10 Best Disc Golf Bags & Backpacks 2021

When you are looking to buy yourself a bag to hold all of your discs in it can be a very challenging task. First of all you want to find a bag that is going to protect your fragile discs from being damaged during transport and you also want to be able to hold all of your discs in an organized fashion so that you have easy and quick access to the discs that you want to get for the shots you need to take.

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Without proper organization of your discs you will find that your discs lose their labels over time due to rubbing on other discs and it also takes longer to golf as a result. A good golf bag will have multiple components so that you can keep your discs safe, keep your golfing tools handy and be able to provide you with some other necessities that you may need to have including things like sun tan lotion, sunglasses, water and food. In order to help you realize the kinds of things that you should look for in a golf disc bag we have narrowed down the most important features below.

Disc Golf Bag Buying Guide


One of the most important buying factors for many people is how much things cost. Unfortunately, if you aren’t willing to spend extra money on a product, the quality of the product does drop. Setting a budget for yourself is always a smart thing to do so that you can narrow down your options a bit. It is even a good idea sometimes to give yourself a minimum budget at times, especially if you want a high-quality bag. Remember that price isn’t always a direct reflection of the quality of a product but it can definitely help to give you a good idea, generally speaking, as to how good quality materials come at a premium price tag.


Another area of extreme importance when purchasing yourself a golf bag is if the manufacturer or the seller of the product offers any kind of a return policy or a warranty on the product. If you find that there is a warranty on the product that you are purchasing, this can give you a good idea as to the quality of the product. Generally a manufacturer is not going to put money on a product that they don’t trust themselves. Warranty can really help to give you some peace of mind about your purchase especially if you are buying a bag that is of a high cost in the first place.


This could potentially be one of the most important aspects of some users, especially for full time players. You are going to want to find yourself a bag that has a comfortable strap because you are going to be hauling around the bag a lot and not having a comfortable bag can cause things like blisters and rashes in sensitive areas. It is also important to look and see how the strap attaches to the bag because poor quality stitching or a skinny strap could result in a break in the strap over a period of long term use.

Pockets/ Organization

Another essential aspect of a backpack is the amount of pockets that it has as well as where the pockets are located. You are going to want to have some sort of an organizer built into your backpack so that you can organize your discs and be able to take them out at a fast pace so that you aren’t spending valuable golfing time ruffling through your bag. It is also quite important to have something to organize your disks so that they aren’t rubbing together and rubbing off important things like the label and the design on the disc.


The actual material that your bag is made out of can have a large impact on the value of the bag as well as the bag’s overall durability. It is important to make sure that your bag is stitched together properly and that the material used is going to be weather resistant because you never know what kinds of things you may run into when you are out on the course. You will notice that generally speaking a leather bag is the most expensive type of bag that is available and it is also one of the most durable materials that you will find on the market.


One of the most important things for many golfers is that they are using their favorite brands when they go out on the course. Not only can people associate their personality with some brands, some people have an emotional attachment to some brands as well. A high quality brand is a good place to look in order to find a quality product; however, you are likely going to be paying a bit of a premium for having that brand name on your product.

Closing Method

How your bag closes up can shed a great deal of light on the overall quality of the product. If a bag closes by means of a Velcro strap you will find that most of these bags are cheap in price as well as quality and they aren’t going to last you over an extended period of time. If you find a belt that closes via a button method it is likely going to be either a cheap bag or an average bag on the market. Zippers are incorporated into both heavy and cheap bags, but you will find differences between a quality zipper and a poor one. The actual head of the zipper is likely going to be much larger on a more expensive bag, as are the teeth. You will also notice that cheap zippers are sometimes made of plastic which is something that you should look out for. If you are looking for a high quality zipper, look for a metal zipper with metal teeth and it should last you for a longer period of time.


This could be a big deciding factor for many people because depending on how many tools and discs you have, you are going to want to try and fit them all within one bag without having to scratch any of the other discs or damage any of your golfing tools by squishing too much inside. One other thing about size is that you want your bag to not be too bulky and heavy otherwise it is not going to be too fun to carry around the course with you.

Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews


1.   Throwback All Day Pack – Disc Golf Backpack

Although this backpack may not be a super cheap one; it is one of the nicest backpacks on the market and offers a ton of organization options as well as tons of room to fit anything else that you want to take with you when you are going out on the course. You will notice that all of the organizational pockets on this backpack are very easy to access and they are large enough to hold your discs inside. This backpack has a built-in cooler and a massive amount of storage space, you will find that zippers cover all of the important pockets that this backpack contains.


  • This backpack contains a large cooler area so that you can have the food and the drinks that you want while you are out on the course and they will remain cold throughout your whole golf game
  • Padded straps allow you to remain comfortable throughout your golf game
  • Three stretchy disc pockets on each side of the backpack allow super easy to access storage
  • Convenient water bottle slot on the top of the bag means you don’t always have to be opening up your bag to take a drink
  • Disc putter pocket on the front of your bag allows you to keep your discs extremely organized
  • Stretch pockets are capable of holding 16 disks or more if you squish them in


  • Price may be too steep for some golfers The Throwback TriPack Frisbee Disc Golf Bag | Disc Golf Backpack with Seat and Cooler | 16 Disc Capacity | Tripod Stool | Soft-Sided Cooler

 2.   Innova Champion Discs DISCarrier Golf Bag

This golf bag is still a fairly expensive bag, although at least this bag does contain a lot of nice features to help make up for the price. The bag has a fair variety of pockets incorporated into the design and most of them have a zipper on them in order to keep all of your stuff secure. This bag is actually available in two different color options (blue/gray and red/gray) and has a large carrying strap that you can put over your shoulder. This bag can hold a ton of disks (up to 25 discs or even more if they’re small) at once and has two dividers so that you can keep everything organized for easy access out on the golf course.  It also features an internal frame.

It’s made of 100% Denier Nylon and of course it’s water-resistant.  Because of its size, it’s more of a tournament bag than a casual practice bag, but you can use it for anything!


  • Fit over 25 discs into your golf bag so that you have a ton of discs to choose from while you are out on the course (can you say “t-o-u-r-n-a-m-e-n-t”?)
  • Features internal frame
  • Two big drink holder compartments
  • The interior compartment of this bag sports a Velcro frame with two dividers to keep your discs organized or to keep your food packed and your discs organized.
  • Putter pocket on the front of the bag offers convenience for your most used disc


  • Still a fairly high price for a disc golf bag
  • Bag might be a little bit too bulky for some golfers to like Innova Champion Discs DISCarrier Golf Bag, Navy/Gun Metal

 3.   Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag

A very nice bag that offers a huge array of style options available. This bag offers plenty of storage and a host of different styles in order to suit your personal tastes. This bag is of an extremely light weight design and offers a lot of awesome features that you aren’t going to find on a lot of golf bags that are on the market. This golf bag incorporates the use of a padded, adjustable shoulder strap, a golf towel and even has pockets that are meant for your pencil and scorecard. Although this bag may be a bit of a weird shape, it does have a good amount of organizational options available.


  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap will keep you comfortable even over long periods of use
  • A golf towel clip will allow you to attach your golf towel and keep your hands nice and dry so that you don’t mess up your throws
  • Insulated pocket can hold a one-litre drink and will help to keep it colder as long as possible
  • A ton of eye appealing designs are available and you will surely find one that matches your personal tastes
  • This is a very reasonable price tag for a bag that has this many features


  • Not a ton of options to help keep your discs organized

Fade Crunch Disc Golf Bag - Electric Lime

 4.   Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

This golf bag is a bit lower of a price than some of the other ones on this list, but it does have a variety of styles and features that make it a pretty good competitor. This backpack incorporates the use of a side pocket that can be used as a water bottle holder, it has a pocket meant for your putting discs, a main pocket to fit your drivers and mid-range discs and it also has a padded strap for comfort and easy transportation of the bag. You will find two extra external compartments on the bag that you can store food and other tools in as well as a Velcro interior compartment that you can use to store some things in.


  • This bag is available for a very good price considering its design
  • There are four different styles of this bag available for purchase so that you can choose one that appeals to you
  • Separate putter holder helps to keep things a little more organized than just throwing all of your discs in together
  • Padded shoulder strap will make this bag comfortable for periods of long term wear


  • No insulated compartment for cold drinks of food

Innova Champion Discs Standard Bag, Camo

 5.   Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag

This is a very stylish backpack that uses a super simple storage design to hold all of your discs. Unfortunately, with this design, all of your discs are located within one space and it can be rather difficult to keep them organized. This backpack contains two different bottle holders so that you don’t get dehydrated when you are out on the course. A towel ring will allow you to attach your favorite towel in order to keep your hands dry and keep you from slipping and messing up on one of your throws.

Keep in mind that this bag is the Stars and Stripes Edition so your patriotic side won’t be hidden, that’s for sure!


  • Two water bottle holders can be used for storage of tools
  • Simple, stylish design that is available in three different options
  • Towel holder to attach a towel so that you can keep your hands dry out on the course


  • Difficult to organize your discs because there are no dividers

Dynamic Discs Sniper Disc Golf Backpack | 16 Disc Storage in Main Compartment | Deep Top Zippered Pocket to Hold Additional Disc Golf Accessories | Two Water Bottle Holders (Olive)

6.   Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

This bag is one of the most affordable ways to carry around your discs with you on the marketplace. Unfortunately due to its cheap price it does lack a few nice features that you will find on other bags. This bag is capable of holding six to eight disks and has an adjustable shoulder strap that contains a small pad on it for added comfort. This bag incorporates the use of a pocket for your putter as well as a pocket to hold your water bottle in its design. Although this may not be able to hold a large amount of products; this is a very affordable bag that could definitely be something you might be interested in if you don’t play disc golf too often.


  • Very affordable price tag
  • The adjustable shoulder strap allows people of a variety of sizes to purchase the bag
  • The shoulder strap has a pad for added comfort
  • Putter pocket and water bottle holder for added organization and easy access to these very important things


  • Cheap price tag means it can only hold 6-8 discs
  • This bag does not insulate the water bottle compartment meaning your water will warm up faster

Golf Bag Weekender 6 Discs

 7.   Upper Park Designs Disc Golf Bag

This is a rather expensive disc golf bag, but it looks quite nice and has a lot of awesome features. If you are willing to spend the extra money to buy this bag you will get things you won’t find on other golf bags that are lower budget. Some of the unique features this bag contains are: the base of this backpack is waterproof and has four studded feet on it so that you can set it down between throws and not get your bag dirty. This bag has a removable sternum and waist strap in case you get tired of hauling it around.  It also has internal hydration storage (insulated water bottle storage)!  Bonus!


  • Insulated water bottle pocket will keep your drink cool for an extended period of time
  • Four external stretch pockets allow you to store tools or discs of your choosing and keep everything organized
  • Waterproof base with feet
  • Can hold 17-20 discs in the large storage compartment
  • Internal hydration storage area


  • The price is fairly steep and could definitely be out of range for some golfers

Upper Park Designs The Updated Version 6 Shift - The Most Comfortable Disc Golf Backpack Bag

 8.   Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag

This golf bag is extremely affordable and super simple in design. It is capable of holding anywhere form 6-10 golf discs and is available in four different styles so that you can buy a bag that better suits your personality. This bag contains a shoulder strap as well as mesh pockets on the exterior of the bag in case you want to keep anything in an easy to access area. Featuring a simple zipper on the top of the bag to keep things sealed up, you really can’t really get too much simpler than you can with this golf disc bag.


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Simple design
  • Available in four different styles


  • No premium features
  • Shoulder strap isn’t padded
  • Mesh exterior pockets are weak and can rip or break over time

Innova Champion Discs Starter Golf Bag, Blue/Gray

 9.   Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag

This golf bag is available for an average to high price tag and has a very unique design that appeals to a fairly broad audience. The design features camo and U.S. based art and it looks like a very classy, professional design. The design itself is capable of holding up to 18 plus discs inside of its large compartment and also has two water bottle holders for added convenience. This bag also incorporates a putter compartment, two zippered compartments as well as two dividers and it even has an internal shape that is designed to hold all of your discs in one place.


  • Army design appeals to broad audience
  • Two water bottle holders for convenience
  • Two dividers to help organize your discs


  • Water bottle holder isn’t insulated
  • Has some mesh pockets which are prone to ripping

Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag - Insulated Cooler Compartment - Adjustable Shoulder Strap - 2 Drink Holders & Pockets

10.   Slingshot Disc Golf Bag

This bag is available for an average price tag and it is of a super simple design. The bag is quite small and is literally designed just to fit discs inside of it. It allows you to access your discs at a very fast speed and can be swung over the shoulder in order to carry the bag around. This bag is available in four different designs and is capable of holding six to eight discs at one time in the small compartment that this bag contains. The nice thing about this bag is that it also has extra storage built into it for keys, your wallet or other personal items. An internal divider will help you to keep your things organized and keep things easy to access at the same time.


  • Two water bottle holders provide very nice convenience
  • Two zippered pockets and a Velcro pocket are great for storing personal items
  • A card holder, as well as a marker holder, are also used in the design
  • Super lightweight bag that is easy to carry around the course with you while still being able to hold the essentials



Kiwi Green Slingshot Disc Golf Bag by Driven (Bag only, Discs Sold Seperately)


Conclusion & Recommendations

Buying yourself a bag for disc golf is by no means an easy task and it can take a lot of research and dedication to find something that you like that is also in your budget. Depending on how much you play, a good disc golf bag can make a world of difference and can keep your disks in good shape over a long period of time. It is always a good idea to make sure that you know who you are buying from so that you know that the material used in the bag is going to be durable and last you for a while. Always remember that organization can not only save time, but it can also safe money in the long term thanks to wear and tear. Best of luck in your bag hunting and good luck once you get out on the course!



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