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Rails and grind boxes are a great addition to any skater’s basement, garage, or driveway.  They are great for beginners who are just learning basic board slides, all the way to the veteran skateboarder who wants to practice handrail tricks at a lower height. 

You can try to make your own, but unless you’re a whiz with an Arc welder or a master carpenter or construction prodigy, it’ll be far easier, quicker, safer and probably cheaper to buy what you need ready-made.

However, knowing where to buy the best cheap skateboard grind rail or box isn’t always easy.  If that wasn’t enough, due to the weight and size of rails it’s not very common to find a store with a large variety of skateboard rails for sale. 

We’ll help you hack through the garbage and get something decent for your dollar!

Types of Skateboard Rails and Grind Boxes

Before buying a skate rail or grind box, it’s important to know the different options available and which would be best for your skill level and setup.

Pro Tip: Only buy metal rails.  There are a few plastic rails out there, but they are typically very poor quality and not recommended for anyone.

Flat Bar Skateboard Rail

The flat bar skate rail is the industry standard rail today.  Take a walk to your local skatepark, and I guarantee you will find multiple variations of flat bar rails around the park.

Flat skateboard rails are an excellent choice for beginners as they are very stable and easy to “lock” your trucks onto.  Many rails these days are adjustable so you can set the rail height based on your preference and ability.

They are also easier for sliding tricks as they tend to be wider than round rails so it’s less likely that you will slip off to one side or another.

Note: Flat grinding rails will require more skate wax than their round counterparts due to the increased surface area that makes contact with your deck or trucks.

Round Grind Rails

Round skate grind rails are the second most common skateboard rail on the market today.  They are very similar to the flat bar, except (you guessed it) the rail is round instead of flat.

Also like flat grind rails, round rails are available in adjustable versions to allow for modification and adjustment as skill level increases.

Round rails tend to be much more difficult to skate than flat bars just due to the nature of the round surface.  Apart from that, round rails tend to be thinner than traditional flat bar rails so that add another level of difficulty when trying to “lock” into grind tricks.  

Slides aren’t too much harder and they may ever be easier on round rails for beginners since they don’t need to ollie as high.

Rainbow Grind Rails

As the name suggests, rainbow grind rails are shaped in an arch shape and resemble a rainbow. To be honest, these are more of a novelty and are rarely seen, but they look cool and are tons of fun so I had to include them.

Grind Boxes

Grind boxes are typically wide wooden boxes with metal edges that allow for grinds and slides.  Boxes are typically better for grinds and nose/tail slides than rails due to their sturdiness.  

The cool thing about boxes is that they can be used as manual pads and flow very nicely in a line.

Grind boxes come in a few different styles and variations including benches, manual pads, and angled “hubba” boxes.

Grind Benches

Grind benches are typically very similar to boxes, except they are metal and closely resemble benches found in cities and parks.

The difference between a normal bench and a skateboard grind bench is the ability to adjust the height and smooth metal sides that are perfect for skateboarding.

Manual Pads

Manual pads or “manny pads” are typically curb-height or higher wooden boxes.  They are meant to perform manuals across them and more advanced skaters can do flip tricks in to and out of the manuals.  

Manual pads are super versatile and can be a fun obstacle to skate on a lazy summer day.

Angled “Hubba” Boxes/Ledges

Angled boxes or hubba ledges are very similar to normal grind boxes except they are angled or slanted. There are a ton of different variations to this type of box, some including other ramps, stairs, and rails.

Wally boxes

A “wally” is when a skater rides on a never vertical wall for a short period of time.  Wally boxes allow skaters to combine this wally trick was a grind or slide at the top.  Definitely a unique box to have.

Best Skate Rails and Grind Boxes Reviews


1.   Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail


Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail



  • Over 8′ Long
  • Height adjustable from 17 cm to 23 cm
  • Rider Weight limit – 100 kg (220 lbs)


  • Industrial Grade Materials
  • Rail Doesn’t Move or Slip When Skated
  • Adjustable Heights for Different Skill Level (lowest setting is 17 cm)
  • Very Well Known and Reputable Skateboard Brand
  • Durable and Can Handle All Weather Conditions
  • Easy Assembly of around 2 minutes!
  • Rated for ages 7+


  • Feet of Rail May Bend Over Time and Cause a Slight Wobble





2.   FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail


FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail



  • 6′ Long
  • 3.13″ Wide Oval Rail
  • 24 lbs
  • Adjustable height from 9-19″


  • Connectable With Other FreshPark Rails to Build Extra Long Rail
  • Micro Adjustments to any height between 9-19″
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Rail Does Not Slide When Skated Due to Base Grips
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Easy Assembly


  • Oval Rail May Be Difficult to Lock Onto For Novice Skaters





3.   OC Ramps 4′ Grind Box


OC Ramps 6ft Long Grind Box (Wood, 6' Long)

This OC grind box is no slouch and the price point speaks to its level of quality (I mean high price = good quality okay?!).  This ramp is made from a high-grade plywood and galvanized steel. 

It comes READY TO ASSEMBLE (that’s sales speak for “it comes in a bunch of little pieces that you have to work at to assemble for half the afternoon). 

The plywood surface is so smooth it resembles “Skatelite” (which is an incredibly durable solid paper composite material used as a riding surface for extreme sports).  The box itself sits 8″ high.

The durability factor on this box is pretty high, but obviously, we suggest keeping it out of extreme weather when not in use.


  • High-Quality Laminated Wood Top and Sides
  • No Assembly Required
  • Galvanized Steel Corners for Smooth Grinds & Slides
  • Solid, Long-Lasting Construction
  • Reputable Brand


  • Front and Back Edges Prone to Chipping Over Time




4.   Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail


Mojo Square Grind Rail, Blue

Also Available in 6′ Version:


  • 7.5′ Long
  • 2″ Wide Rail
  • Adjustable Heights from 10-16″
  • 35 lbs


  • Longer Than Most Other Rails on the Market
  • Rubber Pads on Legs Prevent Rail Slippage


  • 2″ Rail May Be Too Thin For Some Skaters
  • Sacrifices Stability for Longer Length
  • Leg Pins May Bend or Break Over Time





5.   X Factor Driveway Skatepark Grind Rail


X Factor Driveway Skatepark Grind Rail


  • 54″ Long
  • 1.5″ Diameter Rounded Rail
  • Adjustable Heights from 8-12″
  • 10 lbs


  • Great Price
  • Lightweight and Very Portable
  • Rounded Rail Great for Intermediate Skaters


  • Rail is Quite Short (Less than 5′ Long)
  • Pins in Legs of Rail Bend Over Time
  • Rail May Not be Tall Enough for Advanced Skaters





6.   Mojo Skate Bench

Mojo Skate Bench



  • 7.5′ Long
  • 14″ Wide
  • Height Settings of 10″, 12″, and 14″
  • 55 lbs


  • Study Metal Frame
  • Very Long Bench
  • Study and Adjustable
  • Perfect to Add into Configurations With Other Ramps and Rails
  • Weather Resistant


  • Very Loud When Skated
  • Wood Top Not Durable, May Need to be Replaced





7.   FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Fun Box FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Fun Box


  • 47″ x 37″ deck surface dimension
  • Maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs


  • Very Unique
  • Extremely versatile – used for bench, ramp, rail, etc.
  • Interlocks with other Freshpark ramps and rails
  • Used in X Games, AST Dew Tour and more!
  • 100% maintenance-free


  • Paint May Peel Off, However No Negative Impact to Overall Performance
  • Shape of top rail my not be to your liking


Full Description HERE




8.   Element Flat Bar



Element Flat Bar


  • 6 feet Long and 4 inches wide
  • 28 lbs


  • Sturdy Ramps and Built-In Rail
  • Weatherproof Finished Surface
  • Rated for both advanced and beginner skaters
  • Adjustable heights of 10″ – 13″


  • Assembly Required
  • Metal Frame Increases Noise Level When Skated




Honorable Mention: Ramptech Manny Pad


Ramptech Manny Pad 10" Tall x 32" Wide x 5' Long

The ONLY reason this didn’t make our list is because of the restrictive price point – around $330.  Otherwise, it sits among our best options for sure!


  • 5′ Long
  • 10″ High
  • 32″ Wide


  • Countless Possible Variations and Configurations
  • Added Opportunities for Additional Trick Complexity
  • Something for All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Finished, Protected, and Weatherproof Wood
  • Very Reputable Brand


  • Assembly required
  • High Shipping Cost Due to Size and Weight






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