10 Best Snowboard Bags : Great for Air Travel


For any serious snowboarder, a snowboard bag is a crucial and very valuable accessory to have.  In addition to being a place to store your snowboard, it is a way to keep other useful tools and accessories safe, dry, and clean.

No one wants to have to store their boots or dirty clothes in the same place as their clean helmet, snowboard, or jackets!  So a snowboard bag is a great thing to have around with you to help you store your luggage quickly and easily. 

There are many, many options when it comes to snowboarding bags, and it can get quite confusing.  So, we are going to help with that process by going over some things to look for in a snowboard bag. 

This will help you narrow your search to the specific type of bag that you will need for your day(s) on the mountain.  We’ll then take a look at and review the top ten snowboard bags for this season.

Snowboard Bag Buying Guide

Things to Consider

Before we get too far in, we need to look at a few things that you should have in mind right from the get-go.

  • What is your budget?  Are you looking for something to fit exactly within a certain price range or are you looking for the very best you can get?  Or do you just want the best value?
  • Are you going to be snowboarding very frequently?  If so, you are going to want something a little more durable than the occasional snowboarder would want to have.
  • Will you be needing a bag that holds one snowboard or two?  This can make a big difference as you select what size bag you need.  Obviously, if you aren’t a professional you probably won’t need this capability unless you just want to carry your friend’s or a family member’s together in one bag.
  • Do you plan to travel via airplane with your snowboard bag?  If so, this is something that will need to be addressed as it obviously will have to fit within airport guidelines.
  • Will the bag be traveling on the top of a car?  If this is the case, you’ll need something that can withstand the elements as it liable to get very cold, windy, and rainy/snowy, thus affecting the bag.

Why You Need a Snowboard Bag

A snowboard bag is very important because snowboarding equipment is not cheap.  No one wants to have their valuable equipment ruined because of a poor bag. 

So it has to be able to withstand some wear and tear as well as being able to hold enough equipment to completely satisfy the owner. 

Because snowboarding is done in the elements- mostly cold and windy- equipment is generally pretty expensive simply because it is made with materials to keep you warm. 

A lot of times, these types of materials, like jackets, boots, socks, and other things will be kept in there in addition to the snowboard itself, so you need to make sure to have something to protect all of it.

Types of Snowboard Bags

Most people, especially those that are new to snowboarding or those unfamiliar to it, would not know that there are different types of snowboard bags.  These bag types each have a purpose, and they could be perfect for your wants and needs.


Backpack snowboard bags are exactly what they sound like: they are bags that look like backpacks that you carry you very valuable snowboard in. 

This type of bag can be great for those that travel a lot as you can tote it around quite easily through airports and even up and down the mountains if need be.  This is a great range of versatility to have. 

One thing to remember about this type is that you will need to make sure you have find one that straps that are padded very well. 

No one would want to carry one that had straps with any cushioning, especially if you are going to be going for longer distances.


Shoulder snowboard bags are very similar to backpacks, but they are more like the sling over your shoulder type of bag. 

This means that you can carry them with one arm fairly easily, and that they shouldn’t be that big of a deal as all the weight will be distributed evenly. 

Because of this, this is a great option for the person who just can’t leave anything out of their bags.  So, if you’re the pack rat, this might be the perfect option for you. 

Remember, as with the backpack option, you’re going to want to make sure the straps are heavy-duty because you’re not going to want the full weight of the bag to be digging into you all day or night.


Wheeled snowboard bags are the absolute best way for you to carry more than one board at a time. 

Even the strongest of people would get tired from carrying two boards on their back or shoulder, so this is a great option to help alleviate the potential pain you’d no doubt eventually develop. 

Because they have wheels and will be heavier, just assuming here, you’re going to want to use them primarily on flat ground.  So these would not be a great option, for obvious reasons, for pushing up the side of a mountain. 

Some do have skate-like wheels or wheels made for heavy terrain, however, so this could be an option for the most serious riders. 

Lastly, these are a great option for use in airports and hotels as you won’t ever have to worry about running with them on your back to catch your flight.


Padded snowboard bags are closely related to wheeled bags.  Wheeled bags and almost one in the same with padded, as they are both great at protecting the board during travel, whether you are at the hotel, in the car or bus, or in the airport. 

A padded bag goes above and beyond because it will protect against scratches, dings, and dents that could occur from use walking around with any item. 

In addition to this, you can usually fit your boots, goggles, hats, etc, into the compartments that they usually offer. 

A padded bag can also be a savior if you encounter someone that treats it unkindly as it will have a much better chance or withstanding the rough treatment and almost assured damage that will incur. 

It’ll also help if you are a little careless or clumsy yourself!  This type is much more than common that the next type because they are also so much more comfortable because of the padded nature of it!


Unpadded bags can also be called a sleeve.  Either one is a cheaper option, although it’s not really a snowboard bag, in our opinion.  Instead, it is basically a loose, shell-like material that covers the outside of the board. 

It’s more like a large version of a book cover, really.  So, just think about having to purchase book covers when you were in middle school, and there you have it. 

As such, you don’t get nearly the same amount of protection as the other options listed above.  They only have a cinch to keep the board in place, but do not feature any other form of protection. 

As such, this type of “bag” is only suggested for use in conjunction with car travel.  And you must make sure that it is inside the car, secured safely in the backseat or trunk.  Not on the roof as it will not protect that valuable board very well at all.

Size and Weight

For travel in and out of airports, it will be important to know how heavy your bag weighs.  Anything over 70 lbs is probably not going to be allowed.  So it is important to know how much your bag’s base weight is as a result. 

We will point this out later to make sure that you know and aren’t surprised at the airport when traveling!

The size and weight of a bag is always important to look at when you are looking to purchase one.  One rule to always remember is that the larger the bag is, the heavier it will be when you carry it. 

Most people do not like to leave room in their bags.  We, for whatever reason, go ahead and fill it up as it would just be considered to be a waste if we didn’t do so.  So, most people have bags that are absolutely full to the brim. 

If you have a bag that is 100 cm long and a bag that is 200 cm long, then you better believe the 200 cm long bag is going to be heavier!  So, please keep this is mind as you shop for the bag.

Another thing to remember is that some bags simply do not function well when they are not completely full.  Bigger and bulkier bags, especially, do not function very well at all when you leave large amounts of space open. 

They become hard to carry either because things inside are moving around, or because one end sort of droops over itself.  Either way, just keep in mind that this may be an issue.

The last thing to remember is that despite whatever measurement the bag claims to hold, it will always hold a little more. 

So if you have the same 200 cm bag from earlier with a 200 cm board in it, then you will still also have room for other materials to be placed inside!


The most commonly used materials in snowboard bags are polyester and nylon.  Both of these are man-made materials that are used because of how strong they are in comparison to naturally-occurring fibers. 

They are also easier to make than it would be to find other fibers that are abundant in nature, and they are also cheaper.  With some experience in the carpet industry, here’s a quick rundown of what to look for here. 

Saving all of the jargon, look at the denier.  Denier is just how much the weight of either the nylon or polyester is.  The higher the number goes, the stronger it will be. 

Typically, 600 denier is good for snowboarding bags, and that is the most common denier level you will see.  So anything above that will be well and truly going above and beyond, and as such will likely cost a little extra because of that.   


Durability is a big factor when selecting a bag.  In a perfect world, everyone would like all of their stuff to last forever.  We’d certainly love to have the pizza we bought last night last all year.  But that’s simply not possible. 

With bags, they also will not last forever.  But with the right kind of materials (and the right amount of denier), they can last quite a while.  Now to build off of the ‘materials’ section, we can say that the stronger the bag is, the longer it will last. 

So the higher the denier count is, which is once again the weight of the material used, the longer your bag should hold up.

Another thing that will help durability is being waterproof.  A bag that is not waterproof will have difficulty if you are walking in an area where it is raining or snowing, and will be even worse if you happen to store it on the roof of a vehicle! 

That’ll make all of your other equipment wet, and it could ruin your board as well.  Remember, at some point you’ll be setting your bag down.  And if you’re snowboarding, that means it’s going to get wet!

Zippers and straps are also a concern.  If these are not high quality, they will wear out on you, and they’ll leave you with a bag that is essentially useless.  So as we review the top 10, we’ll make sure to point out any potential issues on that front.

Best Snowboard Bag Reviews


1.   Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag


Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag, True Black, 166 cm


coming in at #1 is Burton, a very famous name in the mountain-range market.  This bag contains wheels, so it’d be great for carrying multiple boards.

It is at the premium price range, but it contains fully padded protection as well as TSA-approved locks that you can lock yourself and carry on planes. 

It is made from polyester and has a denier count of 600, so it will hold up well for you.  Gear will also fit well!


    • Can carry multiple things easily
    • Great for air travel
    • High denier count


    • Not great with shorter boards
    • High price




2.   Dakine Unisex Tour Snowboard Bag

Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag (Black, 165 cm)

Dakine is another massive name in this field, and they come out with a strong board in the moderate to low end of the high price spectrum.  This bag has removable straps, so you can carry it either by hand or over your shoulder. 

It has a full-length zipper, much like you’d see on a baseball bag.  It even has a pocket specifically for your boots, so they don’t have to be in with everything else!  It’s made from 600D polyester and has padded board protection.


    • Separate boot pocket
    • Removable straps
    • Dual Handles


    • Price can be a little high
    • Very heavy when full
    • Outside pocket too shallow




3.   Burton Space Sack


Burton Space Sack Board Bag, True Black New, 166


it’s no surprise here to see what you are getting.  You are going to get a good, moderately priced board here that will hold quite a bit of stuff, as the name suggests. 

It’s made from 100% polyester but does not have a whole lot of padding as we saw on their first offering. This to be expected, though.  Great for trips of all kinds, even air travel!


    • Could fit up to four boards if you wanted (not encouraged)
    • Great price for what you get
    • Especially good for road travel


    • Not a lot of padding
    • Not the greatest for long flights




4.   Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag

Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag - Black, 165CM

Another Dakine bag that caught our attention is the Low Roller.  The color and pattern options on the Low Roller are numerous – just as we like it! 

Like its brethren, it is fully-padded, has a full-length zipper, and it has lockable zippers as well.  It also has a removable strap and exterior boot access. 

Once again, padding is all around the entire bag and it can hold 2 boards (or one if you don’t remove the bindings).  There’s a removable boot bag in the main compartment. 

The handle connects with a rolling luggage bag so you can pull the whole deal with one hand! (with a little effort of course).  The heavy-duty urethane wheels are excellent moving through airport terminals and parking lots.

With a few colors to choose from and at a pretty high price comes the fully-padded Low Roller from Dakine.  This board has two carrying handles on either end as well as in the middle, and it also has wheels and a two-way zipper. 

It also has separate compartments for your boots as well.  The zippers are lockable as well, so you can ensure your property is safe!


    • Has wheels!
    • Many options to carry with
    • Separate boot compartments


    • Hefty price
    • Has a weight of 11 lbs




5.   High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo


High Sierra 53875-0968 Ski Bag & SKU Boot Bag Combo, Black/Mercury, One Size


breaking the duopoly of the list so far with little choice in colors but a very reasonable price is High Sierra with this inventive way of getting your boots protected. 

Rather than providing a separate area for boots in the bag, they’ve given you an additional bag to use.  This is made with 100% 600d nylon and has water-resistant PVC coating.  An option for those on a tight budget that will stick close to home!


    • Great price
    • Two bags for the price of one
    • Resists water


    • Boot bag won’t fit boots larger than size 13
    • Has little padding and wouldn’t be good for air travel




6.   Winterial Snowboard Bag with Wheels


Winterial Rolling Snowboard Travel Bag - Double Layered Water Resistant Snowboard Bag Perfect for Road Trips and Air Travel


This beast of a bag is meant to take a beating with its heavy-duty everything!  It’s available in a single or double carry size and it’s got wheels for easy airport transport. 

The outside is polyester but it ain’t no polyester leisure suit material!  It’s heavy-duty and durable.  The inside has waterproof lining designed to keep excess snow from your board from escaping to get your car wet! 

The dimensions are monstrous – 60.5″ x 15″ x 6.5″.

It features two interior straps to secure your board(s) and a shoulder strap for carrying wherever you can’t pull it on wheels.  This is Amazon’s CHOICE with a 4.5/5 – star rating from purchasers!


    • Really heavy-duty
    • Great Wheels
    • Holds multiple boards with the 2-board option


    • Perhaps less padded than other bags
    • A couple of purchasers were not happy with the overall quality




7.   Athletico Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo


Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo | Store & Transport Snowboard Up to 165 cm and Boots Up to Size 13 | Includes 1 Snowboard Bag & 1 Boot Bag (Black)


Much like the High Sierra option, this is another value option.  The Athletico comes in at a reasonable price and also has a bag for you to store your boots alone in. 

It will only handle boards up to 165cm, so if you are very tall, it may not be a good fit.  It has detachable straps that don’t look the most comfortable, but this item would be great for short trips and budget buyers.


    • Great, low price
    • Good for short trips
    • Separate boot bag


    • Not great for air travel
    • Not good for very tall people/large boards




8.   Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag

Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag (Caramel, 157cm)

Depending on the size and color, you can get a low price or a moderate price for this board from Dakine.  We’d call this bag more of a no-frills option, but it still has a full-length zipper and removable shoulder straps for you to use. 

It has quite a bit of room as well, so this could be a great option for people that need some additional room.  It’s not padded very well, so that explains the lower price.


    • Cool and different designs and colors
    • Good price
    • Fits plenty of stuff


    • Runs a little tight for some
    • Not great for air travel




9.   Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag


Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag (Graffiti, 170cm)


featuring a few colors, including a plaid one, is the Athalon bag. This can be another budget-friendly bag, depending on size and color, that comes at a very reasonable price. 

It has a long, detachable strap over the top as well as a carrying handle in the middle. It is made from 600d polyester and also has PVC lining to help with moisture.  It will fit one snowboard capably.


    • Great price
    • Heavy-duty nylon zippers
    • Water repellent PVC included


    • Not padded for flying
    • Needs more support for the board itself




10.   Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Bag


Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Bag - Black, 165cm


Depending on the size, you can get this one for a very low to moderate price.  It’s got the detachable strap and the full-length zipper like the other Dakine, but it also includes a tarp bottom to help try and alleviate issues with any moisture. 

It also has a nice pocket right in the very middle in which you could store a number of smaller items like bindings, boots, and goggles.  It is not padded, however, so you will not want to travel too much or fly with it.


    • Good price
    • Nice pocket
    • Features that all of the good Dakine have


    • Not great for air travel
    • Does not have inner straps to secure the board



Wrap-Up and Recommendations


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