The 10 Best Portable Soccer Goals for 2021 : Practice & Play Anywhere

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Portable soccer goals are becoming very popular because of the ease in which they can be set up as well as the popularity of soccer as a whole.  This shift has seen many players enter the soccer goal market.  We are given so many different options and combinations of choices today that is is hard to know which soccer goal is best.  While the abundance of information and number of options is a great thing, it can also be troublesome for those who is not yet experienced in the game and able to spot high quality equipment.

Our guide today will show you which portable soccer goals are best based on various factors and your playing style, and then we will look at the highest-rated portable soccer goals on the market.  If you want to improve your game, or that of your kid’s, a portable soccer goal is something that is just about necessary.  The portable soccer goal isn’t going to guarantee that you become a star player, it can go a long way to improving the performance you give on the field and allowing you to practice more optimally.

Many of these also goals have other sport uses as well, but will get to all of those details later in the review.  To begin, we will look at the types of soccer that are played and how this affects our choice of practice goal.

Top 10 Portable Soccer Goal Chart

Types of Soccer

Regulation Soccer

This is the game that we all know, for the most part.  Regulation soccer is the organized game that you see played on TV and at the local recreation department just about every single weekend.  Depending on the ages and numbers of players (as well as the league- they may not have the proper amount of players), the goal size varies. 

For players under 5, you see very small goals and there are typically no goalkeepers.  As players age, the goals typically get larger.  This is done to help them build their shooting skills as they gain better control feet and dribbling.  You wouldn’t want a player that is three to learn to shoot way up high because that will teach them poor technique that will translate into very bad habits as they age.  When players hit the age of 12, they are usually on the full-size goal, which is 24 feet wide and 8 feet tall.  This seems huge, but it is much more difficult to score than one can imagine!  Nevertheless, these goals almost always have white crossbars and usually have a white net, although you those can change to reflect a team’s color.  So, this is the game that we are referring to when we speak throughout this review of regulation soccer.

Indoor Soccer

For the purpose of this guide, indoor soccer is the American version. 

The American version of indoor soccer has a couple of different variants, but they are almost always very similar.  Indoor soccer is played inside on a number of surfaces including but not limited to hardwood gym floors, asphalt gym floors, and turf (new and old varieties).  Indoor soccer can either be played in a court that looks like a hockey rink with goals literally inside the walls or can be played in a gym with goals that are set up in front of the walls.  The commonality here is the fact that walls are used throughout the game, making out of bounds a rarity when compared to regular outdoor soccer.  As a result, this game is faster-paced and is more about physicality and speed, rather than fundamental technique.  This can seriously affect the choice of which soccer goal to buy.  Because it is a very rough game, you may want to only buy more heavy-duty materials capable of withstanding even the most aggressive shots.


Futsal is a game that has grown in popularity over the last few years in the United States because of its very technically-based style.  Futsal, unlike indoor soccer, is much more about skill than physicality.  Futsal is like this because it is played, usually, within the confines of a regular basketball court.  For instance, if you take a shot that goes above the goal, it becomes the goalkeeper’s ball for what is the equivalent of a goal kick in futsal.  Likewise, if you kick it over the sidelines, it becomes a kick-in for the other team.  The similarity to outdoor regulation soccer is the reason it is gaining in popularity.  As people become more and more concerned with improving their skills, the more likely they want to play this game that requires you to keep the ball on the ground and close at all times to hone their skill even in the winter.  It encourages you to get better as a player and as a team, which means that the goal doesn’t take quite as much of a beating as regular indoor soccer would.  Because of this futsal goals can be a little less sturdy and are a little special in a few other ways (more on that later).  So, if your purpose is futsal, then you need to look at those!

Casual Recreational Soccer

This type of soccer is pretty self-explanatory.  This is the type where you are looking to play with a couple, maybe a few friends, and just want to have a quick game.  Things aren’t way too serious, and it certainly isn’t organized, so you can be a bit more relaxed and maybe not have to have something that’s too heavy-duty.  You also wouldn’t want something that is going to take a lot of time to set up, either, so you can pick something that is less time-consuming and a little more manageable for you and your friends to deal with.  I have also included practice goals under this list because, as a coach, I also have these issues to deal with.  If I want something that will be fun and useful for my players, it will also have to be very quickly put together.  So this group is essentially our pop-up goals category, though we could also see some of the cheaper made goals that you find at Wal-Mart or Kmart in it.

Backyard Soccer (Practice)

This is a very important difference for me to point out from the above list of recreation/practice.  The reason why these are separate categories is that the backyard goal is going to go through a lot more wear and tear, and as a result needs to be of higher quality.  Now, you could have a recreational type goal for the backyard, but this category is geared more toward the more experienced players or the player that wants to get better in a hurry and is very serious about regular practice.  As a result, you want something that is not only more durable but also much bigger so that they can fully learn and grow their technique properly.  You would never expect yourself to become a professional striker playing with a pop-up goal!  So, now that we have covered the various types of soccer, we will look at the materials that a portable goal is made out of.

Soccer Goal Materials

The type of materials that the frame of the goal is made from is vital to choosing which goal is needed.  Now, FIFA is fairly lax with the types of materials that are allowed.  Both metal and wood goals are legal, as well as some other approved materials.  PVC is a common type that you see for homemade goals.  I have one made from PVC, but regularly play on a field with metal goals, for example.


Plastic goals are, as you would assume, cheaper quality than other types.  As a result, this makes them even more portable.  Sometimes, however, being more portable isn’t necessarily a good thing.  It all depends on the specific product at hand!  For instance, if something is too portable, a ball kicked into that goal could cause it to move.  This is not what we want at all!  The main advantage of a plastic goal is that it is quite a bit cheaper than the other materials, which means that it can be great for beginners or those just losing for a small goal to use when playing recreationally with friends.

Metals (Aluminum)

Metal-made goals are almost always made out of aluminum because it is very sturdy while also being fairly light as well.  This doesn’t mean that you can move it by yourself, but it does mean that an aluminum goal can usually be moved by a small group of people.  These are typically not designed to be moved around much, but some of the newer ones can be due to the technological innovations that have come our way the last few years in folding and portability.  This type of goal is usually much more expensive, but it is able to hold up for a very long time because it is weather resistant.  An aluminum goal is perfect for someone very serious about soccer who want to set up their own permanent soccer field on an empty lot.


PVC is a man-made synthetic material that is usually used in industrial piping and can either be rigid or flexible.  This type of material is fairly inexpensive and has become a go-to material for people that have decided to construct soccer goals for themselves.  The downside to PVC is that it must be secured properly, and it also has a tendency to crack and/or warp over time.  PVC goals are a good option for someone that wants portability but wants a slightly higher quality material than plastic.


Timber is still technically legal under the guidelines of FIFA, but it has lost popularity due to the fact that it is a wood, and thus it will have a tendency rot after a few season.  Wood goals also tend to be very heavy and hard to move without getting splinters. However, you could encounter a wood-based goal while searching, so this had to be included!

Anchoring System

This is a piece of material that comes with goals of all shapes and sizes.  This is used to secure the goal in the ground to keep all players safe as well as to keep the goal from moving.  I have seen goals (full-sized ones) fall on people before because of the lack of proper anchoring system set up by the organizers.  I have also seen small goals fall over and fly away because their owners simply neglected to use the skates and anchoring system correctly.  Depending on the size of the goal, anchors can differ.  Sandbags are used on some goals, while many also use metal anchors driven into the ground to keep the goal in place at all times.  There are a variety of shapes that these can come in.  Plastic anchors are also popular with the less expensive goals, but they are more prone to breakage than their metal counterparts.

Portable Soccer Goal Types

The type of soccer goal is also very important when looking for a portable soccer goal.  Because of the game’s popularity today and the rapid improvement of technology, there are a number of different shapes and sizes for all kinds of purposes.  Many of these options are so good that you can probably use them for a purpose that is a little bit unintended.  However, I still recommend buying a type that fits into the category of soccer that you will be playing.  By doing this, you will be ensuring that you keep yourself and your wallet happy!


The traditional soccer goal is the big goal with white crossbars and the big white net in it.  Of course, those things can be changed, but the basic premise is the goal is so large and heavy enough that it does not move on a regular basis, if at all.  Some are even put into the ground.  These can be just about any size imaginable and only you will be able to decide which size is appropriate for your use.  Tradition soccer goals are typically not purchased for home use and are more regularly used on legitimate soccer fields.


Futsal goals are a lot different than normal soccer goals.  Futsal goals can look very flimsy, but trust me they are not! They are built this way to help stop the momentum of the ball by slowing down its energy.  Futsal goals look really cool and the roof of the net (the very top), actually has a net due to its construction.  This is a goal that is primarily designed for indoor use.  They typically are equipped with non-marking floor guards, which means it may be difficult to install outside.  These are very durable, but I still cannot recommend these for outdoor use.  I know people who use them outside, but I just don’t believe this is the best use for a futsal goal.  Another issue is that this net will probably be very expensive to replace (you can scroll down further to get more information).  Lastly, the futsal goal is designed to work with a futsal ball!  A futsal ball is a ball that is heavier and smaller than a regulation soccer ball and is made to bounce less.  This helps people learn to keep control of it and keeps it in play on the smaller court.  So, the futsal net is not supposed to be used with a regular soccer ball!

Pop-Up Soccer Goals

Pop-up goals are typically curved and in a “D-shape.”  This allows them to be very recognizable.  Pop-up goals are very portable.  They can be carried all over the place easily because they are very lightweight.  They typically weigh only 2-3 pounds a piece and can easily fit into a bag, so you can also fold them and put them into the trunk or wherever you want to store them.  These have to be secured with anchors in order to keep them from blowing away.  You may also see them referred to as “Pugg” goals because they are the most popular brand of them (think Coke or Band-Aid!).  These are best used for small-sided games for very young players or for family and friends to play on.  You don’t want to have anything too serious going on with these as they are not meant to sustain an all-out attack.

Other Factors to Consider

Before we review the top 10 goals, it is important to point out that this is not an all-inclusive guide to soccer goals.  This is a guide to help you select which portable soccer goal is right for you.  As there are so many choices, a lot of things can get skipped over.  So before moving on it is imperative that I point out a few tips for you. 

First off, nets are very important.  A good goal requires a good net.  In complete truth, your goal is only as good as your net.  Please be aware that most goals do not come with a net.  Nets are very expensive sometimes, especially for a good net, and some of them may not last very long in the weather.  Sometimes you don’t know until you have bought and used them, so keep this in mind when buying a goal. 

Another thing to consider is anchors, as mentioned above.  You have to do something to keep your goal AND your net in place, or you simply won’t be able to keep the ball from going out of the goal, which is its primary purpose. 

The last thing I will mention before beginning is about ties.  The ties that you put on the outside of the goal to keep the net in place are also very important.  These do not always come with the goal, and oftentimes, they are not easily kept in place.  A hard shot placed in a strategic area can knock them off rather easily at times.  These can also be rather expensive, and sometimes they just don’t do well in the weather.  All of these things have to be considered!

Best Portable Soccer Goal Reviews

Sharpshooter Portable Aluminum Soccer Goal

the Sharpshooter is a great goal because of its versatility.  It is very popular with professional and youth clubs alike because it can be adjusted from 4’x4′ to 4’x6′ to 4×8′ quickly, making this an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use.  It is very sturdy, and for the price, you will thank yourself for investing in such a high-quality goal.

G3Elite Regulation Soccer Goal

if you want a great, affordable, and portable full-size soccer goal, this is the one for you.  This goal is made to be sturdy but light at the same time, allowing you to move it in only about 15 minutes.  You do have to take it apart each time (for long hauls, but this is an absolute steal for someone looking for a full-size goal!

PowerNet Soccer Pop-Up Net

This is the perfect set for someone that wants to take two or three friends down to the park and play!  These are very affordable, and they will hold up for long periods of time.  These are great for passing and shooting accuracy, and are a great tool for any player to have!

PowerNet Futsal Goal

Don’t be fooled by the flimsy look!  All futsal goals look this way.  You get a FIFA-approved futsal goal that will last a very long time while easily allowing you to carry it any gym or indoor facility you like!

Bownet Portable Soccer Goal

Bownet gives you all the great features of a futsal net with even quicker assembly time at 90 seconds!  It has a system that diffuses the energy of the ball when it hits the net, allowing the goal to withstand time after time!

Agora 4 Footer Half Moon Soccer Pop-Up Goal

Agora gives you the option of carrying this portable set of goals anywhere you like for a very low price  Set these up at the park for all-day fun with the family or use them for practice!  Either way, you are getting a great deal here.

SKLZ Pro Training Futsal Goal

Also in the futsal area, SKLZ has a more classic-looking goal for those that need a very sturdy option.  It has quick set-up at two minutes, and would be well worth a look for anyone that is very serious!

ALEKO PUSG03 Portable Pop Up Soccer Goal

ALEKO gives us a pop-up goal that differs from the normal pop-up goal.  This one has three anchoring pegs, which gives it a completely different look from the others.  It folds up and holds up well, and this goal is one of the least expensive options on this list.

FORZA Soccer Goal 12×6

This goal has double the thickness of other goals as well as allowing you to either carry it places or leave it in one place.  At a moderate cost, it is very cost competitive for those that are looking for a good, high-quality goal that will last for the backyard or for your club team!

QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal

The Quickplay should be higher on our list, but what the HEY?!  This goal has a patented high-tension design with what Quickplay calls “Flexi-Post” construction.  It’s thin and can deform with a hard kick (by design) but then immediately returns to its original shape.  It features a steel base for durability.  It gives you a shock-absorbing bungee attachment system and it packs down into its own slim carry bag with shoulder strap.

It’s a goal system that comes originally from the UK and is available only recently in the U.S. It really is an elite, higher-end goal that we highly recommend for its qualities and because of a very high rating by Amazon buyers!


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