7 Best Olympic Barbells: All Bars Aren’t Created Equal

olympic barbells

While your local gym might have some of the best Olympic barbells, it is important that you do too, assuming you are planning on building your own gym at home. The top barbells are extremely multifunctional and also durable, thus ensuring that you have a quality training experience and also better results.

Compared to a normal smaller barbell, the Olympic barbell is much heavier and therefore, it is also stronger. Allowing you to add more weight to the bar and become stronger over time. No one wants to stay the same in the gym and results should always be your main goal while training.

Top Olympic Barbell Comparison Chart

Olympic Bar Buying Guide

We have decided to go out and search for the top barbell brands. While most of them might seem similar, some of them are a little more durable than others. They might even vary in maximum weight and you will need to ensure your barbell matches your strength needs.

Before we check out the best barbells, let’s look at some of the most common important features that will set the good barbells apart from the great barbells and also give you more longevity and ultimately value for your money.

Key features to look for in Barbells

If you want to save money and go for the cheapest alternative, you will be better off doing it on something else. Your barbell will be one of the most used pieces of equipment in your gym, therefore, it is imperative that you ensure that the barbell is top quality. So let’s look at which features will be important:

  • Yielding weight

 The yield strength refers to the maximum amount of weight the bars is able to resist when bent, before bending back to being straight. This is imperative for deadlifting as the plates will stay on the ground longer and the lower back will be worked harder to lift them off the ground.

  • Dual-Purpose grip

Having dual-purpose grip is great for various exercises and while bodybuilders would like a narrower grip, which could help them with the bench press, power lifters will need a wider grip for explosive exercises like the clean and press.

  • Tensile Strength

The tensile strength directly relates to the durability of the bar and it refers to the amount of pounds per square inch required to pull the bar apart. Having a bar with at least a tensile strength of 180,000PSI should be durable enough for home use.

  • Spin

Inside the sleeve of the bar are the mechanics that will directly relate to the spin of the bar. The spin of the bar is determined by the inner bearings, but these are also more expensive. The spin will be extremely useful to people looking to use the bar for explosive exercises.

  • Finish

The finish of the bar does not directly impact the training, but they will have an impact on the longevity of the bar. Bare steel with no finish will be more prone to rusting and even though a finish like zinc might be more expensive, your bars will last much longer.

While these five features might not sound all that important, they will all play a huge part in the value of your bar and the amount of use you have for it. Casual weightlifters might be fine with something cheaper, but as the pros will tell you: rather do something right the first time or leave it.

Best Olympic Barbell Reviews

With that being said, let’s look at the top Olympic barbells for your home gym:


Body Solid 7-Feet Olympic Bar

Finish: black chrome

Maximum weight capacity: 600lbs

The Body Solid 7-feet Olympic bar is one of the more lucrative bars on the market. With a decent amount of whip, this bar should allow you to get great strain on your lower body for deadlifts, while simultaneously helping you to improve your overall squat strength.

The 600lbs maximum weight capacity should be efficient for home use by most bodybuilders as the goal of building muscle is to develop the muscle and not to over train it. The black chrome finish on the bar will protect it from rust, but the 32 diameter gripping section might hinder people with smaller hands from sufficiently performing the Olympic lift.

Furthermore, the bar weighs in at 44lbs to make it the perfect and most commonly accepted weight as an Olympic bar and compared to most other bars, this bar will not cost you an arm or a leg. The bar offers optimal spin for users to help with cross fit and explosive exercise as well.

We highly recommend this bar for the quality it provides and also for the value at a really affordable price. The bar will be great for bodybuilders, but powerlifters might struggle to adequately perform their exercises.


  • Really affordable
  • Rust-resistant chrome finish
  • Adequate spin
  • Offers great whip


  • The bar diameter is extremely thick


Gold’s Gym 110-lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set

Finish: Chrome

Maximum weight resistance: 300lbs

If you are looking for value, the Gold’s Gym 110-lb barbell set should be the perfect product for you. The barbell does not quite match up to the weight of an Olympic bar, but it is still the correct size. With this set, you will receive weights that combine to make a maximum limit of 110lbs, which should be sufficient for beginners learning to lift.

The spin on the bar is great for the value and you will be able to learn all the weightlifting mechanics with this bar. The bar also folds down into three separate pieces to ensure that you can easily pack away the entire set when you are done and the chrome finish will also go a long way in protecting the overall bar from any rust.

Furthermore, the durability of the set is great and it has been constructed from cast-iron to help ensure that you have great longevity using this set. The bar does have a good weight limit of 300lbs, which should be great for beginners and even females to train with.

We highly recommend this barbell set for the value it provides and the fact that it is foldable. Beginners will greatly benefit from starting with something small and women will also like that the bar is not that heavy. This bar should give you great value and longevity.


  • Really affordable
  • Comes with plates to use immediately
  • Designed for beginners
  • Good whip for performing Olympic exercises


  • Does not meet Olympic weight regulations for men


Rep Gladiator Olympic Bar

Finish: Hard chrome

Maximum weight resistance: 1500lb static

The Rep Gladiator Olympic bar is one of the strongest Olympic bars on the market. It features a tensile rating of 230,000 to go with the static weight limit of 1500lbs. The bar also features dual marks for knurling, thus making it great for bodybuilders as well as powerlifters to use. The added bearing will also ensure that the bar has great spin, which should make it perfect for performing those Olympic presses.

The bar is also available in the smaller 33lbs size for women, also matching Olympic standards and providing you with a great platform to train with. The hard chrome finish is considered to be one of the most durable finishes out there to combat any rust that might set in, thus giving you much more longevity and value for your money.

The staggering 1500lbs strength rating will also ensure that bending the bar will not be an issue and you will sufficiently be able to perform all of your deadlifts and have maximum strain put on your lower back. This should also be beneficial to people looking to improve their squats, but the markings are also adequate for bench presses.

We highly recommend this bar for the size and the value. It might be a little expensive at first, but you will have great use for it as you get stronger. The bar meets all Olympic regulations to help you prepare for powerlifting.


  • Available in sizes for men and women
  • Rust-resistant hard chrome finish
  • 230k tensile strength
  • 1500lbs strength rating


  • Will be expensive for beginners


XMark Fitness 7′ Chrome Olympic Bar

Finish: Chrome

Maximum Weight resistance: 1000lbs

Anyone looking to improve their Olympic presses and the popular clean and press exercises will really need to look into this Olympic bar. The XMark Fitness 7 feet Chrome Olympic bar has been fitted with top of the range brass bushings, thus allowing for excellent spin and making those exercises much more comfortable to perform. This will also be great for cross fit trainers to help work on their explosiveness.

The bar features a 28mm diameter for medium knurling and this should also be great for bodybuilders to use with the dual markings, indicating the bench press and deadlift grip width. The 700lbs weight resistance will also make bending the bar easier to help ensure that you get maximum effect on your muscles from squatting and deadlifting.

Unfortunately, the bar does weigh in at a little under the regulated size for Olympic bars, but by adding adequate weight, this could be compensated for and you will still have the maximum effect. The 1000lbs weight limit will be great for loading up the bar and strength athletes should be able to become stronger with this bar.

We highly recommend this for beginner to intermediate weight lifters. Powerlifters can also use this bar as a cheap alternative for getting in those quick workouts at home. The bar is also really affordable and with the chrome finish, you will have a lot of longevity and value.


  • Brass bushings to increase the spin
  • 100lbs weight limit
  • 700lbs strength rating makes bending easier
  • Really affordable


  • Slightly lighter than the regulated weight for Olympic bars


Reebok Olympic Bar

Finish: Black oxide

Maximum weight resistance: 1200lbs

While Reebok is not very well known for its training equipment, the Reebok Olympic barbell does perfectly match up to all the requirements of an Olympic barbell. The barbell is the correct weight and it does feature decent spin for powerlifters to complete most of their exercises.

The whip on the bar is great as well and there should be no problem bending the bar to get maximum effectiveness from your exercises. The black oxide finish will also ensure that the rust does not set in on the bar and you will be able to get a lot of longevity out of the bar, thus giving you more value for your money.

Furthermore, the bar features a medium depth diamond knurl and most Olympic sized plates will fit perfectly on this bar. The bar will also be great for club owners and since it is really affordable, you will be able to stock your entire club with these bars and your guests will still be happy.

We highly recommend this barbell for beginners, but it should be efficient for intermediate lifters as well. Once you understand the basics of lifting, you could move on to the more advanced and more expensive bars to get better results.


  • Really affordable
  • Rust-resistant black oxide finish
  • Offers great bend
  • Olympic sized


  • Does lack a little in spin for powerlifters


CAP Barbell Olympic Bar

Finish: Accu-coat finish

Maximum weight capacity: 1000lbs

The CAP Barbell Olympic bar is one of the most popular Olympic barbells available. The barbell is quite expensive, but it offers great multifunctional use to the user. The barbell is also quite stylish in design and the durable rust-resistant Accu-coat finish will help ensure that you have great longevity in using this bar.

The knurls on the bar have also been coated to make the marking much clearer for users and spin on the bar is great, thus allowing powerlifters to easily complete their training exercises without any hassle. With great whip, you will also be able to more strain on your lower back while performing the deadlift and with a tensile rating above 180k, this bar is extremely durable.

Furthermore, the maximum weight limit on the bar is 1000lbs, thus also making it easy to bend the bar for bodybuilders or any strength training athletes. The stretch in the middle of the bar is also quite smooth and gripping this bar should be easy with the standard 28 mm diameter bar width.

We highly recommend this bar to more advanced liters or even intermediate lifter looking to get a taste of the better bars on the market. The bar is quite expensive, but you will be getting great value for your money and this bar also competes with some of the more advanced and professionally designed bars on the market.


  • Custom color coating
  • Offers great spin
  • Will also offer great whip
  • Great for all lifters


  • Might be expensive at first


CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Power Bar

Finish: Black chrome

Maximum weight capacity: 1500lbs

This bar is one of the more standardized Olympic barbells from CAP. The bars features a stylish color with the black chrome finish and this should also adequately protect the bar from rust and any other damage that might happen to it.

Much like the other bars from CAP, this bars offers a weight capacity maximum of 1500lbs, thus giving the bar great bend and with a good tensile rating over 180k, this bar should be durable enough for you to load it with you maximum weight. The bar also offers good spin for performing Olympic style lifts and this should be great for powerlifters.

The bar weighs the standard 44.8lbs, required for Olympic bars and it is also quite affordable compared to the custom coated version, thus making this a better option for intermediate and beginner lifters to start out with. Club owners could also stock up on these bars for their gyms to ensure that everyone in the gym is happy and that you have a bar for both powerlifters and bodybuilders.

We recommend this bar all lifters. The bar is sufficiently priced for beginners and it also offers great quality for advanced and professional lifters. The bar will allow casual trainers to workout at home and most Olympic plates will fit on the bar.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers great spin
  • Offers good whip
  • Strong tensile rating


  • Metal shavings can hurt hands


Final Thoughts & Conclusion

By understanding some of the fundamentals of the different types of barbells on the market today, we hope that you are now more educated to make the decision on your next Olympic bar. Research is always important and as we mentioned in the beginning, the last place you would want to cut corners is on your Olympic bar. The plates can still be easily replaced, but bars are expensive and they should offer great value.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of Olympic bars. We would like any of the professional lifters to also weigh in their opinion and tell us if you think we might have missed any of your favorites.




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