The 10 Best Push Golf Carts for 2019

If you don’t like to haul your golf bag around by hand and you don’t want to pay for a golf cart, your next best option is to get yourself a push cart. A pushcart is essentially a device that you strap your golf bag onto and has a set of wheels on the bottom of it; the unit has an extended handle and allows you to drag your golf clubs around behind you. Over time a push golf cart is going to save you a lot of money compared to if you just rode in a cart each and every time you went out on the course.

A push cart also has the benefit of giving you more exercise and allowing you to split up from your fellow golfer’s and go towards your ball on your own. In order to make a decision on the best push golf cart for your situation we have come up with a buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the top ten push golf carts on the market in order to inform you as to what you should look for and some of the many good options that are available to you.

Top Golf Push Cart Comparison Chart

Buying Guide


Depending on the golf cart that you buy, one thing that you are going to notice is that the wheels on the unit may be different. On a golf push cart, there are always three or four wheels on the unit in order to balance the cart in front of you properly while you push it. A pull cart will almost always have two wheels as it won’t need to have the balance that a push cart requires. Depending on the unit, one of the main differences you will notice is where the front wheel is located. Some units will have the front wheel in behind the location of the golf bag and other units will have the wheel out in front of the unit. The higher end units will often incorporate a front wheel that is able to swivel so that turning your bag is easier.


Depending on how much money you spend on a unit, you may run across some pretty fancy features. One of the most common features on some of the cheaper carts available is usually some kind of a tee holding device on the unit which allows the golf bag user to stuff tees down into it so that you can grab them quickly and efficiently. Another cool feature that you may find on some of the higher end golf bags is some kind of a parking feature. Generally, a parking feature is great for use on hilly courses or muddy and rough areas so that you don’t have to worry as much about your bag running away or falling over on you when you go to hit the ball. Other cool things that you may find incorporated into your golf cart include a cup holder, a location to write your scores down, a built-in cooler, an umbrella holder or rain cover, a stool to sit on, as well as sometimes even pouches that you can use to hold your personal items.


Especially if you golf on a lot of different golf courses and you do a lot of driving around in order to get from course to course, one of the main things that could affect your purchasing decision is how easily the unit is able to fold up. Especially when you have a small vehicle to begin with, and you go golfing with multiple people at once it can be next to impossible to fit push carts that don’t fit very well into your car along with all of the golf bags that you have to bring. The easier a cart is to fold, generally the better the cart will be for you.


One aspect of a bag holder where you are very likely to see a difference in the materials that are used is the actual frame of the push cart. A more expensive golf cart frame will generally be a lightweight aluminum design, if you choose to go the cheaper route you will likely find that the cart is made from steel and is coated in a powder coat in order to provide more durability. One of the other main differences that you will notice material wise is what the handle of the cart is made up of. Some cart manufacturer’s attempt to make a comfortable handle for the user, while some manufacturers neglect the handle almost entirely. You will find handles made from all sorts of different materials; on the lower end of things you are likely to find no handle or a foam handle on the unit. If you get yourself a higher end cart you will likely find some kind of a rubber handle on the unit that will end up being much more durable than that of a foam handle which will begin to wear out just from you pushing the bag around on a regular basis.


Most of the high-end bags on the market will offer a good amount of adjustment features in their bags in order to accommodate users with different needs. For instance, many golf bags incorporate extendable and retractable handles in order to allow people that are tall to be able to carry their bags around with ease. Another adjustment method you will find on the majority of push carts is the ability to tighten the strap around the bag or loosen it off in order to be able to hold bags of varying sizes according to your needs. Often times the higher end and sometimes even the lower end push golf carts will allow you to be able to adjust the angle of the handle in order to better suit the size of your arm and allow you to push the unit in front of you at an angle that is comfortable for your wrist over the long term.

Bag Attachment

One of the major areas you’re going to see a difference in bag design is how the bag actually attaches to the unit. The cheapest units on the market will likely use buckle straps or metal brackets in order to hold the straps in place and they will dangle off of the unit should you take your bag off. If you spend the extra money on a unit you will often see a much more sophisticated strap design where plastic or metal brackets hold the strap in place or you will see a full loop or large metal brackets that can be flipped out and over your bag. Bag developers continue to develop new and unique ways to allow bags to be able to clip in and stay secure, so don’t be surprised if you see some pretty interesting methods available in your search.


Almost all push cart manufacturers will say how large their cart is within their product description. It is very important to make sure that these dimensions are going to work within your vehicle and it is especially important to make sure that they are going to be able to fit in the storage spot at your local course if they have a spot that you keep your clubs in.


Push Golf Cart Reviews


  1. CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The CaddyTek CaddyLite makes it to the top of our list because it hit the sweet spot between price and function.  It’s an excellent product for the price.  It’s not over the top with amenities, but if you’re looking to spend less than $100 for a decent cart that should last the rest of your life, you’re lookin’ at it!  It has all the usual fixin’s like mesh net on the handle and basket net for lots of miscellaneous stuff, an umbrella holder, beverage holder, foot brake, etc.

A front wheel alignment mechanism is built-in and 2 eleven-inch main wheels along with an eight-inch front wheel offer maintenance free tires (with bearings I might add) for excellent navigation of all golf course terrains.


  • Large, stable wheels with bearings
  • Aluminum frame is used in the design of this push cart
  • Folds down to a very small compact size easy to transport and store as you need
  • Integrated cup holder, umbrella holder as well as a storage compartment and a storage net for your personal items


  • Low price point may scare some buyers with psychology (“cheap price means crappy quality, so this must be crappy“)



  1. Clicgear Model 3.5+

If you want to get yourself a high-end cart with three wheels then this could be a great option for you. This cart comes in a total of eight different design options in order to suit your personal tastes. The unit is capable of folding down fairly easily and the folded down version of the unit is fairly small at 13 inches by 15 inches by 24 inches making it relatively easy to transport and store as you need. This unit is lightweight in design and has a wide array of awesome handy features that you can use. This design has a built-in umbrella holder, a cup holder and it even has a console on it which allows you to be able to hold a pencil to fill in your scorecard, any tees that you need and even a spare golf ball or a spot to put your ball when you are switching between holes. A handy parking brake is also located on the push cart allowing you to leave the unit wherever you please including areas like hills and areas with muck and grime.


  • Eight different design options to choose from really allows you to choose a bag cart that suits your tastes
  • Handbrake located on the unit to allow you to park wherever you desire
  • Cup holder, umbrella mount, golf ball holder, as well as pencil and tee holders, are located on the unit
  • Can be folded up into a very compact design making the unit easy to transport


  • Price tag is quite steep for this golf cart
  • Doesn’t have the widest console or a ton of storage for the price keeping in mind that this does make the bag lighter by not having these



  1. CaddyTek EZ-Fold

This next golf cart is in the average to high price range and comes in four different design options that you can choose from in order to suit your personal tastes. This unit has a very cool one button press folding mechanism incorporated into its design which allows you to be able to fold the bag about as easy as it can possibly be. The unit is made out of an aluminum frame and sports a three-wheel design. When the unit is compacted after folding the unit goes down to the small size of 13.2 inches by 12.4 inches by 32.8 inches allowing for much easier transportation, storage and overall portability of the unit. This unit does have some nice features built into its design as well including things like a basket with a built-in cooler to keep your food and drinks cold, a mesh net coming from the handle so you can store your personal items, as well as an umbrella holder and a storage rack on the unit.


  • Four different color options that you can choose from
  • Compact size when folded down using the easy one button press design
  • Foot brake on the unit allows you to easily brake and unbrace the unit to park on the ground that you want to
  • Comes with some great features like a basket with a cooler built into it, a mesh net to store your personal items, an umbrella holder as well as a storage rack
  • Ring system makes it easy to clip in and unclip your bag as you need


  • Average to high price tag could still be out of reach for some



  1. Tangkula Swivel 3

If you want a fancy golf bag and have an average budget to spend then this could be the one for you. This unit has some pretty cool features built into its design for the low price that it is. The unit features a three-wheel system that is lightweight in design which is rather surprising considering the features. You will find cool things such as a stool, a net bag a scorecard holder, an umbrella holder as well as a foldable design built into this advanced unit. The wheels on this unit are actually removable in order to provide even more storage space when you fold down the unit which is a very nice feature to have if you are extremely tight for space. The handle on this unit can be adjusted in order to suit a variety of heights and you can even adjust the angle of the handle as well in order to provide the user with the most comfortable experience possible. Another nice feature on this unit is that it does have a foot operated brake which is great for hilly courses and peace of mind knowing that your bag isn’t going to fall over on you and damage your clubs the moment you step away from it.


  • Average price tag will be more appealing to the majority of people
  • Foot brake is great for hilly areas and peace of mind
  • Adjustable handle both for height and angle in order to provide maximum comfort for the user
  • Huge array of features including an adjustable stool, a net bag to store personal items, a scoreboard holder, as well as foldability and the ability to remove the wheels on the unit for even less storage room being taken up


  • Some people won’t want a golf bag with so many features and may think that this golf bag is a little bit over the top



  1. Bag Boy Tri Swivel II

This is a great three wheel golf bag that is available for a high budget range. If you are willing to spend the extra money in order to get this unit you will get some very nice features with your purchase. This unit comes with a handle mounted parking brake so that you won’t even have to stick your foot out in order to put your brake on. The front wheel of this unit is located in front of the golf bag and is attached with the ability to swivel in front of the unit which allows the unit to be able to turn very quickly and easily as you need. There is actually four different design options that you can choose from at the checkout in order to suit your personal tastes.


  • Handle mounted parking brake is ideal for ease of use
  • The front wheel of this unit is of a swivel design allowing you to turn the unit quickly and efficiently
  • Four different design options are available at the checkout
  • Storage space is available at the top of the unit as well as a nice tee holder for convenience purposes


  • Price tag may be too steep for some people
  • No specs are given for the size of the folded unit



  1. CaddyTek One-Click Folding

 If you are looking to get yourself something in the mid to high price range and like the idea of having something with four wheels then this could be a great option for you. The design is quite compact when folded and is 17 inches by 13.8 by 25.8. The unit is made out of aluminum and is quite lightweight at 17 lbs considering all of the many features that it has. This unit has a foot brake which allows you to be easily able to park the unit on a hill and it also has fairly large wheels which will enable you to be able to walk the unit through and over rough terrain as you please. This unit comes in four different color options and even comes with a nice basket with a cooler built into it to help keep your beverages and food cold. Other nice features include a mesh net for storage purposes, an umbrella holder as well as a storage rack for putting personal or golf related items.


  • Four different design options available at the checkout
  • Foot brake on the unit is ergonomic and easy to use
  • One click fold design is great for storage and transportation
  • Has some nice features including a built-in cooler, a mesh net as well as a storage rack and even an umbrella holder
  • Aluminum frame


  • Mid-high price could be out of reach for some



  1. Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart

This is a pretty fancy golf cart that is available for a low to medium price range. The unit is made out of steel and has two foot brakes built into its design so that you can make sure that the unit isn’t going to roll away on you when you are on some steep terrain. This unit is a three-wheel design and yet is still capable of folding up in order to allow for easier storage. In fact this design actually incorporates removable wheels in its design so that the least amount of storage space as possible can be taken up if you really need to go to that extent. This unit has some awesome comfort and convenience features such as a stool with storage, an adjustable handle for both weight and angle, a net bag on the unit in order to hold your golf or personal items as well as a cup holder and an umbrella holder on the unit.


  • Average price tag definitely makes this unit appeal to a broader audience
  • Lots of storage in both the netting and the stool
  • Can be folded relatively easily and you can remove the wheels on the unit if you need even more room
  • Net bag, cup holder, and an umbrella holder are all incorporated into the design.
  • Two brakes for peace of mind so that you can be sure that your bag isn’t going to be rolling away on you
  • Handle on the unit can be adjusted for both height and angle in order to provide the user with maximum comfort


  • Some users may not want a bag with so many features



  1. Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

Yes, you got it right!  It’s the CHEEEPEST cart on the list.  Does that mean it’s the lousiest?  Well, nearly 400 buyers gave it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating!  I’d say that’s not a bad stat!  It’s lightweight and sturdy, and because it’s steel, the price is kept nice ‘n low.  It does fold in half for easy storage and it has fairly wide wheels for stability and the waterproof score card holder comes standard.  It has a contoured bottom for larger bags with an adjustable bag strap too.

Remember, this is not a brag bag since it has nothing really special, but based on customer ratings and a price point WAY UNDER FIFTY BUCKS, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the product based on the price!


  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Sturdy steel frame with wide wheels
  • An insanely low price of WELL under $50


  • Low price may scare some buyers
  • It’s a fairly basic cart at the bottom of the price spectrum



  1. Golf Gifts & Gallery Navigator Push Cart

If you are looking to get yourself something on the cheap side of things then this golf cart could definitely be an option for you. This cart features an easy to use buckle strap design in order to hold your bag in place. The design features three wheels and it does have a couple small features packed into its design despite the small price tag of the unit. There is a watertight compartment built into it to keep your personal items safe and you will also notice a golf ball holder as well as a scorecard holder built into the top portion of the unit.


  • Black and silver is eye appealing yet simple
  • The cheap price tag makes this cart a competitor
  • A couple nice smaller features like a watertight compartment, a golf ball and a scorecard holder are located on the unit


  • Strap design can be a pain to use to attach and un-attach your bag
  • No storage compartments located on the unit



  1. Clicgear Model 8

If you have a lot of money to spend and want to get yourself a premium cart then this could very well be the right cart for you. This cart is available in six different color options in order to suit a wide range of personal tastes. The unit is capable of folding down both quickly and easily to a size of 15 inches by 17 inches by 27 inches. The design incorporates the use of a dual braking system in order to provide you with more peace of mind when leaving your bag on steep or uneven ground. This unit has four wheels and is very stable thanks to its wide base. There are some very nice convenience features located on the unit and you will notice things like an umbrella mount, two cup holders as well as a variety of accessory mounts in the design of the unit to provide you with maximum convenience.


  • Six design options that you can choose from
  • Can be folded down quickly and easily for storage or transportation purposes
  • Very stable wide base thanks to the four-wheel design of the unit
  • Lots of nice accessories including an umbrella holder, two cup holders and various golf accessory holders on the cart
  • Dual front brake system provides maximum grip on uneven surfaces so you don’t have to worry as much about your cart running away
  • Tires are airless so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally popping them at any point in time


  • This price tag will certainly be out of reach for a lot of people
  • Not a lot of storage is on the unit compared to other units in this general price range



Conclusion & Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, after reading our buyer’s guide as well as our list for our picks for the top ten push golf carts on the market, you now have a better idea as to the features you want and some of the options on the market that are available to you. Although it may not be easy to narrow down your options, it is a good idea to take a look at the return policies as well as the warranty terms of the company that you are dealing with so that you know the potential problems you may run into down the road if you run into any issues with the unit or end up breaking what looks to be a vulnerable area on the unit. Best of luck in your search for the best push golf cart. Good luck out on the course!


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