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Getting Ripped With the Ten Best Dip Belts

It’s hard not to stare at that one guy in the gym who is wearing a belt with a chain and is lifting about four 45-pound plates in addition to his bodyweight. This belt is called a dip belt.

Those who don’t work out in the gym often might not know the difference between a dip belt and a normal weightlifting belt, although the difference is clear.

Dip belts are lifting belts with a chain connected to them so that lifters can take free weights and add them onto their dips. Having a gym accessory like a dip belt is great for the advanced lifter looking to improve their upper body strength.

A buying guide like this will give potential buyers all the information they need to make an educated decision on what they purchase.

Buying Guide

What are the Benefits of Using a Dip Belt?

There is plenty of upside when using a dip belt. There are times in a lifter’s progression period where they realize they have hit a plateau.

They might be doing dips and pull-ups with just their body weight, and soon enough they are no longer feeling challenged.

How are they going to be able to get to the next level of dips and pull-ups when their upper body is no longer being tested? This is where dip belts come in.

Dip belts allow lifters to add free weight to a chain or nylon strap, so that they can challenge their triceps and chest with a level of weight that is higher than their body weight.

Dip belts are great to have because you don’t need a spotter to help you.

Unlike some lifts such as the bench press, dipping with a dip belt does not require someone watching you, so you can still lift a heavy amount of weight even if you go to the gym without a partner.

Some people even claim that dipping can make your lower back feel better.

Chain vs. Strap

There are two different types of dip belts: one with a chain and the other with a strap. This ultimately comes down to preference; depending on how much weight you are trying to lift.

Most chains are considered long, measuring well over 30 inches. It hasn’t been proven if the steel chain is better at holding weight compared to the nylon strap and vice-versa, but most steel chain dip belts tend to hold a lot more weight.

What’s a Good Price?

In regards to price, dip belts aren’t a product that will cost you “an arm and a leg.” Most dip belts will go in the range of $15 to $50, nothing more.

The reason some dip belts might be more expensive than others is due to the material it is made with. A lot of dip belts are made with strong leather and steel chains, therefore the retail price will be higher.

One factor that protects buyers from any faulty equipment is the warranties that come with the belt.

A handful of dip belts on this list come with a lifetime replacement warranty, so if your belt breaks for whatever reason, the company will be able to send you a new one at no cost.

Reviews of the Best Dip Belts


1.   Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain

Harbinger 28900 Polypropylene Dip Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain

This durable dip belt from Harbinger sits at #1 thanks to its ability to help lifters build mass and strength.

This Polypropylene dip belt is made with one piece of genuine leather and heavy-duty rings that are used to hold a high volume of free weight.

The Harbinger belt design provides a solid amount of back support that will become extremely useful when doing deadlifts.

Since there is only one size, lifters big and small will be able to put on the Harbinger dip belt and enhance their upper body strength. If you somehow get the most out of this belt, there is still more that can be added.

Some buyers have bought additional parts at local home improvement stores that supply different links.

These links can be added to the chain so that it can handle even more weight! The listed price is closer to $20 and quite frankly that is a steal for this dip belt.

The Harbinger dip belt is at the #1 spot because it offers the most value for the price.

Consumers need to be cautious of the chain strength when using this product. A common problem people have had with this belt is that the 30-inch chain isn’t strong enough to handle an average amount of weight.

This ultimately defeats the purpose of the dip belt and should be considered throughout the buying process.


  • 30-inch steel chain leaves plenty of room for free weights
  • Made with durable leather
  • Belt Design provides back support
  • Good price


  • The chain is made with subpar material




2.   Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt


Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Dip Belt with Chain for Dips and Pull Ups


Arguably the most durable dip belt on the list, the Dark Iron Fitness dip belt should be on every potential buyer’s radar. This belt is built to last with the Dark Iron Fitness patented leather.

No matter how much weight you are pushing, this dip belt won’t rip, break, or wear down while you are in the gym. This dip belt has red stitching that will help you stand out as you dip multiple 45-pound plates.

The built-in padding within this dip belt makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Lifters won’t have to deal with annoying pain from the belt digging into the skin.

The metal buckle and strap will be able to fit any size waist so that your dip belt can feel secure at all times.

Another feature that helps the Dark Iron Fitness dip belt go above and beyond is how strong it is. Powerlifters will be happy to know that the 40-inch weight strap on this dip belt can hold over 270 pounds.

That’s roughly six 45-pound plates; an amount that is plenty for most people. Dark Iron Fitness is so confident in their product that they will offer lifetime replacements if the dip belt becomes damaged.

As far as the price is concerned, it ranks slightly higher than average. This is because the belt can hold up so much weight, is very comfortable, and essentially has a lifetime warranty; it is well worth the cost.


  • Very durable
  • Comfortable
  • Holds over 270 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Weight strap is long
  • Somewhat bulky




3.   Rip Toned Dip Belt


Rip Toned Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting, Pull Ups, Dips - 36" Heavy Duty Steel Chain - Weight Belt with Chain for Added Weight While Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strength Training


The Rip Toned dip belt is unique because of the different designs it has to offer. In addition to black, this dip belt comes in gray, gray camouflage, and red.

This allows lifters to have a sense of style as they attempt their dips in a quick and intense manner.

The 34-inch chain attached to this belt is strong enough to hold any plate, dumbbell, kettlebell, or any other type of weight that will assist you in lifting heavy during dips.

For those who follow bodybuilding, the 2014 World Champion Power Lifter Kevin Weiss endorsed this dip belt mostly thanks to its heavy-duty chain and reinforced stitching.

The back of the belt also has a wide back, so those who use it can feel some form of back support when doing dips.

Just like the dip belt from Dark Iron Fitness, the Rip Toned belt comes with a lifetime warranty. If for whatever reason this belt doesn’t help you reach substantial gains, Rip Toned will be more than willing to provide a replacement.

With this dip belt, you’ll be able to safely and efficiently enhance your dips and pull-ups because it is durable, comfortable, and holds a high volume of weight.


  • Has unique color options
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to put on
  • Good price


  • The chain is too long for some people




4.   Brute Belt Nylon Dip Belt

Brute Belt - Nylon Dip Pullup Squat Belt (Black, Small)

The Brute Belt is made with the company’s patented technology that provides a comfortable, durable lifting experience.

The 40-inch nylon strap is reinforced with two steel loops that will keep the weight in the right place while you perform your dips.

The Brute Belt Dip belt is made with high-quality military-grade material that enhances its overall stability and durability. Speaking of military grade materials, this belt comes in two colors: black and green camouflage.

The first color option is essentially the standard black belt with the Brute Belt logo printed in green, and the camouflage belt looks like the standard army attire that would be great for any veteran or military enthusiast.

No matter how strong you are, this belt will keep up with your standards. The durable material used in this belt will allow users to hold up to about 270 pounds, which is about six Olympic sized 45-pound plates.

The Brute Belt comes in three sizes: small (28”-33”), medium (33”-38”), and large (38”-43”), so it’s important to figure out on your own what size will be best for you.

It is recommended when seeking your size to measure your waist with a tape measure instead of going by your pants size. Another positive about this dip belt is its versatility.

In addition to dips and pull-ups, this belt has eight loops around it that will allow it to be used for over a handful of different exercises.

Consumers will notice that this belt is one of the most expensive belts on the list. Potential buyers will be able to find this dip belt for slightly over $50.

This could easily be justified because this belt is engineered with unique, military-grade technology, but for those on a budget that might prefer a chain opposed to a strap, the Brute Belt may not be the best option.

Overall, the most advanced powerlifter will find the most value in this dip belt.


  • Made with patented material
  • Can hold up to 270 pounds
  • Multiple loops allow belt to be used for several exercises
  • Comfortable


  • High price
  • Not very durable
  • Runs small




5.   RIMSports Premium Dip Belt


RIMSports Dip Belt with Chain for Next Level Body Building Weighted Belt for Pullups and Chin Up Belt Weighted Pullup Belt and Pull Up Weighted Belt for Weight Lifting, Strength Training and Crossfit


RIMSports offers a dip belt made with premium, high-quality material that is bound to catch your eye!

One of the biggest highlights of this dip belt is its design, which is meant to provide comfort and deter pain that commonly occurs due to the belt digging into the skin.

The wide back design allows the belt to conform to your body so it doesn’t feel too bulky or bothersome. This belt is primarily made with cotton, so it is strong yet very light and flexible.

This soft material also makes the belt last longer, so buyers can get their money’s worth and use this dip belt for years to come.

The price is under $25, which is a reasonable listing, so it is expected that consumers will be excited to use this product.


  • The unique design offers comfort
  • Price is fair


  • Comes in one color




6.   Fire Team Fit Dip Belt


Fire Team Fit Weight Belt with Chain, Dip Belt for Weighted Pull Ups and Dips Black, Small (for Waist 40 Inches or Less)


At #6 comes a dip belt that is designed to last, and it’s from a small company looking to provide customers with the best possible product.

The Fire Team Fit belt is engineered with a durable material that will hold up no matter how much weight you put on it.

The material used on the waistband is very flexible, keeping the lifter comfortable regardless of how heavy the weights make it seem. The sizing for this belt is fairly simple as it’s based on your waist size.

The small is for those less than 40 inches in the waist, while the medium is for lifters over 40 inches in the waist. The adjustable steel chain is measured at 44 inches, and can only hold up to 300 pounds.

This is by far one of the longest chains on the list, although there are dip belts out there that can handle much more weight.

The Fire Team Fit dip belt comes in black and gray, so there is some form of choice there although these colors aren’t anything extravagant. The price is slightly above average isn’t anything that will empty your bank account.

Fire Team fit is a quality brand that will produce a high-end product, so consumers aren’t taking a gamble when buying this dip belt.


  • Durable waistband
  • Long chain
  • Flexible


  • Chain strength is questionable




7.   DMoose Fitness Dip Belt with Chain


DMoose Fitness Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting, Pullups, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and Bodybuilding Workouts, Long Heavy Duty Steel, Comfortable Neoprene Waist Support (Black)


The surplus of color options offered by the DMoose brand will definitely make this dip belt much more appealing to lifters.

This belt comes in traditional colors such as black, gray, blue, and red, as well as more unique designs like the American flag, blue camouflage, gray camouflage, and green camouflage.

It is unlikely you will find dip belts with this type of design, so it’s important to jump on this product and show off in the gym while getting in those dips and pull-ups.

If you’re a patriotic type of person, the American flag design is a must-have!

With a motto like “give them quality. That’s the best type of advertising”, it’s safe to say that DMoose takes pride in their brand.

In order to back up their statement, DMoose will give a complete refund or replace belt to its customers for life.

This will allow buyers to have peace of mind and confidence knowing that if there is some sort of defect, they won’t need to go out and buy another belt.

This belt is made with a neoprene material this is expected to provide excellent comfort, as well as fair stability while securing the weights applied to the 36-inch chain. 


  • Available in unique colors
  • Fair price
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comfortable


  • Stitching isn’t durable




8.   Body Solid NB56 Nylon Dipping Belt


Body-Solid NB56 Nylon Dipping Belt


This dip belt from Body Solid is a basic piece of equipment that is best for beginners. Its simplicity and lack of strength is the reason why it is coming in last on the top ten dip belt list.

Those who are new to lifting and can just barely push their own body weight will likely benefit the most from this product.

Because it is made primarily with nylon, this belt can only hold up to roughly 50 pounds before starting to wear down. If it were made of a leather material, the likelihood of being able to lift more would increase tremendously.

Regardless of how much you can lift with this dip belt, the lifetime warranty is definitely an appealing feature to have for any fitness item.

The biggest issue with this belt is that it is severely overpriced for what it is worth. A dip belt that can barely hold 50 pounds shouldn’t be any more than $15, but this belt from Body Solid is almost $30!

That will deter some buyers when considering this belt.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Good for beginners


  • Only allows up to 50 pounds
  • Price is too high for what is offered




So now that we’ve come to the end of the list, let’s summarize this buying guide.

When it comes to a reliable dip belt, one should look for quality, reasonable price, and a strong chain that can hold a heavyweight. 

Anyone who’s been lifting weights for any time will tell you that dips and pull-ups are bound to become boring once you master them.

What better way to enhance your strength than by adding to your body weight? The top three dip belts on this list are arguably the best available. They offer high quality at a reasonable price.

They will also last a long time and even if they don’t there’s a few of them that offer lifetime warranties. In the end, the primary reason that dip belts exist is to add a significant amount of weight (or maybe not so significant) to your dips.

A majority of belts listed in this buying guide have the ability to do that and then some.  Remember, bit by bit is the order of the day.  If you pile on too much weight, you’ll become frustrated and discouraged. 

I add weights to my routine regularly (ie. hold weight on my chest during situps), but admittedly, my weights are very light. 

I like that approach, and the fact that you’re adding any weight at all is a great reason to be encouraged and proud of your progress.  Best of luck to you!



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