through so that you stay as warm as possible while you are wearing the pants.


  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Zippered pockets to keep your hands warm
  • Elastic waist to allow the pants to fit a broad range of people
  • Available in sizes 32-39 in a long and regular size


  • May not fit smaller people
  • May not be thick enough for extremely cold temperatures



2.  Columbia Men’s Bugaboo II Pant


Columbia Men's Bugaboo II Pant, Sage, X-Large x Regular

These pants area tad bit more on the expensive side of things but they do offer a lot for the price tag that they are.

These pants come in a total of four different design options and are insulated in order to provide you with more warmth when it is cold outside.

The pants are waterproof and offer an adjustable waist span so that they are capable of fitting the majority of people. The pants come in a huge range of sizes when they are in stock and you will see sizes anywhere from small to extra-large and tall available.

The bottoms of these pants are even reinforced to offer better protection and more durability from both harsh terrain as well as wear and tear.


  • Reinforced bottoms add some nice durability to the design
  • Insulated pants offer warmth even in cold conditions
  • Waterproof design will keep you dry
  • Adjustable waist to fit the majority of people that are close to the size chosen
  • Tons of options and styles to choose from to match individual needs


  • Maybe a tad too high of a price range for some people



3.   Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants


Arctix Men's Essential Snow Pants, Black, Small (29-30W 28L)

If you are looking for a product that is on the cheaper side of things and still made out of a good quality then these pants may be the ones for you.

These pants come in a total of five different design options in order to suit a variety of personality types and they come in sizes small to XX-large.

The pants are made out of a nylon material that not only makes them durable but also helps make them lightweight.

These snow pants come insulated so that you will stay warm even when the weather is really cold and the pants come with an adjustable waist in the design so that even if you don’t quite buy the proper size it is likely you can squeeze in.

The bottoms of these pants are reinforced to provide extra durability even over periods of long-term use.


  • Insulated pants offer warmth in cold outdoor conditions
  • Adjustable waist to fit a broad range of people
  • Reinforced bottoms of the pants allow for more durability
  • Lightweight design makes these pants more comfortable even for long-term wear


  • Pockets are lacking a bit in these pants



4.   Arctix Men’s Essential Bib Overall


Arctix Men's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, Small (29-30W 28L)

This is a very nice pair of overall pants that offers both insulation as well as comfort to keep you warm and able to traverse through cold conditions.

The pants have adjustable straps so that you can make sure they are nicely secure and comfortable on your shoulders. You will notice that the bottom of these pants are reinforced in order to offer better protection from wear and tear and rough terrain.

The bottom of the pants contains zippers so that you can easily put your boots on as well as take them off all while you are still wearing the snow pants.


  • Hand pocket on the front of the pants
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Insulated to keep you warm
  • Adjustable straps for comfort and support
  • Boot zipper to allow you to take your boots off and put them on as needed


  • Some people may not like the overall type of pants
  • Could have more comfortable pockets



5.   Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pants


Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Black, Small

If you are willing to pay a little bit more money to get yourself a nice pair of snow pants then this could definitely be a nice option for you. These pants come in four different sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large.

There are two different types of pants available those being a black and graphite design. These pants come ready for a cold climate as they are insulated and waterproof.

The pants have an adjustable waist so that as long as you choose relatively the right size you should be able to slip into your pants and wear them properly. The pants are machine washable which makes them very convenient as well.


  • Nylon exterior makes for a waterproof, durable outer material
  • Machine washable for comfort and convenience
  • Insulated to provide warmth on a cold day
  • Made from a well-known brand
  • Available in two different colors and four different sizes
  • Front pockets allow you to keep your hands warm


  • Can be a little bit baggy
  • Velcro pocket can be uncomfortable



6.   Nonwe Women’s


Nonwe Women's Water-Resistant Softshell Fleece Ski Pants Green XS/30.5" Inseam

This is a very nice women’s pair of pants that is available for a very reasonable price tag. These pants have front zippered pockets so that you can store your personal effects in them and not have to worry about them falling out.

The pants are available in a size 29-36 when they are in stock and the waist of these pants are elastic so that they can fit on a broader range of people.

The interior lining of these pants is lined with fleece to help keep you warmer in cold weather; you will find these pants available in 6 different color options when they are in stock.

These pants are very lightweight and machine washable for your own convenience which is a great feature to have at this low of a price range.


  • Six different style options when they are in stock
  • Elastic waist to fit a broad range of customers
  • Interior fleece lining to keep you warm
  • Capable of being machine washed
  • Water-resistant material will help to keep you dry


  • Could have more reinforcement on the bottoms
  • Some people don’t like zippered pockets as they are uncomfortable and can get caught in the material



7.    Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants



Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, X-Small/Tall

These snow pants are available for a very low price range and yet they have five different color options to choose from that are quite bright and bold in appearance.

These pants are fully insulated to help keep you warm in the colder weather and come in a very broad range of sizes that range from XX-small to XXXX-large.

These pants offer a waistband that can be adjusted according to your needs so long as you buy a size that is relatively close to the right one.

The bottoms of these pants are reinforced to help them from wear and damage over the long term.

The pockets built into this design close by using a zipper and really help to warm up your hands when you have nothing else available to you.

You will find that these pants are extremely light weight in design which offers improved agility for the wearer; other benefits of these pants include wind and water-resistance as well as moisture removal technology to keep you comfortable when you are working hard.


  • Moisture removal technology helps to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Wind and water-resistant exterior coating
  • Lightweight design makes for more agility and comfort
  • Boot zippers for ease of getting your boots off and on
  • Reinforced bottoms for added material strength and durability
  • Adjustable waist capable of fitting more people


  • Could have more reinforcement in vulnerable areas such as the knee and pockets
  • Pockets are zippered and therefore more uncomfortable to use and may be more prone to ripping



8.   Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Omni-Heat Snow Pants



Columbia Bugaboo Oh Pants, Small x Regular, Bright Copper

If you are looking to spend a little bit more money on a pair of snow pants then these ones may be of interest to you.  They’re breathable yet waterproof, and best of all, they contain Omni-Heat (thermal reflective technology). 

Omni-Heat is basically Magic in a little silver dot that reflects body heat.  Actually, there are a whole lot of silver dots! 

Omni-Heat Reflective garments are designed to retain heat, while the rest of the lining consists of highly breathable fabric that dissipates moisture and excess heat.

These snow pants come in twelve different color options in order to suit personal needs. The pants come in a broad range of sizes and you will find them in as small as an extra small size to as large as an extra-large size.

The pants offer waterproof technology to help keep you dry when you are going to be out in the weather for a long time and they also offer an adjustable waist span so that you can remain comfortable for extended periods of time.

The pants contain zippered pockets which are great for storing your personal things and they also have back pockets for your own convenience.

The reinforced bottom of these pants not only makes these pants more durable but also helps to make them worth their higher price tag.


  • 12 design options and a massive range of sizes to suit a very broad audience
  • Waterproof design will help keep you dry
  • Reinforced bottom will add increased durability to the design
  • Insulated pants will help keep you warm
  • Adjustable waist for added comfort
  • Back and front pockets


  • Zippered pockets are easy to get caught and can be uncomfortable
  • Could have more reinforcement in knee area for this price range



9.   Geval Women’s Outdoor


Geval Women's Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Softshell Fleece Snow Pants (XS,Black)

These snow pants are available for a very reasonable price tag considering some of the awesome features that these snow pants bring to the table.

These pants are made out of a polyester material and offers an interior layer of polar fleece to help keep you warm in cool conditions.

The pants offer two pockets that you can use to store all of your gear in and the pants are made to be water repellant to help keep you dry and comfortable for the duration of your outdoor excursion.

The pants come in two different styles and come in sizes extra-small, small, medium, and large in order to appeal to a wide range of people and numerous body types.


  • Polar fleece interior will help keep you warm in cool conditions
  • Two pockets to carry your things around
  • Two plain black and grey styles to choose from and a variety of size options
  • Low price tag


  • Could have more pockets
  • The pockets could be closable with something other than a zipper so that they would be more comfortable to use
  • Could have more designs to choose from



10.   Singbring Outdoor Men’s and Women’s


Singbring Men's Outdoor Windproof Hiking Pants Waterproof Ski Snow Pants Small Gray(08F)

If you are looking for a pair of ski pants but you also want to be able to share your pair of ski pants with another person; you may want to consider a pair of snow pants that are meant to be used by more than one gender.

These snow pants come in sizes that range from small to extra-large depending on what they have in stock. The pants come in five different style options so that you can find a pair that suits your individual tastes.

These pants come made out of polyester and therefore offer wind and water resistance. The pants have zippered pockets which allow you to store your personal things without having to worry too much about having something fall out.

These pants have an adjustable waistband built into the design so that the pants can fit a broad range of people comfortably and securely.


  • Five different style options are available to suit a broad range of personalities
  • Available in sizes small to extra-large when in stock
  • Front pockets
  • Water and wind-resistant design
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Multi-gender friendly design and appearance


  • Could have reinforcement in some more vulnerable areas
  • Could have more pockets incorporated into the design to allow for more storage


Conclusion & Recommendations

Buying yourself a pair of ski pants is not as easy as you might have initially thought. There are so many options and brands that sell ski pants that it can be extremely difficult to narrow down your options.

Hopefully after reading this article you have learned something about ski pants so that you can make a more informed purchase decision to be prepared to be dressed adequately for the slopes.

Always remember to take a look at the company warranty and return policy before you place your order so that you know if the manufacturer has your back and actually has some trust in the product that they are putting out.

Best of luck finding yourself a nice pair of ski pants and enjoy your skiing!



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