The 10 Best Resistance Bands for 2021 : Home Workouts & Rehabilitation

When buying yourself resistance bands there are so many factors to take into account before you make your purchasing decision. With so many options on the market it can be quite difficult to find bands that work for your exercise routine and that are a good quality band so that they last you for a long period of time. In order to help you narrow down your options we have come up with a buying guide for resistance bands so that you have a better idea as to the types of things that you should look for so that you don’t get stuck with resistance bands that break down on you in a short period of time or that don’t work properly for the exercises that you do. We have also come up with a list of the top ten resistance bands on the market to help you narrow down your options and to give you an idea as to what a quality band looks like.

Top Resistance Bands Comparison Chart

Resistance Bands Buying Guide


Price shouldn’t be a huge deal-breaker as far as resistance bands are concerned. These bands are mostly made out of a rubber material which results in them being a very low price to manufacture. Resulting in a lower price for you at the checkout. Although you probably don’t want to buy the cheapest possible set of resistance bands that you can find as they may be made of poor quality rubber and snap on you during exercise and cause an injury. It is important to be aware that there can be a broad difference in quality and it is important to not only look at the individual band, but it is also a good idea to have a look at other people’s experiences with the band to see if they had any problems.


When you are looking to buy a set of resistance bands it is important to take a look and see if the bands have any kind of a warranty on them. A band that has a lifetime warranty on it is probably one of your safest bets because it means that the manufacturer is comfortable with the band and that you don’t have to worry about anything breaking on you during your workout routine. Not all bands will come with a lifetime warranty, but you will often notice that the length of the warranty does change accordingly with the price of the product which is something that you should keep in mind.

Resistance Weight

Each band that you buy is likely to be labeled by some kind of a weight resistance. This is a measurement made by the manufacturer that states that moving that band is equivalent pressure to that of moving that same amount of weight. Especially if you are buying bands to do strength related exercises it is a good idea to try and find bands that offer a wide variety of resistance weights so that you don’t have to jump up in large weight increments when you are trying to increase the total amount of weight that you can lift. The nice thing about bands is that you aren’t technically lifting the weight that the band says on it which means you are much less prone to getting a severe injury as a result from lifting too much weight.


Many of the resistance bands that you buy are going to come with accessories in order to sweeten up the deal and tempt you more into purchasing the product. Some of the many things that you are likely to find included with your resistance bands include bags to hold your resistance bands inside, DVD’s that have a variety of workout routines on them that you can perform using the bands. Exercise charts to keep track of your progress or some kind of a digital download compatible with your resistance bands. Some accessories that you get will even be designed for use directly with the band itself. You will see some kits that come with things like ankle bands, handles, and even door anchors so that you can perform exercises using your door as part of your equipment.


One aspect of a band that maybe hasn’t crossed your mind before is how long the band actually is. A short band and a long band have different benefits and some people definitely prefer one over the other depending on the exercises that they do on a regular basis. A long band allows you to wrap your hands up within the band to allow for more grip so that you don’t injure yourself during your workout routine. One negative of a long band is that when you fold it all up it will take up more space than that of a smaller band. With smaller bands you may not get the same quality of grip as a larger band, but you will get far less whip if you were to accidentally let go of the band resulting in less pain. A short band also has the benefit of taking up less space than that of a larger band.

Ends of the Bands

Not all bands are pure rubber, many of the bands on the market actually have a handle directly on the end of the band and you use this to hold onto. If you don’t like making loops out of a regular rubber band or you don’t trust your knots, a handle may give you a little bit more peace of mind. Another thing that you will sometimes find on the end of a rubber band is some kind of a clip design. The nice thing about a clip is that you can attach the end to anything that you choose and it is quite secure. If you happen to let go of one end of your clip, however, they are often made out of metal and it could cause a serious injury which is something that you should keep in mind.


This is especially important if you are attempting to do some kind of strength training by using the bands. It is important to have some way to distinguish what band you are using and what sort of weight range you are working out with. Many of the resistance bands on the market will offer color coordination in order to help the user pick out the right band for whatever exercise they are performing. If you have no idea which band you should be using for the exercise it is a good idea to start off with one of the lighter bands and see how that feels before proceeding to something more difficult. If you have a bunch of lighter bands and you want something that is more difficult to lift/ exercise with then one thing you can do is combine the bands together and use both of them at once. When combining bands just make sure that you get a proper grip on them before performing any exercises so that you don’t accidentally lose your grip and end up hurting yourself.

Best Resistance Band Reviews


  1. Weinas Resistance Band Set (from Supalak)

Topping our list is one heck of a deal and one heck of a quality set of bands that are rated for serious athletes rather than just doing a bit of bum-trimming.  There are no 5-pound resistances.  This set of Weinas bands includes 5 bands (20 lbs, 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs) along with 4 cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps, 2 door anchors, 1 carrying bag and a workout guide book.  The whole schmozzle fits into the included carry bag for easy transport.

The other thing we like is that in the very unlikely event that a band breaks, you won’t get whipped and beaten by out-of-control broken ends flying everywhere.  Instead, the broken cord will be sheathed in a durable outer protective tube of fabric.  The handles are soft, but rigid and you likely will not need gloves since the high-density cushion is absorbent and anti-slip for maximum comfort.

The bands are color-coded to easily identify the resistance level, and you won’t be disappointed by the weakness of the resistance levels either.  We would consider this set the best one if you are an intermediate to advanced user/athlete who wants a “portable gym” when their kettlebells, dumbbells or home gyms are not available.  


  • Heavy resistance levels for advanced users
  • Straps are stackable to create even more resistance
  • Broken bands will never injure you because of the protective sheath


  • Bit more expensive than some options
  • May be overkill for beginner users just wanting a minimum of resistance



  1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

If you are looking for a simple and cheap option then these could very well be the bands for you. This set features five bands of varying resistance levels. Each of the bands is quite short as they are only 12 inches in length. This set comes with a small carrying bag so that you can keep all of your stuff in one place which is quite handy and helps to make this low purchase price an even better deal. With your purchase, you will get an E-book, as well as a booklet each containing numerous exercises with illustrations. If those aren’t enough to get you on the right track the company even gives you access to a video that has a nice workout guide and can get you going in the right direction. One nice thing about these bands is that the manufacturer has a lifetime guarantee on them and if you don’t like the bands they will give you your money back.


  • E-book, workout booklet and workout video guide all come with your purchase
  • Five varying resistance level bands and nice carrying bag
  • Small 12 inch bands create much less whip than a larger band and therefore you won’t hurt yourself as badly losing your grip
  • Lifetime guarantee on the bands


  • Some people may want larger bands as these are quite small in size
  • Not many accessories are included with your purchase



  1. WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band

If you are looking to get yourself a set of heavier duty bands for a low price tag then these bands may be a good option for you. The bands offer a very wide range of resistance options and start at as low as a 10-pound resistance and go as high as 175 pounds resistance. The bands are available in a variety of resistance ranges if you want to get yourself a lighter set of bands. If you buy some of the heavier weight class bands these are some of the most popular pull-up assist bands available on the market thanks to their ability to hold their weight and the fact that they are such a low price. These bands are backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee to help give you some peace of mind with your purchasing decision.


  • Huge variety of weight resistance options available from 10 – 175 lbs
  • Popular band for pull up assistance
  • Backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Variety of packages to choose from with varying weight classes and quantities
  • Color coated to provide easy recognition
  • Access to an electronic guide


  • Barely any accessories included with your purchase



  1. SMASH SPEED Resistance Running Exercise Bungee Bands

Here’s a really unique resistance band option and it’s targeted towards a very specific use – developing explosiveness!  It’s meant to train your core as well as legs, back, chest and shoulders with explosive muscle stress which is directly related to sprinting.  The package comes with 2 cords (a 4-foot and 8-foot cord offering 80-pound resistance.  Padded waist belts and non-breaking iron clips are standard for the sprinting setup and padded leg straps are also included for resistance while moving legs apart (similar to the function of regular resistance bands).

The waist belt is adjustable up to 38-inches and has an adjustment for 360-degrees (range of motion).  The system can be used with a partner or solo.


  • Builds strength, agility and flexibility
  • Bands have a resistance of 80 lbs and cords can be combined to increase length.
  • Can be used alone or with a training partner
  • 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon


  • Training guide could be a little more specific to speed training rather than being a general fitness guide



  1. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands fit the bill if you are looking for some cheap bands that really do the trick. These bands are quite small at 12 inches in length (and 2 inches wide) and come in a small carrying bag making them very portable overall. These bands can be combined together in order to increase the difficulty level if you please. The bands have varying degrees of resistance and come in a light to extra heavy difficulty range.  There are three color packages available:  multi-colored bands for easy recognition, blue-graded bands, and pink-graded bands.  The blues and pinks come in different tones in order to distinguish the resistance levels represented by each graded tone.


  • 12-inch bands combined with nice carrying bag makes for a very portable package
  • Can be combined to increase the difficulty/resistance
  • Each band has varying degrees of resistance from light to extra heavy
  • Color coated for easy recognition
  • Cheap price tag
  • Options for multi-colored, blue-toned variations and pink-toned variations


  • No accessories included other than the carrying bag



  1. Sport2People Physical Therapy Bands

These bands are designed to be quite durable and are made out of laboratory tested latex so that they can provide optimal strength and performance long term. These bands are all colored according to their level of resistance and are quite small in size as they are only 10 inches in length. Although you won’t get any physical accessories with this purchase these bands do come with a detailed E-book that contains 63 pages of exercises that you can try out. One other awesome aspect of this purchase is that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on the product.


  • Free 63 page E-book with your purchase
  • The manufacturer offers money-back guarantee
  • Small bands are ideal for children at 10 inches in length
  • Color coated to be easily able to tell the amount of resistance
  • Laboratory tested latex for durability and peace of mind


  • No physical accessories
  • Very small size of band may not work for some people



  1. Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Bands

If you are looking for a very heavy duty set so that you can use your bands for whatever you want to then this may be a good option for you. Although these bands definitely have a much higher price tag than many of the other bands on the market they do offer a wide range of resistance. The lightest band in the package provides as little as 2 pounds of resistance while the heaviest duty band provides up to 150 pounds of resistance. Six bands are included in this set and each of the bands are color coordinated for easy recognition. With your purchase, you get a free PDF pull up and band starter guide as a nice added bonus.


  • Broad range of resistance varies from 2-150 pounds
  • Color coated bands allow for easy recognition
  • Six bands included in the set
  • Free pull up and band starter PDF guide included with your purchase
  • Single-band options are available for a much cheaper price tag if you don’t need six


  • High price tag may be out of reach for some people
  • Longer 41-inch band may not be liked by some



  1. Odoland Booty Bands Resistance Bands Set

The Odoland Booty Bands offer you a 6-in-1 exercise set which is very much UNLIKE a regular resistance band set.  The idea behind this set is that you have a variety of band lengths that are made to provide different resistance levels for different muscle groups.  Included in this set are exercise tubes as well, and together with the specific-length and resistance bands, you can target your whole body.  You can also stretch effectively using the long bands.  Included in the package are 3 hip bands (3 different sizes that offer 3 different resistance levels), 2 exercise tubes and 1 door anchor.

One of the big selling features of this set of bands is that they will NOT roll or slide up the side of your leg when the pressure would make other bands do so.  They are designed with extra anti-slip strips.  

Overall, this set of bands is excellent for Crossfit, Yoga, Physical therapy and even full-body training.


  • Targeted to specific body parts
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Won’t slip or roll up your legs or arms


  • Lightweight bands may not have enough resistance weight for some people



  1. Super Exercise Band 7 ft. Long Resistance Bands

If you are looking to get yourself a quality really long band then this may be a good option for you. This band is seven feet long making it a perfect band for doing a huge variety of exercises with and offering you plenty of room to get a good grip of the band so that you don’t end up snapping yourself. This band comes in a multitude of colors and strength options in order to suit your individual needs. The bands come in a re-sealable pouch with you can use to transport the band around in as you please. With this band you get a free exercise E-book with your purchase as well as access to numerous exercise videos to help out your fitness.


  • Free E-book
  • Long band allows you to get a good grip so that you don’t hurt yourself
  • Comes in a re-sealable pouch
  • Seven different options to choose from that vary in color and strength


  • No physical accessories included with your purchase



  1. OMERIL Resistance Bands Set

Here’s another set that differs from regular latex or rubber resistance bands in that they are wider, and they are made of an excellent quality cotton/polyester stretch fabric.  This manufacturing style goes a long way in minimizing (and in many cases preventing) sliding up or rolling up during exercise.  Imagine no slips and no pinching.  It comes in 3 different resistance levels: Green/Light (0.35mm/15-25lbs), Purple / Medium (25-35lbs), Black/Heavy (35-50lbs). It’s great for beginners as well as more advanced users to increase intensity in a variety of exercises.

The whole deal includes a portable carry bag, 3 resistance bands, a user manual and a warranty card.  Omeril promises excellent customer service with 24/7 after sale service.


  • 3 color coated straps with varying resistance levels
  • Lightweight and super great quality material (not that powdery, thin latex stuff)


  • Bands cannot be connected


 Conclusion & Recommendations

Hopefully, after reading through our buying guide and the list of the top ten bands on the market you have a better grasp as to what a quality band looks like as well as what sorts of features you want with your purchase. Remember that it is important to take into account future exercises or rehab protocols that you may be interested in pursuing so that you don’t have to make a second purchase later on in order to have the right bands for you to perform the exercises that you want to. Best of luck in your hunt for your resistance bands and best of luck with your fitness!




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