The 10 Best Soccer Socks

For many, soccer socks are a no-brainer.  Your coach or team manager tells you what kind to buy and you do it.  Or maybe you just pay for a pair through your team and they show up. 

Of course, you could just go to the store and pick out the best looking pair that matches your team’s colors and buy them!  All perfectly normal and understandable occurrences.  But is this the best way to shop?  Maybe you don’t really have a choice (as indicated by the first two scenarios). 

But with the third, you can do so much better!  Especially with today’s technology and internet availability you can make a great decision on a product without just picking a cool color and hoping! 

This guide will help you determine how to pick our a pair of socks.  It will show you the different materials, the ways you wear them, and we will look at how to prevent blisters among other things. 

All of this is important as you try to make an informed decision as the consumer.  We will also go over other options to help keep you in uniform while being creative to prevent any unnecessary problems or discomfort!

Sock Materials

The materials that socks are made out of are just as important as the brand or look.  When I began playing soccer, soccer products were nowhere near as easy to find.  They also did not have the technology or comfort (not even close!) that they have today. 

I remember some of the cheaper-made ones were made with wool or some similar product.

 Those were awesome for preventing the cold and even the wet from getting in, but they had no breathability and hurt very badly because they slipped.  That’s why you won’t see those types of materials out there anymore. 

Cotton is also an option that offers comfort and warmth, but not near as much breathability in the summer!  Synthetic (human-made) materials like polyester and/or nylon and spandex can give you moisture management and a good fit, respectively. 

Most are a blend of these options, but many have one or two as a primary “ingredient” if you will, so look and see which might be best for you.  If you want something for warm weather or possibly fashion, then wool and cotton might not be so bad. 

But if you are very serious about not having the sweatiest leg on the planet, you might look elsewhere!

Wearing Soccer Socks


This look is the typical rolled-up soccer sock look.  The player has his or her shinguards covered and then there is a little bit more room for the sock at the top.  This look is worn by just about all professionals. 

There are some that take it a step further and like their sock to go up on their knees.  This can help you prevent scraping up the knees when sliding, so it is a useful tool to cover up the area below the shorts.

Crew Cut

This is the renegade’s way of wearing soccer socks.  This look basically only covers the shinguard and comes up about halfway to the knees.  This look gives you more freedom (I guess), and it allows you to stand out. 

I personally hate this look because I feel the traditional look shows respect to the game as it once was- a reminder of the past.  Regardless, this is an option for you!


The third type of soccer sock is for fashion or in-house wear.  This look is so popular now that a simple search for “soccer sock” will bring up a good number of these.  These are not meant for soccer specifically, but they look like soccer socks, so they are called as such. 

I think it’s awesome that people want to get in on our game so much that they are using our name!  As a quick aside, for the purposes of the list none of the fashion types are included.

Soccer Socks for Blisters

Blistering is a huge complaint that I hear frequently when I am on the field.  I have had this issue myself in the past, and it is not fun at all!  Blistering happens because of the combination of the socks and the cleats/shoes. 

Sometimes both are to blame, and I believe it is the relationship between the two that cause this most often.  Soccer products have to fit well.  If they do not fit you well, you are going to sacrifice a lot of comfort. 

That may not be an issue to you at first because you are only playing a short period of time.  However, as you start to play more you will start to accumulate blisters.  If you’re an adult, that’s fine.  It’s your choice. 

But for a child, this is downright mean and insensitive!  To ask them to go out and play a sport that they presumably love while hurting is wrong. 

This is why I believe a parent should never purchase a soccer product (particularly for the foot) that is bigger “so that they can grow into it.”  This is wrong on a number of levels because they will probably grow out of them after the season anyway, so make sure they fit!

If you buy a pair of socks that are a little big, you will see the front slide.  This slide will cause little creases in the foot.  As you run, it will rub up against your barefoot as well as the cleat. 

This, in turn, causes two things: you blister and your socks start to wear out quicker.  Neither of these is good for your wallet!  So, it is vital that you find a pair of socks that fit you well. 

No matter what kind of socks you prefer or how you like to wear them, you must find a pair that fits well and you must wear them correctly.  The reason I say this is to talk about grips or grooves in the toe. 

In regular socks, we don’t see this, so it isn’t much of a concern.  But with soccer socks, there are small pocket-like features that are where the toes go. 

Some pairs of socks may not have them, but most of them have this feature today.  They help you line up the sock for the intended look and help keep you stable. 

However, if you are not in the groove, blistering can easily take place.  It has happened to me on several occasions.  Some were my fault and others were the sock’s fault because it just wasn’t staying put.  This is why it is vital to try on socks before purchasing them! 

I know this is sometimes difficult and potentially disgusting, but it is well worth a try.  If you do order a pair that hasn’t been tried on for whatever reason and they do not fit well, then ask for a refund anyway. 

Your comfort is well worth the effort and you will save money over the long run by not having to pay to take care of your blisters.


Before we get to the top 10 and reviews, here are a few hints and tricks to try if you are having trouble with blisters and want to try something new. 

If you are forced to wear a certain sock for a team (this is a common problem throughout the soccer world—even professionals have this issue), you don’t have to live with blisters.  Some creativity and ingenuity and the want-to to fix the problem can go a long way. 

Now, this idea will take some craftsmanship, so for people like me, you might need to find some help!  If you know you have a blister problem, then you will probably try just about anything.  So, take a sock that you believe will work and use the bottoms only. 

Mend that together with the top part of the team sock and Viola you have a potential solution that will at least be a little better than what you have now! 

This is the thing in the professional soccer game right now.  Many players have sponsorships to keep.  Others are looking for more comfort and support.  So this is commonly done.  And you can do this also!

Another thing to consider when purchasing socks is the washing factor.  Washing can do a myriad of things to soccer socks, and you can’t always predict the end results of that washing.  Sometimes the material will shrink. 

This is fairly common, and for some, it is a good thing.  For others, it isn’t.  It really depends on how you want to wear your socks.  Another thing that can happen is color fading. 

I worked in the color/dye business for a time, and we referred to this as “wash fast.”  How fast does it take for your color to come off with the wash?  Like it or not, all colors eventually fade. 

Keep this in mind when buying soccer socks!  And no, this doesn’t mean that you should wash every other day.  Soccer is the most demanding sport in the world in regards to running.  You should NEVER wear your socks for more than one session without a wash. 

It is disgusting and very unhealthy to you as well. 

Buy a few pairs and interchange them so you don’t have to have this conundrum!

Best Soccer Sock Reviews


TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Sock


TRUsox 3.0 Mid-Calf Cushioned Sock, White, Adult Medium

TRUSOX is one of the newer brands out there and they provide something different than the other providers (at least for now!).  Although the price is relatively high, you get a nylon sock that allows you to breathe as well as non-slip pads. 

These do not blister at all, so they are truly a savior for people that have difficulties with blisters!




adidas Metro IV Soccer Socks


adidas Unisex Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks (1-Pair)


These are lightweight and durable and have compression in the arch for comfort and support and comes in many single-toned, hooped (striped), and polka dot-like colors.  The arch support and compression is specifically targeted and ankle compression furthers the comfort factor.




adidas Copa Zone Cushion Sock


adidas Unisex Copa Zone Cushion IV Soccer Socks (1-Pair), Black/White, 5-8.5


Adidas makes the list again with a nylon/spandex sock with its classic three-stripe look at the top with one solid color.  This one has cushioning on the bottom to absorb shocks to your feet when jumping!  21 very cool color combinations make this a great option!




Nike Classic Cushioned Dri-Fit Sock


NIKE Dri-Fit Classic Cushioned Crew Socks 6 PAIR White with Black Swoosh Logo) LARGE 8-12


This pair is a classic-looking one tone look with the iconic Nike Swoosh and is available in many different colors.  It has Dri-Fit to help rid you of sweat while having a reinforced heel, toe, and arch to give you a snug fit, comfort, and durability.




Nike Park IV Cushioned Sock


Nike Park IV Soccer Socks (Black, Medium)

This is another choice from Nike that provides a solid one tone look (albeit with more color choices).  It’s not cheap and some comments on Amazon show potential customers questioning whether or not the $17 price point is for more than one pair.  

It is certainly not for more than one pair, and $17 is a bargain for a sock from the world’s best-known brand and of the quality that it represents.  This pair is made of 92% Nylon, 7% Polyester, and 1% Spandex. 




Sof Sole Midfielder Soccer Socks


Sof Sole Men's 10-12.5, Black, 10-12.5

Sof provides you two pairs of inexpensive one-toned socks that are mostly made from acrylic to help you stave off blistering and shrinkage. They also remain comfortable as a result, making this potentially a great deal!

They are made of acrylic, polyester and spandex materials that help to prevent blistering and resist shrinkage while remaining naturally soft to the touch.  You’ve also got 3 different color options – black, red, white.




Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks


Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks, Small, White

Diadora, one of the world’s premier soccer brands, gives you a one-toned sock made from polyester, nylon, and spandex.  The polyester and nylon provide you durability as well as colorfast, which is the ability for the color to stay the same for longer!  

The thread mix is 60% Polyester, 30% Nylon, 10% Spandex and this deal gives you up to 12 different vibrant colors to choose from!




Under Armour Men’s Soccer Solid Socks


Under Armour UA Soccer Solid Over-The-Calf Socks LG Blue

Under Armour offers a below-the-knee one-toned sock with many colors that wicks away sweat while preventing odor with its Armourblock technology.  It is made of nylon and spandex and also includes arch support.

The material wicks sweat and then dries very quickly.  The anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes, and the embedded arch support reduces foot fatigue. 

UA has also placed cushioning in strategic areas of higher impact for further protection.




adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks


adidas Unisex Team Speed Soccer OTC Sock (1-Pair), Black/White, 13C-4Y

Adidas offers a new look with a set of stripes with a solid color.  It has almost all nylon with very little spandex and features Climacool for breathability and Climalite for reducing moisture. 

The added arch and ankle compression (which is common to many soccer socks and always in good quality adidas socks) adds to the overall value.




adidas Formotion Elite NCAA Socks


adidas ForMotion Elite NCAA (Large, Black)


Adidas’ Formotion is the choice of many college teams because of its classic look that includes the solid team color along with three stripes running down. 

It is offered in many colors, has mesh panels for ventilation, and has climalite moisture control to help you on a hot day!




Any of the socks on our list will give you maximum comfort, protection and performance.  There are definitely cheaper socks in the $10 range and even some under that price, but be sure that for a low price point, you’re getting an inferior sock. 

They will have a looser thread weave, lesser quality elastic, generic (not strategic) padding if any, and they won’t last nearly as long.  

Many less expensive socks will not wick moisture properly though they may claim to (as many Chinese off-brands do) and of course, you’ll discover that long after your option to regret your purchase has expired! 

I’d strongly suggest sticking with a pair from at least the companies represented on our list if not the actual models.




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