Your Complete Guide to Exercise Sandbags

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If you’re like every other human being on the planet, you probably think that doing the same thing repeatedly can get quite boring. This is true with many things, including fitness.

It’s for you and your body’s best interest, for this reason, to shake things up a little bit when you visit the gym. Or, you could skip the gym altogether and get a great, varied workout at home.

An exercise sandbag makes this possible; sandbags are affordable, provide a great range of exercise choice, and can be used anywhere. You’re probably sitting on the edge of your chair in excitement, waiting to get your hands on one of these nifty workout tools.

You’ll want to take note of several things, however, all of which are important to know before you finally decide to purchase the exercise sandbag that’s right for you.


This section will cover components critical to a well-oiled exercise sandbag. After we cover everything here, we’ll swing our attention over to the seven best exercise sandbags for this year!

Cleaning Frequency

One of the favorable attributes of most exercise sandbags is that they’re able to be used in a variety of different environments. This comes with a catch, however, particularly if you’re planning on using outside. 

The catch is that you’ll probably have to clean it, which means you’ll want an exercise sandbag that holds up well in the face of dirt and grime. Cleaning these giant exercise tools can be tough and tedious, so you’ll ideally want one that needs to be cleaned infrequently.

Adjustable Weights

Are you worried that the term “sandbag” implies that the sandbag is non-adjustable?

If you are, get ready for your worry to evaporate – most exercise sandbags come with a giant nylon case, which can be filled with smaller-sized or larger-sized sandbags for weight/workout manipulation.

With this being said, some exercise sandbags are just what their name suggests – they’re large bags filled with sand. Know the weight that you want from your workout sandbag before you buy one.

Maximum Weight

An exercise sandbag can provide an invigorating, demanding, and unique workout, but like all forms of exercise equipment, one specific weight can only do so much.

You’ll want to make sure that the sandbag you purchase is heavy enough for you to use it efficiently during your workout, and for a considerable amount of time after it.

You’ll want to consider a sandbag with interchangeable weights if you’re unsure of what weight you’ll eventually grow out of.

Number of Handles

Let’s face it. Nobody likes lugging around 70 pounds of sand, but this is a reality you’ll have to face if you decide to purchase a large exercise sandbag. Fortunately, many sandbags are designed with handles that make carrying them slightly easier.

The amount of handles on an exercise sandbag largely dictates how easily said sandbag will be to transport. Don’t forgo this feature!


It’s one thing for an exercise sandbag to be able to put up with a ton of wear and tear, but can it withstand moisture? A truly great exercise sandbag will keep its sand secure, dry, and free of invasive elements.

Opt for a sandbag that’s composed of nylon.

One Sandbag or Sandbag Case?

An exercise sandbag might seem like a straightforward purchase to make, but in reality, it can be quite deceiving. An important thing to be aware of is whether or not the exercise sandbag you’re considering purchasing is a mere sandbag.

An exercise sandbag should be equipped with a carrying case, for reasons which we’ve mentioned in a few of the previous points. The case should have handles, should be waterproof, and should be able to comfortably accommodate a wide range of weight.

Durability of Sandbags

While the durability and the material of the sandbag case are undoubtedly important, you’ll want to consider something else: the durability of the sandbag or bags.

This is an important thing to take into account because it affects the longevity and performance of your exercise sandbags. Imagine how frustrating spilled sand would be, all over the interior of your sandbag.

This is why durability is so important; you’ll need a sandbag that can cope with the force of rigorous lifting and exercise, on a daily or weekly basis.

Other Filling Options?

Some sandbags provide other ways to fill them. In particular, water is a popular choice to fill sandbags with. You might ask “Why would you fill a sandbag with water?”.

Well, some sandbags have zipped pockets that allow for the removal of the sand from the bag entirely.

If you choose to remove the sand from your sandbags, you’ll be able to fill it with other forms of weight, such as water and gravel.


While most exercise sandbags tend to boast their “supreme durability” and “waterproof material”, not every sandbag is created equal. Things happen, and sandbags may break or tear.

It’s good to stay protected if you find yourself with a broken exercise sandbag or bags.

A warranty is perfect for ensuring that your exercise sandbag is covered in the event of an issue, such as a bag tear. Warranties often cost a few bucks more if you want the best accident coverage. Most exercise sandbags, however, come with a basic level of coverage.

Finally, it’s time to get to the part we’ve all been waiting for, our list of the seven best exercise sandbags. We’ll start with the highest-rated bags then move onto the lowest-rated bags. Regardless of their rating, they’re all great purchases.

Best Exercise Sandbag Reviews


1.   Brute Force Sandbags

Brute Force Sandbags - Athlete Sandbag - Black - Heavy Duty Sandbags for Fitness Exercise Sandbags Military Sandbags Weighted Bags Heavy Sand Bags Weighted Home Gym

Available in a wide range of weight (25-150 pounds), the Brute Force Exercise Sandbag is a beast of a workout tool. You’ll be able to develop well-rounded strength with a versatile assortment of handles, removable sandbag weights, and exercise options.

The Brute Force Sandbags are composed of a durable material, a material that will hold up well in the face of any dropping, dirt, or environmental contamination.

In addition to the durability of its bag, the Brute Force Exercise Sandbag is capable of adding or shedding many increments of weight, due to its large case. The case can be opened by a zipper and can fit many small sandbags inside of it.

Working out at home has never been easier. On the flipside, we’ll note that the handles of this sandbag aren’t very durable. Also, the increments that the weight increases by is rather large for small training progressions.


  • Durable bag
  • Multiple removable sandbag weights
  • Holds up well with time and use


  • Durability of handles can be called into question
  • Large weight increments may make beginning workouts difficult




2.   Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags


Sandbags for Fitness with Fabric Handles- Weighted Power Training- Heavy Duty Cordura Construction- 8 Gripping Handles- Adjustable Exercise Sandbags- Best Workout For Raw Power, Balance & Control


With a carrying case that boasts seven handles, a sandbag that can be filled with up to 80 pounds of sand or 60 pounds of water, and a jet-black exterior, the Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbag is quite the exercise tool.

The aforementioned handles are strong and aptly placed on the bag so that you’ll have a strong grip on the tool while you perform your exercises. The bag is woven with a sturdy material that will readily hold up to impact, elements, and other damages.

The durability of this exercise sandbag is highlighted by the fact that the zippers on the outside of the bag are covered by protective buttons.

You won’t find much that’s wrong with this bag unless you’re looking for a sandbag set that features multiple smaller sandbags, for weight manipulation. Unfortunately, you won’t get that from the Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags.


  • Seven sturdy grips
  • Durable woven case
  • Case features a zipper protector


  • Non-manipulative weight




3.   Rep Fitness Exercise Sandbags 

REP FITNESS Sandbag - Large, Camo, 50-125 lbs

This monstrous exercise sandbag is an attractive and durable addition to any exercise enthusiast’s arsenal; it’s durable, equipped with straps for safety, and provides features that protect leaks from occurring. There’s much more to it, however.

Due to its construction, you’ll be able to perform a wide variety of exercises. This isn’t to say that you can’t perform a wide variety of exercises on other exercise sandbags.

Rather, the Rep Fitness Exercise Sandbag is equipped with protective flaps that prevent abrasion from occurring, if you’re bringing the sandbag over an exposed part of your body.

Your exercise options will be practically unlimited! Another positive thing to note is that it uses a material similar to the material that seatbelts are made of in part of its case.

Additionally, the Rep Fitness Exercise Sandbags come with multiple fill bags, for a widely customizable range of weight choices. One flaw we’ll point out is that the instructions state to never fill the bags up to more than ¾ of their capacity.

This makes using the bag to its highest weight capacity rather useless!


  • Protective flaps prevent annoying abrasions from occurring
  • Bag is built to last
  • Various sizes of sandbags


  • It isn’t recommended that you fill the sandbags up over 3/4’s of their capacities




4.   Ultra Fitness Workout Exercise Sandbag

Ultra Fitness Workout Exercise Sandbag - Heavy Duty Sand-Bag for Functional Strength Training, Dynamic Load Exercises, WODs, General Fitness and Military Conditioning (Medium 25-75lbs, Tan)


The Ultra Fitness bag is one of the toughest on our list and for good reason!  It’s made from 1000D Military-Spec Cordura and a diamond stitch pattern that offers added durability and strength.  This heavy duty bag holds 50-125 lbs of weight.

It comes with 2 large fill bags and 1 medium fill bag, though of course, the fill material (sand) is not included.  The hand grip positions are numerous (5 sets) for maximum versatility.

Ultra Fitness promises this is the toughest bag of its kind on the market, and their 1-year warranty puts their money where their mouth is for sure!  This bag will never burst at the seams or leak sand no matter how hard they are thrown or abused.


  • Great range of weight to choose from
  • Five handle sets for optimal grip
  • Toughest Bag on the market (according to Ultra Fitness!)


  • Does not come with Sand




5.   Synergee Pro Adjustable Fitness Sandbag


Synergee Adjustable Fitness Sandbag. Adjustable Sandbags with Filler Bags - Heavy Duty Weight Bag


With an excellent refund policy and a great system of weight adjustment, the Synergee Pro Adjustable Fitness Sandbag is the perfect exercise sandbag for beginners.

It’s equipped with several heavy duty handles and comes with four 10-pound sandbags, all of which are refillable.

With this low weight comes a lack of versatility, however – you’ll find that you won’t be able to progress much if you want to eventually add more weight to your workouts!


  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Small increments of weight per sandbag
  • Refillable sandbags


  • Not great for intermediate or advanced lifters




6.   SKLZ Super Sandbag 

SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag (10 - 40 Pounds)

Perfect for beginners as well as for developing muscular explosiveness, the SKLZ Super Sandbag is a small but tough addition to anyone’s gym, whether it be public or personal. With four ten pound sandbags, the weight reduction and addition are deceivingly easy tasks.

You’ll have total control over the exercises you perform as well, due to its absurdly light weight. While you might not be able to reap the benefits of heavier sandbag lifting, the SKLZ Super Sandbag is an exercise sandbag that’s worth checking out.


  • Carrying case easily fits all sandbags, without risk of leakage.
  • Easy addition and subtraction of weight increments
  • Great, durable handles


  • Low weight capacity
  • Doesn’t hold up well with hard, sustained impact




7.   Iron Core Athletics Black Sandbag Filler


Iron Core Athletics Sandbag Filler Bags Sand or Water - Universal Filler Tubes can be Filled with Either Sand or Water - Medium (60lb Capacity), Small (20lb Capacity) - Guaranteed not to Leak

The Iron Core Athletics Sandbag filler is a stellar choice for any sandbag, especially if you’re unsure of what weight you’re looking to try.

It’s available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a low weight of 25 pounds to a high load of 80 pounds, and can be purchased in 5-packs to offer more weight than many exercise sandbags on the market today.

Remember, this link is for the interior filler bladder bags only and not the canvas exterior.


  • Lots of weight options and combinations


  • Does not include the exterior bag – just interior bladder



 Final Thoughts & Conclusion

An excellent exercise sandbag will have an excellent variety of weight adjustment options, durability, comfortable grip, leak-proof sandbags, amongst other things than traditional dumbbells and barbells don’t offer.

As far as the best exercise sandbags are concerned, we’d pick one over the others from the list above – The Brute Force Sandbags.

These sandbags offer easy weight adjustment, excellent bag durability, and a great range of weight for ultimate workout flexibility. That’s our pick, but the choice is up ultimately up to you where you want to buy a professional quality bag or build your own!




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