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The 10 Best Youth Soccer Cleats for 2018

Soccer is played around the globe and crosses all cultural and language barriers. The regulations and rules are the same around the world. This means a team from Uganda can take a plane to Italy and play a match without…
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10 Best Lacrosse Cleats 2018

Best Cleats for Lacrosse Reviews

All cleats are not the same! That is one of the very first things that must be said in any article about cleats . You can’t take any old pair of cleats and throw them on and expect them to…
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The 10 Best Soccer Cleats of 2018

Nike Soccer Cleats

What is the best cleat to buy this year? With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you want. More importantly, however, is to figure what you need when buying a pair of soccer cleats….
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The 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats 2018

Best Softball Cleats Reviews

In the modern era, finding softball cleats has only gotten more and more difficult.  This isn’t because of poor quality, rather is it down to the fact that there are so many choices currently being offered on the market.  Today,…
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The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes of 2018

Close Up Indoor Soccer Shoe and Ball

With the season finally beginning to change, everyone is anxiously gearing up for the new indoor soccer season. With the fall of the leaves and the temperature dropping, everyone starts to ask questions about indoor. Chief among them is always…
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