10 Best Men’s & Women’s Snowboard Boots for 2021

Snowboarding is one of the best sports for both adrenaline junkies and casual rides who enjoy spending time in the mountains. Before you can begin shredding up the slopes and terrain parks you will need a great pair of snowboarding boots. Many beginners opt out of ownership in snowboard boots and decide to rent their equipment every time they venture to the slopes. However, this can become very expensive in the long run and especially if you are going to climb up the ranks in the snowboarding world and push the limits with the newest tricks, you will need some practice. Save yourself tons of money by purchasing a pair of snowboard boots so that you will not need to rent them because who knows the quality of these boots, the stink of the feet from previous users, and long lines and other annoyances that can come with renting boots.

Top Snowboard Boots Comparison Chart

When choosing your boots there are many things to consider. Some people may be solely drawn to the aesthetic and look of the boot. However, there are many other aspects of snowboard boots that you should consider when picking out the pair for you. One of the most important factors is durability. You do not want to spend money on a pair of boots that will quickly break down on you. There are many additional features of the boots to consider such as breathability, fit, inside comfort, lacing, sizing, and affordability. The boots mentioned in this article are about 50/50 on different lacing styles, and it is important to make sure you don’t end up with a pair of boots that irritate you to fasten around your feet. Make sure you learn from the experiences of others in this guide and get the right sizing for the boot. For example, some sizes run small and you will need to get a size or a size and a half larger than you usually buy. To avoid fatigue and odor in your boots it is also very important to consider the ventilation options and material makeup in different boots. This guide will help you organize the factors of a quality boot and make the best purchase for your snowboarding needs!


Best Snowboard Boot Reviews

Burton Ion Snowboard Boot

The Burton Ion Snowboard has a signature style of its own in the niche of the snowboarding world. Headlined by legendary riders such as Mark McMorris and Danny Davis, the Ion has the undoubted credibility to support its high-performance reputation. This snowboard boot is the ultimate aggregate of burton’s exclusive infinite ride technology. It is designed for great comfort, responsive soles and material, and incredible durability. It has many features that are unique to this boot such as the AutoCANT soles that work to give the boots a great grip on the board. It also features a DRYRIDE Heat Cycle made in the Burton Snowboard labs that work to keep you warm in the coldest of situations. This boot can be very pricey, but it is a great snowboard boot that combines comfort and the best snowboarding boot technology in the game.

Burton Ion BOA Snowboard Boots Mens


DC Mutiny Snowboard Boot

These shoes are much more affordable than the Burton Ion Boot and have a very sleek look as well. The black and white model has a very nice aesthetic to it, complete with different textures of black from the foot area up to the high ankle support. The lacing of these boots looks very simple compared to some boot models, featuring a direct power lacing technology specifically purposed for easy lacing. The lining of the boot is very soft, and they are very durable. It is not always necessary to heat form these boots as they break into your feet very easily compared to some models. Some problems with this boot regard the sizing of it, it is recommended to buy a size higher than usual as it can run as much as a size to a size and half smaller than ordered. Also, keep in mind when buying these that some stiffness in the midsection of the foot should be expected.

DC Men's Mutiny '18


Thirtytwo Ultralight 2 Snowboard Boots

The Thirtytwo Ultralight 2 snowboard boot model is blacked out and ready to rock and roll. This boot is designed to help you shed some pounds and get on the slopes as fast as possible with a fast track lacing system. The footbed of the Ultralight 2 snowboard boots is also very unique. It features a molded heel cradle that will mold to your foot from the heat of the exercise. This can mean that these boots take a little longer to break in then some models. The flex on this boot is made to be stiff, so that is also going to take a longer time to break in. A quick glance at the boot shows how the internal lacing can be beneficial. The laces are hardly in the way and the boot maintains a very sleek look. These boots are definitely on the pricier side of the snowboard boot spectrum.

thirtytwo Ultralight 2 Snowboard Boots, Black, Size 10.5


K2 Mayasis Snowboard Boot

The K2 Mayasis Snowboard Boot Design is very interesting and looks sort of like something a superhero might wear. They feature a very cool diamond pattern with a color alternate logo near the collar of the boot. This boot is known for being stiff to avoid ankle sprain or injury, although many still see it as comfortable.  They have a flex rating of 4 (1 is soft and 5 is maximum stiffness).  A feature of this boot that could be very advantageous and facilitating is the ease of taking these on and off. They do not have a straightforward lacing system with the elementary bunny knot traditionally. However, once mastered the fastening system in the K2 Mayasis Boot can offer some unique benefits. This boot has some problems with its durability. The shell may tear and as soon as the toe box separates from the shell, it is impossible to tighten these shoes onto your feet. It is very important to keep these boots protected during use.

The Vibram Pro Light Outsole and the articulating cuff are two attractive features offered by the K2 Mayasis.

K2 Mens Maysis Snowboarding Boot


Burton Womens’ Mint BOA Snowboard Boot

Burton really pushes the idea that the Mint BOA boots have a “broken-in” feel right out of the box.  “Total Comfort” is Burton’s “industry-exclusive” technology that eliminates the break-in period!  That’s a cool thing … if it’s true, and for now, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.  

They’re made for boarders who would like a softer and more flexing boot that’s comfortable.  The internal gusset keeps snow and wetness out so feet will be drier than in the past. The liners are also ultra-comfortable featuring a lightweight cushioning and DynoLITE outsole protection to minimize external impact injury or even discomfort.  We love the crank lacing system and with just 2-4 cranks your boots are as tight as you’d need them.  

Officially, the specs are something like this;  Boa Coiler Closure System powered by Burton exclusive New England Ropes (lifetime warranty), 1:1 soft flex tongue, Total Comfort Construction with Snow-proof internal gusset, Imprint 1 liner with lacing and a Women-specific True Fit design with Sleeping bag reflective foil.

This is really an all-around boot that will perform well in any conditions.  If that’s your thing, these are yours!

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's


Ride Men’s Anthem Snowboard Boots

These boots have a very smooth design that looks like something a CIA spy might wear! They have a unique lacing style that is very similar to the DC Mutiny boot. Abandoning the traditional bunny knot setup, the Ride Men’s Anthem boots featured the Boa Coiler. Figuring out how to lace these might not be instantly obvious, but luckily it comes packaged with a lace guide. These boots have a great combination of comfort and balance of stiffness. These boots are not so stiff that they are uncomfortable, but they do provide great control of the board. The all-black design can be very advantageous as well, having an all-black boot will keep it from looking old and damaged for as long as possible. The rubber grip sole is a great feature that provides ultimate traction for these boots. In conclusion, these boots are a great combination of stiffness and comfort.

Ride Mens Anthem Snowboard Boots


DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boot

These are amongst the most affordable snowboard boots available right now. They feature a smooth black design with a massive white sole with lift. They have pretty typical sizing, fit, and lacing options. The sole is made of EVA material and the upper material is made of synthetic leather. One drawback to this boot may be the composition of the upper material. Although with most things leather is viewed as immensely durable material, it is somewhat flimsy for the demands of snowboard boots. These boots have a soft flex rating, which means that they are probably best for beginners. On the bright side, it means that these boots probably do not need to be broken in and will be ready for use immediately. These are great beginner boots that are very affordable for snowboard boots.

DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots


Salomon Titan Snowboard Boots

These boots claim to have more support and power to support high speeds and challenging terrain than any other boots. Right off the bat, you are sure to be impressed with the design and aesthetic of these boots. Salomon offers 5 different variations of snowboard boots the Malamute, Synapse, Synapse Focus BOA, Synapse Wide, and Synapse Wide JP. Most of these variations are designed to be accommodating to different footing needs. For example, if you have wider feet, etc. These boots feature a unique power lacing technique with a criss-cross locker and anti-catch hook, which can be a little tricky to figure out. One drawback of these boots that you can instantly realize upon inspection is that they do not offer a lot of ventilation. This can be very detrimental to your experience and really expedite the pace of your fatigue during use. These are priced about the same as most high-performance boots, on the pricier side of things. They offer unique architecture for comfort and will definitely give you amazing support and comfort during use.

Salomon Titan Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 10 (28) Black


Thirtytwo Exit Snowboard boots

The Thirtytwo Exit snowboard boots are one of the most affordable pairs of high-performance boots in the world of snowboard boots. These boots are designed for comfort, and they are not overly complicated with a simple traditional lacing system. They have a soft flex which can be great for newer riders. The footbed is made with an EVA footbed to improve warmth and comfort. This boot is a great place to start for beginners who are just looking to buy their first pair of snowboard boots. It is very affordable, and these boots are not too demanding to break in or learn to use.

Thirty Two Exit Snowboard Boot 2018 - Men's Black 5


Adidas Samba Snowboard Boot

The Adidas Samba snowboard boot come packaged with the swagger and style of the brand endorsed by superstars such as Kanye West and James Harden. Apart from the popular aesthetic and brand name of the three stripes, the Adidas snowboard boots also offer great functionality as a snowboarding boot. One of the main features of the Samba is the footbed embedded with odor neutralizing coffee ground material. This will help to avoid that dreaded smell that can accumulate through repeated use of these high top, heavily cushioned boots. These boots have an amazing level of comfort and grip on the board. Some might have trouble with a little stiffness in these boots, you might want to go about a half to a full size larger with the Samba boots. These boots are very affordable in comparison to other snowboard boots, however, you need to keep in mind that the stiffness of these boots requires them to be broken in, and these will be very stiff on the first use.

adidas Samba ADV Snowboard Boots 2020



Snowboard Boot Buying Guide

Choosing snowboard boots can seem like a very strange and foreign task, but this guide is here to help you understand the variations of boots and find the best fit for you. There are many different boots to choose from that accommodate different needs. When combing through the guide you should look at important features such as fit, material, affordability, sole, flex, durability, and lacing. You do not want to end with heel lift or improper sizing. Flex is heavily variant on the user, some may prefer a stiff boot whereas other prefer more flexibility. The less flex it has the more likely it is to have great durability. Here are some important features of snowboard boots to evaluate before making your decision:


One of the biggest differences between buying snowboard boots versus buying regular shoes is the differences in lacing. Every snowboard boot has a unique perspective on lacing, and they also have different pros and cons with lacing styles. For the most part, the boots mentioned in this guide are split between traditional lacing systems and one dial lacing strategy. Make sure you know how to use the different types of lacing and that the lacing you choose will have a nice fit for you. Traditional lacing can be very tough to deal with when you are dealing with the cold as you will likely have to take your gloves off and endure the cold to fasten the boots.


Snowboard boots can come with a hefty price tag and it is imperative that you get not only the best pair for you but a pair that will last. These boots are made of a variety of different materials and it is important to account for the durability of the material and its impact on influencing your decision. However, for the most part, these boots are pretty durable.


It is very rare to find a pair of boots that offers substantial ventilation. However, some boots do offer a framework for breathability in the top of the shoe. These boots are all heavily insulated, and rightfully so because they will be tested in extremely cold conditions while riding, however, this can be problematic for other intended uses such as hiking because sweat is going to accumulate very fast, and fatigue from wearing such warm boots can become rapidly accelerated.


One of the major reasons you need to invest in snowboard boots is the support offered by the flex of the boot. Having a really stiff boot may result in little, or less than preferred, control of the board. If they are originally very stiff this means that they will take a while to break in. This can be very detrimental to casual snowboarders who are just looking to grab a pair for vacation. However, if you are a seasoned snowboarder and plan on using these boots very frequently, it is probably better to invest in a more stiff pair as they will return with more durability as a reward for breaking them in.


The cushioning options for snowboard boots are very dependant on the material in the sole. There is an eclectic variety of soles featured in these boots such as padding or gel/air bags. Differences in the sole shouldn’t matter too much to you unless you are a very experienced snowboard boot user.


Know your feet, know your fit. Snowboard boots are typically not the same type of feel that you can expect from regular shoes or boots. You need to know whether you have wide or skinny feet and account for that in your decision. Snowboard boots are designed to be heavily customized in according tot he fit in order to maximize ankle stability and insulation.


Who doesn’t want the best value for their money? Some of these boots are pretty expensive. If you are a casual snowboarder it might not be worth it to you to spend so much on your snowboard boots. Some of these boots can be as much as 400$, per boot! You want to make sure the affordability of the boot matches your passion and intensity for the intended purposes of the boots in your life. Some cheaper boots can easily be purchased for between $100 and $200.

Conclusion & Recommendations

In Conclusion, snowboard boots will be the franchise centerpiece of your snowboarding gear, and it is very important that you do not make the wrong decision when choosing your pair. You need boots that fit comfortably and have the performance capabilities to keep up with your fast-paced adventures on the slopes.

There are many different boots on the market right now, but snowboard boots come with a steep price tag and if you purchase the wrong pair, it will likely be a little while before it is worth trying again. When reading the guide and browsing through different pairs, keep in mind the differences in fit, flex, lacing, warmth, breathability, sizing, style, and price.

Determine how much time you will have to break in the boots before purchasing as well. If you are just purchasing a pair of boots with the intention of bi-monthly trips to the slope, you probably won’t want a stiff pair of boots that take a while to break in. Another important factor that can be frequently overlooked while looking at different options is the durability of the boots.

Intense runs on the slopes, jumps, and quick turns can easily cause boots made of flimsy material to tear and rip. Something that is very unique about snowboard boots compared to other shoes is the different lacing systems. Some have a traditional lacing style, but many others feature all sorts of power lacing or other unique lacing styles that may have a little bit of a learning curve before you are comfortable using it. Hopefully, this guide helps you understand the differences in snowboard boots and helps you make the right decision.

Thank you for reading!



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