The 7 Best Adjustable Kettlebells for 2019 : Great for Home Gyms & Beginners


If you’ve been on the hunt for a kettlebell to include in your workout routine, you’ve come to the right place! Kettlebells make complex workouts easy. They can add a different type of strength training to your normal workout routine and can even give you some of the same cardiovascular benefits as running.

You might be searching for a kettlebell to add to an existing workout regimen or you could be looking for a routine that includes solely kettlebells. If the latter of the two choices is close to what you’re thinking of doing, an adjustable bell will suit you well as they can provide a variety of workouts.

Adjustable kettlebells, quite simply, are kettlebells that have been modified in a way that allows the overall weight to change, based on addition or subtraction of weight. If you’ve been to a gym before then you’ve probably seen adjustable dumbbells. Odds are that you might not be familiar with adjustable kettlebells, since they are a relatively new piece of equipment.

Don’t sweat it – we’ve pulled together some information that’s designed to help you understand the world of adjustable and ultimately, find the right option within your budget. The world of adjustable kettlebells is surprisingly large, so be sure to pay close attention to everything mentioned below. We’ll start out with a beginner’s guide to understanding the process of figuring out which kettlebell to consider, then we’ll look at seven adjustable kettlebells that are each outstanding, in their own way.

Top Adjustable Kettlebells Comparison Chart


4 Step Buying Guide

When it comes to shopping for fitness equipment, you’re truly getting what you pay for! An adjustable kettlebell system may be a simple device, but there are a lot of things that go into choosing the best one for your use! Before we get to the top ten adjustable kettlebell systems, we’ll take a look at a step by step process that details exactly how to find the best kettlebell system for your needs.

Step One: Familiarize Yourself With Your Weight Needs.

One of the first things you need to do, in order to successfully chose the best adjustable kettlebell system, is to determine the needs of your body. One way to do this is to determine your level of fitness. What is your weight lifting experience? Are you in appropriate shape? What workout routine have you just come from? Are you entirely new to the world of fitness?

If the final section of that statement applies to you, you’ll want to purchase a kettlebell system with a low range of weight. Typically, the lower weight adjustable kettlebells go up to around 20 pounds. The highest weight you’ll find on an adjustable kettlebell system is usually 60 pounds, but you can always add your own weight if you so desire!

If you’re a seasoned lifter or if you’re in relatively good shape and looking to dive into the world of kettlebell exercises for the first time, we’d recommend starting with a kettlebell that’s adjustable to a high weight but allows you to start at a lower weight, in case your muscles aren’t used to the movements.

kettlebell workout


Step Two: Understand the Weight Switching Systems

There are many types of weight switching systems in adjustable kettlebells. Primarily, they come in the form of disks, which slide on and off a central pole, which is connected to the main part of the kettlebell. These disks are each a certain weight and can be left on or off, depending on the weight you plan on using.

Another system that’s featured on many adjustable kettlebells is a removable center. Simply put, the kettlebell has a hole through its center, with one of the openings covered. The cover acts as a pallet for various weights to fit into when they’re inserted into the kettlebell’s hole.

There are many other systems as well – the type of system can largely depend on the manufacturer of the kettlebell system. Some are more complex than others. The more weight replacements you have on the kettlebell, the easier it will be to adjust the kettlebell’s weight to your exact needs. We’ll get into that, below!


Step Three: Figure Out the Increments Your Workout Demands

Kettlebells with adjustable weights feature various increments of weight, in the form of removable weights. The amount of weights and the weight itself is largely dependent on the weight range of the entire set.

When you’re figuring out what increment of weight you’ll need, think about the position you are in your workouts, or the position you want to be in. If you purchase a kettlebell with a low weight range with only two removable weight pieces, you won’t be able to increase the weight very much, as you get used to the weight level which you’re currently working out on. If you purchase an adjustable kettlebell system that has five different weight pieces, however, you’ll have the ability to slowly progress through varying levels of workouts, even if you’re a beginning kettlebell user.

Long story short: Getting a kettlebell with several increments of weight may help your ability to get through workouts, without having to buy expensive new equipment!


Step Four: Figure Out the Extra Parts and Features You’ll Need



While many kettlebells may be touted as “long-lasting”, we’ve found that one material primarily accounts for this longevity – steel. While it’s common, especially for those who’ve lifted weights before, to think cast iron is the best material for weights, steel simply holds up better over time. We’d suggest looking for an adjustable kettlebell system that features steel as the material it’s primarily composed of.


The primary feature of a kettlebell set is its handle, which is responsible for its wide range of movement and workout options. You’ll be gripping the handle of your adjustable kettlebell set quite often, so it’s important to make sure that the handle of the set you’re considering buying is comfortable.

Steel in itself isn’t comfortable to hold for long periods of time – you’ll want a powder coated handle, which both adds grip and reduces the stress that solid metals put on your palms and fingers over time. If you’ve ever clutched a barbell, you know what I mean!


Figure out the price range you’re working. The weight range of the kettlebell system you’re looking at is usually indicative of the adjustable kettlebell’s price. For instance, an adjustable kettlebell with a maximum weight of 30 pounds is going to cost less than an adjustable kettlebell that has a maximum weight of 60 pounds.


From magazines to training DVDs, adjustable kettlebells often come with extra features that can help or enhance your training. While these extra features don’t necessarily mean one kettlebell is better than the other, they can help you decide between two that are similar!

The following four steps will help you get the most for your money, especially when workout equipment such as kettlebells can be quite pricey. Once you’ve sorted through all of these steps and figured out what parameters are right for you, it’s time to find the best adjustable kettlebell!

We won’t force you to buy one, but we can certainly point you in the right direction with all of the great kettlebells we’ve listed below. We’ll start with the best and finish with the ones that do their job well but aren’t the best.

Best Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews

Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell

The Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell will surely have you feeling like the king or queen of the gym! You’ll have a fantastic range of weights to work with, for starters. You can adjust the weight from 10 pounds to 40 pounds in the blink of an eye. The method of adjustment is quite easy, with the weights simply snapping in and out of place. This Kettlebell Kings kettlebell is beautifully designed but feels great when you use it, as well. From the smooth material on the outside of the kettlebell to the shape of the handle, you won’t ever subject your palms and fingers to the nasty calluses that are prevalent in the world of weightlifting. It’s perfectly portable, as well – the weight of the bell without the disks is merely five pounds and its circumference is eight inches. Don’t hesitate to check out this adjustable kettlebell set for yourself!


  • Portable
  • Easy weight attachment and removal
  • Feels great in your hands
  • 7 weights in one unit


  • Doesn’t go beyond 40 pounds of total weight
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying bag of any type



Rocketlok 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebell

Built from rock-solid stainless steel, the Rocketlok adjustable kettlebell is durable, easy to use, and safe to operate. You won’t find a much better option on the market than the Roketlok adjustable kettlebell. Its weight attachment is slightly different than that of a normal kettlebell. It features a gap in the center of the bell, which creates space for cylindrical weights to slide into. These weights are secured by a cap at the bottom of the hole. While this is quite easy to use, it limits the amount of weight you can put in the bell. This kettlebell has poor weight capacity, because of this, and can support a maximum of 36 pounds. With that being said, you’ll find that its classic design looks and feels great while you use it. You can take in anywhere, whether you’re in the gym or at your office.


  • Can be used anywhere – quite versatile
  • Easy to understand weight attachment system
  • Made of durable steel


  • Limited range of weight



Empower Kettlebell

The empower is a great bell to start with if you’re new to the world of fitness or new to the world of kettlebell workouts. It’s an excellent way to start off on the right track, and it’s easy to use. The Empower company patented an adjustment system called the “click & twist” adjustment system, and it’s featured on this kettlebell! You’ll be able to move different sized weights off the bell without any issues. The handle is easy to grip, as well! The downside to this adjustable system is that it doesn’t contain much flexibility when it comes to adding weight. Unless you can find additional weights that fit this model precisely, you’ll be stuck with low weight. One more thing to take note of is that the removal and addition of the weights in this system can take away from the natural feel of a kettlebell. You won’t notice this unless you’ve used kettlebells before, however, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal! 


  • Comes with training DVD
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Portable


  • Weight can’t be added beyond the low weights it comes with
  • Feels unnatural if you add or remove certain amounts of weight



PowerBlock Kettle Block 

The PowerBlock Kettle Block is an adjustable kettlebell system that might be a little pricey for its low weight capacity, but with the price comes plenty of beneficial qualities. The maximum weight is a moderate 40 pounds, which is perfect for intense bouts of high-repetition kettlebell exercise. The weight is also excellent for those looking to begin kettlebell workouts for the first time. The bell features slotted weights that are adjustable from 5 to 40 pounds and features a unique removal system that might take some time to get used to, compared to other weight systems. A great feature of this PowerBlock kettlebell is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can use it as much as you want, for whatever intensity exercise you feel like doing. You’re covered! The overall shape of the kettlebell is a little different, with its block-like shape holding true to its name. Overall, the bell is well built, noiseless when you set it down and change weights, and feels good when you work out with it.


  • Adjustable weights that go up to 40 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip


  • Weight change system can take some time to get used to
  • Odd shape



Titan Fitness 10lb to 40lb Adjustable Kettlebell

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell is pretty good kettlebell system with no glaring flaws. Overall, it features a weight changing system that’s simple and easy to get used to. The weights are cylinders that slip on and off of the kettlebell. The cylinders come together to form the spherical shape of the kettlebell, meaning the lowest weight capacity will have you lifting a handle and half of a sphere. It has a range of weight that can be used for beginners and advanced lifters alike. The range of weight is 10-40 pounds. The material that the Titan Fitness is composed of isn’t the best material as far as durability is concerned, but its powder coated cast iron handle is quite comfortable to pick up. The plates themselves are also composed of cast iron. You’re going to want to wear closed-toed shoes when using this kettlebell – you don’t want the weights dropping on your toes!


  • Weights are easily removed
  • Durable
  • Decent range of weight


  • Not composed of steel
  • If not secured, iron plates can be dangerous



Apex Adjustable Heavy Duty Kettlebell

It’s no small thing to make it as “Amazon’s Choice” of product in a specific category, and that’s exactly what Apex has done with their Heavy-Duty exercise kettlebell weight set.  Featuring a 15 lb weighted handle and 4 removable spacer disks and a 5 lb bottom plate.  It’s a cast iron creation with a powder coated exterior and it allows you to vary your weights from 20 lbs to 50 lbs.   The spacer disks can be replaced with 2.5 lb, 5 lb or 10 lb weights if you want to push the maximum weight abilities of the kettlebell.

You can see that it’s not for those on the smaller/weaker end of the spectrum as the starting weight is much higher than many others on our list.  The idea with this Apex is that it’s meant for advanced training, and it’s able to take a lot more abuse than most other adjustable kettlebells.  It’s a good option for a commercial gym or any hardcore workout enthusiast!


  • Higher weight range
  • Durable construction (more so than most)
  • Many weight increments


  • The weights can’t be easily adjusted
  • Does not allow for lower weights in the 5 or 10 lb range



Stamina X Adjustable Kettle

The Stamina X Adjustable Kettlebell uses a unique weight adjustment system to provide its users with true versatility and workout weight range. With a total of five incremental weights, starting at 16 pounds and ending at 36 pounds, the Stamina X is a great choice for beginner to seasoned lifters to try out. The weights are changed out in a way that’s slightly different than other options. A pocket exists in the center of the kettlebell structure that houses each increment of weight. Each increment of weight can be secured in, depending on the weight you’re trying to lift. The system is perfect for beginners who don’t want to lift that much weight for their first time. For lifters who are looking to quickly adjust the kettle’s weight, however, complications could arise. The weights are easily adjustable, at least while you’re working out. The bell itself is made from cast iron, a material that’s substantially less durable than steel. With all of this being said, the Stamina X is still a great kettlebell for working out. It features a wide range of weight that’s adjustable in five different increments, a beautiful paint job, and straightforward weight switching system.


  • Looks and feels like a traditional kettlebell
  • Great range of weight
  • Weight adding/subtracting system is quite straightforward 


  • Made of cast iron rather than stainless steel
  • Weights can’t easily be taken out or added in the middle of a workout



Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We each have our own reasons for partaking in personal fitness. We also have our own reasons to partake in specifics types of workouts, such as specific exercise routines. There are plenty of reasons to partake in kettlebell exercises. They’re quick and easy, which might suit those of us who work long hours out of each day. They’re functional, meaning they help us build muscles that we use to perform tough tasks with, on a daily basis. They’re also an easy to way to get a great cardiovascular and strength workout.

We’ve reached the end, but if you absorbed the information you just read, you’re likely at the beginning. Not back at the beginning of the article, but at the beginning of your very own journey towards getting fit with a kettlebell.

One way to cut the cost, vary your workout routines, and save space in your home is by purchasing an adjustable kettlebell. The seven kettlebells that we just mentioned are all great choices but with some serious digging, you might be able to find some more on your own!

Getting back to the subject, finding an adjustable kettlebell that suits your needs and your budget might not be an easy task. It can be broken down into simple steps, however, which will make your buying process twice as easy. First, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your weight needs as well as your workout’s weight needs. Secondly, you’ll want to understand which weight switching system is right for you. Thirdly, you’ll want to check out what increments of weight that the weights are adjusted by. Finally, you’ll want to check for functional features such as the material, the grip, and the overall price.

Once you’ve pieced together a plan, you’re on the right track. Finding an adjustable kettlebell isn’t very difficult if you do it right!

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