10 Best MMA Gloves For Beginners & Competitions

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When buying yourself a pair of MMA gloves there are lots of factors to take under consideration.

Fighting is a dangerous sport and you are going to want a good quality pair of gloves so that you can block punches properly and deal put some good blows.

Narrowing down your options can be rather difficult especially if you don’t know much about gloves and what to look for. Below are some of the major factors you should be aware of when you are thinking about purchasing yourself some gloves.

MMA Gloves Buying Guide


Always one of the most important starting points to any purchase is to set yourself a budget and try to stick within it.

It is important to consider factors such as how often you are going to be using the gloves, as well as how powerful your opponents are going to be before setting your final budget.

If you are going to be competing in fights you are going to want to round up some more money in order to properly protect yourself. Quality is a good reference to the price of a pair of gloves generally speaking.

In order to fully determine if you have yourself a good quality pair of gloves, you are going to have to look at a larger breakdown of materials and brand name so that you can have a better idea of the durability and overall quality of the gloves, compared to other gloves in the marketplace.


This is a very important factor especially if you are buying yourself a fairly expensive pair of gloves.

You wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money, think you have a nice pair only to find a tear on the interior a few days after purchasing only to realize the manufacturer doesn’t cover defects in their return policy.

If you find that the manufacturer covers anything more than product defects, this can be a really good thing because it means they have confidence in their product and that it is going to perform up to expectations.


Foam is something you are heavily going to want to look at when you are purchasing a set of gloves because this is what is going to protect your from punches as well as help you to deal them out.

Make sure you look and see what kind of thickness the foam is as well as if it is double or triple layered within the glove. Extra layers can help with things like shock absorption and can be very important in fighting regulations as well.

Especially if you aren’t competing professionally, you may want to get some added foam to help protect your hands from damage.


Gloves are one of the most highly regulated parts of fighting and it is important to make sure that the gloves you are purchasing meet any regulations that are in place unless you are just purchasing for recreational use.

Generally speaking, you will find there is regulations on things like the thickness of foam, the weight of the gloves and the exterior material.

You will even find that some competitions only allow for certain straps, and maybe even only certain gloves in order to keep the competition even for both fighters.

Even if you are just fighting your friends for fun, it is not a bad idea to have a look at professional regulations to see what kind of safety equipment they use so that you don’t end up hurting each other.

Interior Lining

The interior lining of a glove is quite important. Without good interior lining, you are not only going to be uncomfortable during your fight, but you may even end up with painful blisters and rashes thanks to your uncomfortable gloves.

Another thing you should consider is how heavy the material is, depending on what the material is made up of it can cause you to sweat a substantial amount more than something that is a lighter material.


Almost all MMA gloves have open fingers at the ends of the gloves. This allows for airflow and more comfortability during your match because more sweat can escape and your gloves won’t be sliding around on your hands.

Not only does this allow better protection for your fingers, but it also allows you more control for your punches and a lot less slippage from perspiration compared to if your hands were forced to be inside of the gloves.


Many MMA gloves have a wrist strap on the lower part of the glove in the wrist area. This is so that the gloves stay on nice and tight during your fight and so that they can fit people with a variety of wrist sizes and builds.

If you are buying your gloves online without trying them on, it is especially a good idea to get something with a good quality thick strap so that you can be sure that the gloves are going to fit you once they arrive on your doorstep.

Most gloves will have a Velcro strap because a buckle strap could cause damage to your opponent.

Knuckle Padding

Different gloves come with a variety of different styles of padding that cover your knuckles. Some gloves have an individual layer of padding that go over each of your fingers.

These types of gloves usually have a bit of space between each finger which allows you to have a bit of flexibility in your fingers and can be more comfortable for some people.

Other gloves have one thick foam pad covering their knuckles and often don’t allow for quite as much finger flexibility.


This could be an important factor for many fighters especially if you have been around in the fighting world for a while and have developed your own taste for your favorite brands.

The most important thing you can do is at least have a look at a few different brands before making your decision.

Who knows, maybe you will find yourself a new favorite brand or maybe something that is super high quality just like your brand but for a much lower budget.

It is important to keep your mind open to new things otherwise you might miss out on something great.

If you have no idea as to what brand is good, find some gloves that you like and google the company name so you can see how old they are, the kinds of products they make. 

This will give you a much better idea of how well-known they are in the MMA fighting world and whether they may be worth buying from.

Best MMA Gloves Reviews


1.   RDX Maya MMA Gloves


RDX MMA Gloves for Grappling Martial Arts Training | D. Cut Palm Maya Hide Leather Sparring Mitts| Perfect for Cage Fighting, Combat Sports, Punching Bag, Muay Thai & Kickboxing


These gloves are of very high quality and in the average price range. They come in a variety of colors including blue, black, red and pink. These gloves are made out of a synthetic hide which helps to make them quite durable.

These gloves have padding over each individual finger along with space in-between to allow for more flexibility.

One nice thing about these gloves is that they are available in small, medium, large and extra-large so that they are capable of fitting the majority of people.

These gloves have a large Velcro strap so that you can keep these gloves secure and comfortable during your entire fight. Holes in the palms allow moisture to escape so that your hand can remain cool, have less moisture and provide better overall grip.


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes to fit a very broad audience
  • Wide adjustable strap
  • Holes in the gloves allow for moisture to escape for more comfort


  • Padding is thick




2.   RDX MMA Grappling Gloves


RDX MMA Gloves for Martial Arts Training and Sparring, Cowhide Leather Mitts for Grappling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Punching Bag & Cage Fighting


These gloves are about middle of the pack for price and come in genuine leather. These gloves are available in red, black as well as blue to suit a wide variety of people.

The gloves come in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large and therefore can fit the majority of people.

Each individual finger on these gloves are padded with their own padding to help provide maximum shock absorption no matter what part of your hand lands first during your punch.

A large Velcro strap allows for easy access to get in and out of your gloves and provides a snug, comfortable fit.

The inner lining of these gloves was manufactured to help remove moisture and the mesh on the palm side of the gloves improves airflow and overall comfort.


  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Mesh on the palms improves airflow and comfort
  • Large Velcro strap for adjustment and to keep your hands secure


  • May have issues figuring out which size to order




3.   Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7

Everlast Striking Training Gloves Small/Medium Black

These gloves offer some great protection at an affordable price tag. Although these gloves only come in black, they are nice looking gloves that come in two sizes.

The gloves come in Small/ medium and large/ extra-large so they are capable of fitting a pretty broad audience.

Instead of having sectioned off padding for each individual finger, these gloves have one large piece of padding that covers all of your fingers at once.

A wide Velcro wrist strap helps provide a comfortable fit and good adjustability. The interior lining is built to be odor resistant as well. A pretty standard glove that offers some good quality thumb protection and made by a well-known brand.


  • Large wrist strap provides good adjustment and comfort
  • Odor-resistant inner lining
  • Increased thumb padding
  • Quality brand


  • Open fingertips, but no mesh or anything in the palms for airflow
  • Some fighters may not like the bulky foam that covers all of their fingers with one piece.




4.   Venum Challenger MMA Gloves


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves, Black/Black, Small



These gloves offer about a medium price tag compared to others on the market and offer layered foam for better protection. The gloves are available in black, black and white, neo yellow as well as orange.

The gloves are also available in three sizes including small, medium, and large/ extra-large sizes. The gloves are actually made out of PU leather which helps to add an extra level of durability that you won’t find with every glove in this price range.

A large Velcro strap incorporated into the glove allows for a good amount of adjustment and adds some style as well.


  • PU leather helps add durability
  • A velcro strap adds more adjustment options
  • Multiple colors and sizes appeal to a broad crowd of people
  • Layered foam for better protection


  • No holes in the palm for airflow to help with sweat issues
  • Not made of real genuine leather




5.   Sanabul Essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves

Sanabul New Item Essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves (Black/Red, Small/Medium)


The Essential Series from Sanabul is designed to be “professional” at a “value” price.  That’s what almost every brand aims for (except for Maserati who wants a high-end “professional” product at a high-end “professional” price!!!). 

The gloves seem to be very durable and Sanabul has one of the highest (if not THE highest) number of reviewers out of any MMA glove on Amazon and it rates very high! 

The gloves themselves weigh 7 oz. and they’re meant to give your hand “better-than-average” protection when you punch while giving you the needed dexterity when you’re grappling. 

Overall, the Sanabul carries a fairly low price tag and offers a great bang for your buck!


  • Great price point
  • Leather Construction
  • Triple dense foam helps with impact absorption
  • Velcro strap offers some adjustment


  • Not recommended for use on punching bags as you can hurt your hand and the webbing on the gloves




6.   Venum Undisputed2.0 MMA Gloves


Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves, Small, Black


These gloves are definitely a bit of a higher price than some of the other gloves on the market. These gloves come in a ton of different colors including: black, matte black, white, Neo orange, Neo pink, and Neo yellow.

These gloves come in a total of three different sizes that include small, medium as well as large/ extra-large. The gloves themselves have a stylish design featuring the venom logo and Venum spelled across the gloves.

These gloves feature a layered foam design that covers each and every finger individually as well as your thumb.

Made from Nappa leather these gloves are built to last with great wrist support and a Velcro strap that offers a multitude of adjustment options that can fit most wrists.


  • Stylish design in a multitude of colors and sizes
  • Layered foam offers good impact absorbance
  • Nappa leather brings durability to these gloves
  • Thumb is protected


  • Not a lot of airflow gets to your palm
  • Higher price tag than many other models available




7.   Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves


Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves, Black/Grey, 1X


These gloves are in an average to high price range. Available in one black/ grey color you don’t get many options besides choosing between the four sizes available.

One nice thing about these gloves is that they are the average 4 oz regulation weight for martial arts. These gloves come with an adjustable Velcro strap and are made out of engineered leather to help bring the gloves some durability.

These gloves have padding over each individual finger which offers you good flexibility and comfort. You will notice no thumb protection on these gloves, but there is lots of thick foam and as long as you tuck your thumb in you shouldn’t run into problems.


  • Average to high price range
  • Engineered leather for good durability
  • Four size options
  • Wide Velcro strap for a snug fit


  • No thumb protection makes you have to tuck your thumb in
  • Some users may not like the open palm




8.   Cheerwing Boxing Gloves MMA


Cheerwing MMA Boxing Gloves UFC Kickboxing Gloves


These gloves come at an extraordinarily low price tag and are still made out of PU leather to help bring some durability to the design. These gloves come in black, blue, red as well as white and have a wide wrist strap to offer an adjustable, secure fit.

These gloves have thumb protection and have foam covering each finger in order to allow for some flexibility and the most comfort possible.

A mesh palm helps to reduce sweat and allows you to have the most amount of grip possible when you are throwing your punches. It will be rather difficult to find a pair of gloves at this low price range that offers this nice of quality.


  • Available in four different colors to appeal to a wide audience
  • Thumb protection keeps you from worrying about having to tuck your thumb in


  • May not be regulation weight
  • Some users may prefer an open palm over mesh for more comfort




9.   Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves


Combat Sports Pro Style Grappling MMA Gloves, Small, Black


This glove has a very low price range and yet offers so much. There are a total of 6 different sizes and a total of eight different colors available.

With so much customization at an affordable price tag, this glove definitely competes with its other low-price competitors. This glove offers foam protection over each finger but leaves open an exposed thumb.

The glove weighs a total of five ounces which matches regulations for some MMA fights depending on where you are. An open palm helps to improve overall grip and assists with reducing sweat within the glove as well.

Synthetic leather construction is difficult to come by at this low price and helps to bring longevity to these gloves no matter how much you fight.


  • Very low price tag
  • Extreme customization options for size and color taste
  • Regulation weight in some areas
  • Synthetic leather adds durability
  • Open palm for reduced sweat


  • Exposed thumb means you will have to tuck in when punching
  • Some users may not appreciate an open palm




10.   Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves – Grappling MMA


Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves - Grappling MMA Muay Thai UFC Sparring Punch Ultimate Mitts Sanda Fighting Training Sandbag Equipment Pair for Adult Men (Hexagram, Yellow)


These gloves also have an extraordinarily low price tag and come in a total of four colors including black, red, blue as well as white.

PU leather construction helps to make these gloves durable and helps to outclass some of its other low priced competitors on the market.

These gloves offer a large wrist strap so that you can adjust to fit your own particular wrist size. The foam on these gloves wraps around each one of your fingers to offer a nice level of comfort and flexibility.

Unfortunately, these gloves do not have any kind of thumb protection and you will be forced to tuck in your thumb when you punch.

These gloves do have a very open palm top help release moisture and improve your overall grip when you are in a tight match.


  • Extremely low price tag
  • Available in four colors to suit a variety of personalities
  • Made from PU leather which brings durability to these gloves
  • Wrist strap provides adjustment options
  • Open palm for moisture to escape


  • Some users may not like the open palm
  • Will have to tuck your thumb in during a punch due to no thumb protection




Shattering A Myth?

Buying yourself a set of MMA gloves is not easy. There are so many factors to consider and so many options available on the market that it can be quite difficult to narrow down your options.

Generally speaking it is a good idea to find out the kind of features you like, look for some gloves with those features and then set yourself a budget and compare the gloves that you like the best.

If you are competing professionally make sure that you do your research so that you aren’t breaking any kind of regulations. It is generally important to check what types of material they allow in the gloves as well as what weight limit they have set in place.

Hope that this list helped you to get a better idea of the kinds of features that you want your gloves to have, or better yet, helped you find some gloves that you like to prevent injuries and improve performance. Best of luck with your fights.





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