10 Best Skateboard Ramps for 2019 | Kicker Ramps, Halfpipes!

When looking to buy the best cheap skateboard ramp, there are many variables you should keep in mind.  There are different types of ramps meant for different styles of skateboarding and tricks.  You must also consider how much room you have in your driveway (or backyard) and if you will need to be moving the ramp frequently out of the way of cars or due to bad weather.  You should also think about what you can do with the ramp in the future as you get better and learn more complex tricks.  Some ramps can be combined with others to build larger ramp setups or can be used in a fun line of ramps, rails, and gaps.

Building vs. Buying a Skateboard Ramp

When searching the internet for skateboard ramps, you have probably come across “ramp plans” for sales.  These are blueprints allow you to build your own.

I will caution you about building your own ramps though, as I have tried myself but found wood and metal prices to be much higher than expected.  Also for quarter pipes, halfpipes, or other ramps with concavity, it is incredibly difficult to cut the perfect curve that is smooth and consistent on both sides.

If you have a carpentry background or are a contractor by trade, I say “Go for it!”.  Otherwise, I recommend you buy already build ramps or kits with all the wood precut and measured.  They will be much more sturdy and a better long-term investment.

Top Skateboard Ramps Comparison Chart

Types of Skateboard Ramps

Wedge Ramps

Wedge ramps are the simplest type of skateboard ramp and are typically the most common driveway ramp.

They are typically relatively small (less than 2 feet) and don’t have much concave.

Wedge ramps can be plastic, wooden, metal, or a composite “Skatelite” type material. Don’t really worry too much about the material, except keep in mind that metal ramps can get very hot in the summer and plastic ramps can get very slippery when wet. (but who skates in the rain, anyway?)

They are great for beginners and driveway skaters and can be paired with rails, boxes, and other larger ramps as your skill level improves.

Wedge ramps are a great addition to any line as they are very portable and “flow” nicely. A good example of a line that can be created with a wedge ramp would be a Quarter Pipe than a small wedge and then a rail on a long driveway.  But the possibilities are really endless with wedge ramps.

Pictured: Launch-Wedge Ramps OC 

Launch Ramps

Sometimes also called “kicker ramps”, launch ramps are pretty similar to wedge ramps, except that they more concave. This additional concave allows a skater to maximize the air time they get and allows them to practice grabs and other tricks that are typically difficult to do on regular wedge ramps.

Similarly to wedge ramps, launch ramps can be made of almost any material and can be paired with other boxes, ledges, rails, or ramps.

Launch ramps are great for intermediate skaters who want to get a little more air to experiment with more advanced tricks and grabs.

Pictured: (Build at Home) Professional Launch Ramp

Skateboard Fun Boxes

Fun Boxes are typically two kicker or wedge ramps connected with a box in between.

Sometimes grind boxes or rails are added to them or more ramps on all four angles makes a skateboard pyramid setup.  The rail on this specific funbox is galvanized to allow for easy sliding and little wear to trucks.

The great thing about fun boxes is that they are fully customizable and can accommodate all skill levels.

Beginners can have fun just riding across the box and trying to keep a manual, while an advanced skater can perform flip tricks over the entire midsection.  Fun boxes can either be purchased or built with other ramps and boxes.

Pictured: Fun Box Professional Quality Ramp

Quarter Pipe Ramps

Quarter pipes are another extremely common home skateboard ramp types.

They are cheaper and more accessible than half pipes and are sold by a variety of brands.

Quarter pipes can be skated a ton of different ways. They can be a great way to gain speed at the beginning of a line or there are hundreds of stalls and airs that can be done my all skill levels on coping (piping at the top) of them.

Pictured: 3′ Professional Quality Quarter Pipe 


Tip: A Skateboard “Spine” ramp is when you place two quarter pipes back-to-back of each other.

Pictured: Ramptech Spine 2′ by 4′


Half Pipes

Halfpipes are traditionally what people think of when they hear about “skateboard ramps”. They consist of two quarter pipes connected with a flat bottom portion.
These are the ramps that old school “vert” skater’s used to love back in the day, and they have regained popularity among today’s youth.

Half pipes can be quite expensive, but they are great for the ultimate skater’s dream basement or backyard due to their size requirements and flexibility.

Half pipes are typically made of wood or a wood-like composite material and they are pretty much immobile due to their size and weight. Today, many half pipes are for sale online and can be delivered right to your house and assembled for you.

Pictured: Ramptech Outdoor Skateboard Ramp

Best Skateboard Ramps

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

(2 PackStarter KitDriveway Kit, 4-sided kit)

Landwave skateboard ramps are the legos of ramp building. This corny video tells it all:

These guys have been around forever. They have fantastic reviews and price their ramps very affordability.

The ramps themselves are super durable and are all weather resistant. But the real draw of these ramps is their compatibility.

As you probably know, skateboarding is all about pushing limits, creativity, and trying new things. With these ramps and boxes, you can build any setup your want and easily change, adjust, alter and experiment.

I was hesitant at first about the stability of these ramps when stacked and connected, but after creating a large bank ramp with 6 of these ramps I can assure you that you can’t even tell when there are multiple pieces connected. Landwave ramps are great for beginner skaters and anyone who want to continually test and try new combinations and configurations.


  • Great Price
  • Excellent Brand Reputation
  • No Assembly Required
  • Weather Resistant
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Endless Possible Setups and Combinations


  • Sometimes Difficult to Detach After Being Connected
  • Plastic Ramps Get Slippery When Wet


Double Mini Skateboard BMX Ramp and Transition Kit

Fun little launch ramp and tabletop kit.  Definitely more for beginners due to their size, but the concave of the ramp allows skaters to get more air than with an ordinary wedge ramp.  A great driveway ramp that can be combined with rails, grind boxes, or in other setups.  The downside to light plastic ramps like this is they have a tendency to slide


  • Low Price
  • Very Portable and Tons of Potential Variations of Lines and Combinations


  • Table Top Box Not Useful on Its Own
  • Slides Around Easily (Place Bricks in Front or Underneath)


Skateboard BMX Double Ramp with Center Table

An awesome little fun box that’s perfect for beginners.  The perfect combination of “launch” in the concave of the ramp to allow for tricks while maintaining a modest height to limit the risk of injury.  The downside to light, plastic ramps such as these, is that a single ramp alone may have a tendency to slide across smooth pavement when skated.  To avoid this you can but bricks or cinder blocks under or in front of the ramp to keep it in place.


  • Very Versatile, Can Be Used in Many Lines and Combinations
  • Great Height for Beginners
  • Ramp Angle Perfect for Airs and Grabs
  • Weatherproof
  • Combo Set of (2) Launch Ramps and a Connecting Table Top
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Ramps Sometimes Slide When Skated Aggressively
  • Too Small for Older or More Advanced Skaters


Mojo Quarter Pipe

This 4′ x 2′ quarter pipe is an absolute beast in the quarter pipe market.  Its fame is made of incredibly sturdy steel and wheels on the back allow the ramp to be moved with ease.  The mojo quarter pipe is a clear leader in metal framed ramps on the market today.


  • Excellent, Professional Skatepark Quality Ramp
  • Wheels for Easy Transport (It’s Very Heavy, 400lbs!)
  • Very Easily Assembly
  • Very Reputable Ramp/Rail Company
  • Perfectly Measured and Smooth Concave


  • Surface Gets Very Hot in the Sun
  • High Price (“You Get What You Pay For”)



Mojo Port A Park

This set of ramps is by the far the most versatile on the market today.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to combinations and lines that can be done with this set.  If you’re a creative skater who likes pushing limits and trying new things, then this is the ramp for you.  You’ll never have to worry about durability or quality with these ramps as they can withstand being run over by a truck! (watch the video)


  • Endless Combinations and Setups for All Skill Levels
  • Super Durable Steel Frame
  • Easy to Assemble and Move


  • Wood May Warp Slightly if Left in Poor Weather Conditions
  • High Price


Ramptech 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp

Super high quality treated wooden quarter pipe that’s available in a 2′,3′, and 4′ version.  Very study ramps, however assembly is required and that may turn some people off. However, you could easily find someone on Craigslist to assemble it for $20 if absolutely necessary.  A sturdy ramp built for the long term.

3′ Version

4′ Version


  • Weather Resistant Treated Wood Surface
  • Sturdy Coping and Metal Bottom Edge for a Smooth Transition
  • Can be Combined to Build a Half Pipe or Just a Long Quarter Pipe
  • Portable


  • Some Assembly Required


OC Ramps 3′ x 4′ Foot Quarterpipe

Don’t quite have the budget for the OC Halfpipe listed above? You’re not the only one, that why OC Ramps sells a quarter pipe version of the ramp.  It’s much more mobile, cost-effective and if you buy two you can configure it to be a half-pipe for a much lower price.


  • High-Quality Wood Construction
  • Very Stable and Smooth
  • Galvanized Coping for Better Grinds and Slides
  • Skatelite Pro Surface Available for Additional Fee ($200)


  • Assembly Required (although much less than for the half pipe)
  • High Shipping Cost Due to Size and Weight


Professional Launch Ramp (Build at Home)

Perfect launch ramp for those who love lots of air for grabs and complex flip tricks.  Hit this ramp with any decent amount of speed, and you will be propelled into the air.  This ramp is tons of fun and it can even be skated backwards due to it’s unique steep slanted “wallie” back.


  • Can Be Skated Both Ways
  • Perfect Height and Slope for Intermediate and Advanced Skaters
  • Very Sturdy High-Quality Wood
  • Metal Bottom For Very Smooth Transition


  • Top of Ramp Will Chip if You Grind or Slide on it (May Want to Add Metal Coping)
  • Assembly Required


3 1/2ft. Professional Skateboard Mini Ramp Half Pipe – 8t. Wide

Another great option for those want their own personal halfpipe.  This ramp will take all of the guesswork out of it as all the wood and copings are pre-cut and pre-measured for assembly.  The ramp is super smooth, but due to the nature of its size it’s not very easy to move so think carefully about where you want to put it.


  • Easy Construction
  • Perfectly Measured Concave and Very Smooth Surface
  • Professional, Skatepark Quality


  • Some Assembly is Required
  • Difficult to Move After its Been Assembled and Placed


Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set Review

Perfect beginner driveway ramp.  It’s very reasonably priced and allows for tons of customization and flexibility in potential combinations and obstacle setups.  Heavy duty plastic holds up well in all weather conditions and very easy to move.  Ramp has some issues with sliding when used alone, however when combined with other obstacles this becomes less of an issue.

Only Want the Launch Ramp? Check it out HERE!


  • Very Affordable Price
  • Perfect for Younger Children and Beginner Skaters
  • Tons of Possible Creative Combinations and Setups


  • May be Too Small for More Advanced Skaters
  • When a Single Ramp is Used Alone it May Slide Around When Skated
  • Box Cannot be Skated Alone
  • Ramp Becomes Very Slippery and Potentially Dangerous When Wet


The Verdict

Tons of great options on the market today in all types of ramps depending on your skill level, budget, and goals.  My personal recommendations for beginners would be the Landwave Skateboard Ramps due to the low price, great reputation, and ability to expand with additional ramps.  For intermediates, I recommend either the Mojo Quarter Pipe or the OC Ramps 3′ by 4′ Quarter Pipe as they are very versatile and there are hundreds of ways they can be skated and used.  For the most advanced and serious skaters, I recommend either the Professional Mini Ramp Half Pipe or the Mojo Port A Park due to the number of advances tricks that can be done on these ramps.

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